New Field Service Report

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  • cognac
  • Gorbatchov
    This is to implement the use of tablets in JW preaching. To fix the hick ups. "Brother, we see you don't follow the counsel for using the video's on the God giffen".
  • Divergent

    Name: Divergent

    Month: January 2016

    Placements: 0

    Video Showings: 0

    Hours: 0

    Return Visits: 0

    Number of Bible Studies Conducted: 0

    Comments: I ain't doing this shit no more!

  • cognac
    Gorb - is it replacing the other fs report altogether or is this an additional thing?
  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight
    How long are the actual video's they're supposed to show people?
  • Stirred
    Interesting. Thanks for sharing. 1.5 years inactive now and these reports still bug me.
  • TheOldHippie
    It is replacing the old one. This is the one to be used form now on. There is no time limit on the videos, so the 2-3 minutes long ones showing what goes on at a study, in a hall etc. are meant.
  • crazy_flickering_light

    @Cogac: It replaces the old fs-report complete.

    @ Dark knight: Theres no suggestion. Every stupid video from the bOrg counts. I think, if they show a good part and stop in between it will be o.k. There also come a video up, for inviting people to the memorial.

    But the new FS-report is better for cheating. ;)

  • lurkernomore
    What's with the comment section?! Is that do dubs can make excuses for why they don't have their hours in for the month?! Very strange!
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    It's all about placing their (mostly visual now) propaganda and counting your time. Then, lastly, counting all or any "bible studies" .

    And that's it! No more listing of physical literature placed, whether books, tracts, or magazines and how many... (I almost said 'bibles' but remembered that their previous field service report form never had a column for bibles either!)

    This form seems like a survey in a way, yet with the goal of promoting their website and visual presentations.

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