Warwick Polution

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I'm thinking the Governing Body in their end of the world short sightedness and rush to get out of Dodge and move to the boonies bought the property without a in depth soil testing and that some time after they bought the property and while developing it they found the contamination which was then reported to the Environmental Agency in 2012.

    They probably knew the potential for it being polluted property but chose to keep a blind eye to this potential and hoped that no contamination would be found and for this reason they did not do a thorough soil testing.

    This seems to be a pattern with them buying property around the world. They are looking for quick fixes and cheap real estate which they can latter sell when the lawsuits start mounting up in one country after another. They are in a rush to get money and make profits$$$$ and so they are acting very carelessly with the Lord's money so to speak.

    I expect from this point on carelessness to even increase as they grasp a financial straws to save them from going down for the 3rd time.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Knowing the history of WT, really, who can honestly say, WT is an honest business? No one can. They get guillible people to believe whatever they say, and among them they get men looking for an easy power trip becoming Elders, and women who want to be looked up to, so they comment and pioneer or make sure they are in the weekly service group so they are in the in crowd with gossip and parties. Yuck!

    Good hearted people will think, "Oh, they didn't know there was any polution left on this dirt cheap property, no normal person wanted".

    While all along WT business men thought, cha ching, let's buy it, pretend we don't understand how chemicals can stain the ground for years, buy it, build on it, and then!!! Hey!! How come you sold us this good for nothing land so cheap. You were trying to deceive us that it was OK for thousands of people tp live here". (All the time WT high ups are laughing and rubbing their greedy hands together thinking they are the smarter businessmen, and going to get repaid in millions in compensation).


  • brandnew

    Took the car....and never test drove it.

    Smart people......NOT !!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Dunedain

    WOW, i guess the WTS never heard of a PERC test before, lol. All they needed to do, was get a soil sample from a few "strategic" places around the property. Do a ground bore down to 6 to 8 feet, and get the soil tested. It is very simple, and any real estate attorney, property inspector, or even an average layman, knows this should be done. Especially, on a major land purchase like this one, where there was a huge commercial company operating on it for years.

    I have bought about a dozen multi-family, residential homes, over the years, and even i knew to get them PERC tested before i closed on them. These were just residential properties, nothing commercial, but there could still be underground, buried, oil tanks, on the property leaking oil. In fact, i happened to find out about a buried oil tank, BEFORE i fully closed on the property, by doing a soil sample PERC test.

    This is just basic stuff, nothing mind blowing. The fact that the WTS did a MAJOR purchase like this, without checking for contaminated soil, is absurd. They either, do things on their own, in house so to speak, and have no outside attorneys advising them, or they have very stupid people working with them.

    If they think they are going to sue the previous owners, they are going to be in for a rude awakening. 99 percent of the time, once you close on a property, YOU are responsible for it from that point. All purchasers of property, have a right, BEFORE hand, to get all inspections, and to do, due diligence. Once you close on the property, YOU are then responsible for whatever is wrong with it. The ONLY time, this would not be true, is if the seller of the property KNOWINGLY, or fraudulantly, hid that it was contaminated. This is very hard to prove, hence why the responsibility is on the purchaser to do their tests, BEFORE hand.

    These tests, typically, are not even that expensive, but they ARE the would be purchaser's expense. So, maybe, the WTS is so cheap, they didnt go for the SMART, additional expense of a soil test, and got screwed. I bet that if they did not do any proper testing beforehand, then they have NO leg to stand on now. They could be, truly, and rightly SCREWED on this deal. It is now their responsibility to clean up the property.

  • WireRider
    Toxic waste site right? Hazardous chemicals that are dangerous enough to cost millions in clean up. Don't they have a lot of volunteers working in very hazardous conditions? Is that right? How many volunteers will sue the WT when they knowingly sent them to work there and they start coming down with illnesses?
  • SadElder
    Any developer worth his weight in Botchtowers would have done a Phase 1 environmental review during the due diligence period prior to closing on the property. If the property is as bad as they portend then the Phase 1 study would have been expanded for further review. I can't believe that Crooklyn is ignorant of these procedures. Their myriads of free lawyers should have picked up on this immediately. Could it be that they went in well aware of these issues but are feigning ignorance in order to scam some more money? Wouldn't surprise me one bit. A pock on all their houses.
  • WireRider

    Did anyone tell the volunteers they were working in a toxic waste dump, from a metal fabrication and research/development factory? Metal production research programs? How toxic could that be?

    I also read that the WT had a printing facility in the area - Wallkill/Warwick? But in the area. There is thread on here where the WT printing facility itself was illegally burying many many barrels of illegal toxic waste byproducts. Workers found it while digging new foundations for buildings. The volunteer/worker was certified in waste removal and went whistle-blower on the cover-up of ground-soaking WT toxic waste. The needed special permits to get the dug up barrels off the property.

    Did anyone tell the volunteers? Working in toxic waste dumps?

  • Vidiot

    Beth Sarim - "It sure looks more and more that they are looking to get money out of it."

    From what I gather, the WTS is currently paying for the cleanup themselves (which is ongoing at present), but want the original seller to reimburse them for the cost.

  • TheWonderofYou

    If the ground was very cheap and the brothers made a hasty decision only to make profit, was the purchase contract then a cheating fudge-contract at all? Buying such a property without information about former usage sounds unsound and I cant believe that they work so unprofessional, that would be partially their debt than.

    But Maybe the price was low because warranty for decon was not included, because the costs were not foreseeable and were estimated to be low (maybe misinformation) and not part of the contract, but now they are much higher than originally expected and so this made the contract (the subject matter of it) necessarily refutable, but only in case that a warranty was not completly excluded.

    I would propose to look for a posibilty to share the costs of decontamintation between the community, the former owners and the new owner. The costs are obviousyl high and it is not watchtowers debt that the ground is poluted.

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