New Field Service Report

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    It's apparently the Corporation's way of weaning the publishers away from taking pride in the amount of printed literature they place each month, to getting them to feel that they're achieving the same objective (preaching the good news????) by getting strangers to look at clips of Corporate videos & animations on an iPad.

    All part of the master plan to drastically cut or eliminate the costs of printing, in exchange for "digital teachings."

  • sowhatnow

    comments? lol, like what?

    theres not enough room on that for my comments...

  • stuckinarut2

    So this PROVES what we always knew...that the reports are just a way of monitoring someone's "spirituality" and exercising control!

    The explanation the society used to use about the reports being a way to know how much literature needed to be printed blah blah are now seen as the garbage they were!

    Here we dont see how much literature was placed specifically...hence needs to be produced....

    This falls into the BITE methodology of a high control group.

    Behanviour control

    Information control

    Thought control

    Emotion control

  • cognac

    What if you can't afford an iPad??? Most people don't have a lot of data they can use on their cell phones.

    This is crazy.... What if you are older and don't even know how to use the internet???

  • crazy_flickering_light

    It's only suggested. But the older people in my cong also buy tablets. It's funny to see. They helpless but got a tab. Most of them buy cheap android-tablets.

    There's free wifi in the cong. So most of them without Internet download it at the kingdomhall. But you can only use other domains blocked. Only MS and up can surf free.

  • TheListener
    Older members in my family have bought tablets and have no idea what they're doing. I commented on this in another thread but basically they are always asking the younger ones at the hall to help them which at first was ok but not the younger ones are getting frustrated. It's hilarious to hear them discuss the tablets and how confusing it all is. One thing I noticed is that they never delete anything so they are always running out of memory because they don't trust the cloud.
  • vivalavida
    What about "third world countries"? If you're running around with a tablet or something of the like in public, you'll end up being mugged!
  • sir82

    The form asks for "video showings" and "placements", but only "hours", return visits", and "studies" are reported to the branch.

    "Video showings" and "placements" are to be recorded on each publisher card, however.

    It is none-too-subtle pressure on JWs to buy tablets or smart phones, and use them in field serve-us.

    Elders reviewing the cards, and seeing "0" month after month on the card under "video showings", will make it a point to "give counsel" on "keeping up with the chariot".

    Yet again, poor and/or old JWs will feel marginalized, inferior, and guilty.

  • careful

    It's been so long that I forgot the precise format of the old FS slip, but it is interesting, isn't it, that the hours are down in the list, placed below the electronic data? Doesn't this show how their emphasis has changed? Will they now go around asking "how many electronic views have you shown this month, brother/sister?" or requiring a minimal number of electronic data when considering appointments or deciding whether they should approve some publisher for "special privileges"?

    I could quote Huxley and say, "Oh, Brave New World!" but that would hide the fact that they are returning in principle to the Rutherfordesque phonographs played at the door.

    Maybe they'll go over to merit badges with tallied electronic views that the microphone handlers can hang from their suits as they run around the hall during meetings!

  • sir82

    Oh yeah, the "comments" section is on there so pioneers who don't make their hours can grovel and plead for mercy....

    "I only performed 58 hours last month, because I caught double-pneumonia and then my parents died. I of course skipped their funeral so I could make up my time, but even so, manning the literature cart in a blizzard caused my pneumonia to recur. I was writing witnessing letters from my hospital bed until the anesthesia kicked in for my operation to amputate my frostbitten feet, but even so, I fell short of my time. May Jehovah, and more importantly, the governing body, forgive me."

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