New Field Service Report

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  • CookieMonster
    If it was me, I would post the videos on my Youtube channel and count the number of hits.
  • Dagney

    I think it's a brilliant move. Those that are tech savvy can easily keep their time up or increase even to make up the true shortage we know that is actually happening. You can be sure they will pad their numbers with tracking where they can.

    It does exclude those that aren't as savvy or not in a position to acquire techy items. But that is of no concern to the corporation...people never were and never will be a concern to them.

  • freddo

    Name: Freddo

    Printed Literature: 50 jwfacts pamphlets on car windscreens

    Video Showings: Big Fat Zero

    Return Visits: 46 posts on jwdiscussion, does that count?

    Bible Studies: Do you mean Borg literature studies? If so Zero.

    Comments: Does Tony the Turd think my metrosexual pants are too tight?

  • Irish Dame
    Irish Dame
    Speaking of electronic devices, last week, during heavy snow squall an elder came to door . My elderly mom answered the door. Eldub comes in and first thing he says is "I can't stay but a second"??? He ask her how she's doing, need anything. She said YES, needs her magazines and daily text. She says she feels sad and lost because she's used to reading text and now doesn't have. She said she had also asked another brother for daily text. Elder proudly says he'll read today's text to her right now from his device. Well.....he could not get his modern day equivalent of Rutherford's "phonograph" player of the 1930-40 era (error) to work....hahaha .... So he left.
  • AudeSapere
    Crazy Flickering Light wrote: There's free wifi in the cong. So most of them without Internet download it at the kingdomhall. But you can only other domains blocked. Only MS and up can surf free.

    Really? I did not know this!!

    MS and up get broader access? WOW

    Should not surprise me, but it does.

  • jookbeard
    how is a "video placement" done? forwarding a download for someone? surely there cant be many of those placed? potential recruits can download for themselves?
  • FadeToBlack

    Could I count a vintage video clip of Clapton or Hendrix in action? I think they are both about as close to being a god as we are going to get. I also like Mozart, but can't find any videos of him.

    Below placements it just says: Video showings. It doesn't say what you have to show.

  • sir82

    how is a "video placement" done? forwarding a download for someone? surely there cant be many of those placed? potential recruits can download for themselves?

    Ah, but you underestimate how stupid the GB thinks everyone else is.

    Remember, this is the organization that instructed its followers to spend a whole month....walking door to door....handing out flyers....advertising a website.

    To this day that still boggles my mind. It was rather like hiring a stagecoach and a man with a bullhorn, yelling about the benefits of buying a Tesla.

  • besty
    It can't count how many times that videos that have been downloaded onto a device, and then played from the device, are played.

    it can't be beyond the wit of man to create an app that *could* do this

  • biometrics
    I'm surprised they haven't created an app for reports.

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