New Monthly Broadcast - BE LOYAL! - Shut Up and Sit Down!

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  • ttdtt

    I dont see any way they could do mandatory Tithing past what they do now - asking the congregation to set a monthly amount to send to the GB. They couched that enough to make it seem like kinda not tithing, but if it went to a publisher level there would be big problems.

  • blondie

    Congregations used to sign documents when borrowing money from the WTS, a legal agreement for a certain amount of money monthly.

    Now that mortgages have been set aside for a "voluntary" amount supposed equivalent to their mortgage there a document signed for that? What is the incentive to pay?

  • konceptual99

    There's no document blondie, at least not in the UK AFAIK, but the CO sure as hell knows when a congregation is not paying their subs and the s**t from that storm definitely only runs downhill.

  • ttdtt

    No signed documents in the USA either. All electronic transfers.

  • Listener
    Londo 111
    Why do the GB virtually need to look for signs and omens and read tea leaves for direction?

    Great comment Londo. That's exactly what I got from Letts talk on the August Broadcast, not to mention the trillion other times that they claim some result was God's blessing. The exceptional weather for the printing of the grey Bible comes to mind.
  • ttdtt

    To bad god couldn't just make the presses work better instead of having to alter the weather.

    Wouldn't it been easier to exert magical power over a few printing presses?

  • pepperheart

    It makes it so easier if the rank and file dont think ie on the four carts ive been to this this week they all have 3 different books that were all printed in 2006.If people think they might think two thoughts at least why havent we given these books out in the last ten years if the work is speeding on LOL and why dont we just throw away these ten years old books and get new ones with all the money they are getting from selling brooklyn and the london bethel off

  • Vidiot

    They must be getting a little worried about disloyal members... :smirk:

  • Finkelstein

    In the GB eyes being loyal to them is in kind being loyal to God and you have to make a personal vow to them when you get baptized.

    The Watchtower scam continues, when you get down to its about money and power.

  • ToesUp

    I just watched the Broadcast. That is an hour and 6 minutes I will NEVER get back. I have to admit I fast forwarded it just a bit.

    My spouse and I went through a few years of unemployment and financial worry. In the last video of the broad cast the couple (husband lost his job) come home to find a bag of groceries at their door. Funny thing...we never experienced that. Hmmm. In fact, only 1 elder in the entire congregation even asked us how we were doing. No words of encouragement, no offers to come over for a meal, no green handshakes and YES no bags of groceries left at our door. I guess we just didn't meet all the qualifications. I guess we weren't "exemplary" enough to be on the grocery receiving list. lol

    What a crock!

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