How do I handle this situation?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    I have a different twist on this.

    I think you have NO REASON to be alarmed about using this email since it was YOUR email address. You did nothing wrong! You were not spying into the email of your EX. It was yours. (Can't help it if he's too damn dumb to know he should have his own private one from his ex-wife).

    You could be distraught and anguished in reading this because WHAT IF this reflects the attitude of everyone there INCLUDING THE ELDERS who have the power to reinstate you or NOT reinstate you. You could use this to go to the Elders and ask if this is what THEY really think of you too??? In fact, I'd wait until the CO is here and take it to him. Or, better yet -- send a letter to the Service Department.

    Ask them if this brother is REALLY spirit appointed if he has this attitude.

    Ask them if this is the attitude of everyone in this Cong, how can you really get a hearing ear from the Elders?

    Ask them if this is why your reinstatement has been SO LONG in being approved?

    Ask them if you will be forced to change Congs in order to be reinstated?

    The Service Dept will send a copy of your letter and the email to the CO and to the Cong.

    OR ---- start with just going to the Elders and tell them you thought maybe you should send it to the CO or the Service Department, if everyone felt this way? Because how could you ever be welcomed back into Jah"s Org if they had this attitude.

    I think it could actually be used to generate some sympathy for you. And it sure as hell should get the little dickwad MS booted.

    Good luck,


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    This is really a destructive bunch of people the way they handle things like this.
  • JWdaughter

    Im sorry about all this. I don't think revealing the letters will help. I think it might help inform your next step though.

    If you trust any elders, ask their advice about your chances of ever being welcome in the congregations and any suggestions on how you can not only be reinstated, but part of the congregation. You don't really want to be, but it may help you make your next move.

    All the best. Later you can TP the MSs house.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    I'd say nothing and see what other comments this clod makes and print them out. Then at reinstatement time, if they don't let you back in, tell them that you figured that would be the case, then show them the comments and ask them how could you get a fair hearing from, and how could Jehovah's spirit be upon a congregation who's leaders operate this way.
  • sowhatnow

    The Service Dept will send a copy of your letter and the email to the CO and to the Cong.

    not according to my sources.

    the service department is not obligated to send a letter , Ive had someone who was DF tell me that is what he discovered.

    Just because you send a letter, to no matter whom, it doesn't mean they have to share it, or even read it, or forward it. this person tried the letter thing once a year, until he died, and go nowhere with that.

    years ago, when i was a teen and not baptized, not even attending meetings regularly, for like years, I was DF. my mom flipped out on the elders , she told them, 'shes not even baptized! you cant do that'. oh they argued with her, Im pretty sure they did it to get back at her, [ through me..... always the victim] she is pretty opinionated, lol, and she went directly to the CO, then the DO, and told them, and wala, 3 months later I was 'reinstated' my mom being so much like the woman in the bible who nagged the king until she got her way... got her way.

  • punkofnice

    Copy paste or attach the email to your own email.

    Email it to the MS, CC in an Elder or 3 and ask "What does this mean?"

    Perhaps not. That's what I'd do, but then I'm not you.

  • Cangie

    I'd like to thank Heartsafire, cognac and Listener for their kind words. BarelyThere...I live by the statement "what doesn't kill you will make you stronger." I have a survival streak in me that "won't let the suckas win." They may have their opinions of me, but I refuse to let them define me with their twisted condemnation. So I hope you will not let guilt cause you to accept their judgmental words as the truth about you, just because they say so.

    cognac...if there is a little room left will you please scoot over and make a space for me to stand beside you against the bullies? :-)

  • cognac
    cognac...if there is a little room left will you please scoot over and make a space for me to stand beside you against the bullies?

    Awwwww, consider me scooted over.... :)

  • new boy
    new boy

    Easy, copy and paste this conversation and send it to everyone you know, all your family and friends. Tell them that this is why you left the organization in the first place. That it wasn't the bad marriage or sex with someone else. It was the general lack of love. That you know in your heart that if you do come back you will never be treated the same, which is true and these comments proves it.

    You're screwed if you go back and yes

    You're screed if you leave.....the only difference between the two after you leave it does get better after awhile. However if you go back it will only get worse as time goes by.

  • Vidiot

    Barely There - "...all of my friends are 'worldly' and don't know how witnesses function."


    Most Witnesses don't know how Witnesses function.

    Hell, a strong case could be made that they don't function.


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