New Field Service Report

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  • sir82

    it can't be beyond the wit of man to create an app that *could* do this

    LOL. "Wit" and "the Watchtower Society" will appear in the same sentence, oh, never.

  • zeb

    Yet in a court in the state of Victoria, Australia, the wt lawyers stated that jw are not required by elders or anyone to keep log of hours as they are fulfilling a personal mission. On them saying this came the biggest "huh?" from the jw's in the audience.

    ( I have lost the link to this if anyone could oblige please; I think it was at the time of Steven Unthank's dealings)

  • Mephis
    it can't be beyond the wit of man to create an app that *could* do this

    Didn't the letter to elders, which announced the new report slip, also say not to bother telling branch what the video 'placements' were? Only the local elders and the CO will ever know that publishers are telling whoppers about how many people could be bothered standing there to watch a video. It's not as if HQ will be unaware of how many people are or are not using a page, so it avoids awkward questions about the numbers not squaring.

  • blondie

    Don't have to report hours, etc.?!

    Be a jw and try doing that and expect to be approached personally, called. Just don't give an explanation (Do you have any time to report? No..and move off.end of conversation on your end). Be expected to be labeled inactive after 6 consecutive months of not turning in time. No where in the NT can you find any reference to counting time, and only twice keeping a general count of those baptized.

  • Mephis

    Quote from the letter dated 20/10/2015.

    Please note that beginning in January 2016, publishers’ placements will no longer be reported to the branch office. Neither will video showings be reported. However, in order to monitor congregation activity, placements and video showings should still be recorded in the congregation’s files.
  • blondie

    Mephis, does that mean that placements will no longer appear in the annual report?

  • Mephis

    If it's not going to branch, they'll not be using publisher figures for 'placements'. Suspect they'll trumpet 'hits' on the site instead?

  • stuckinarut2

    It's all about control, and power.

    When someone has to "report" to someone higher up, they are therefore showing their submission to them....

    But, this is not a cult you know....

  • pepperheart

    A win win for headquaters people can do their field service and it doesnt cost headquaters anything

  • Lieu

    Haven't seen it, I don't do punch cards. Volunteers don't "report", employees do. People who write things are publishers. People who peddling things written by others are simply distributers.

    Lies, dayum lies, and statistics. Satan. GOD doesn't need reports, men do.

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