New Monthly Broadcast - BE LOYAL! - Shut Up and Sit Down!

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  • ttdtt

    The new Broadcast is - predictably - about being loyal to the GB.
    It's a Shut Up and Sit Down message.

    One of the funny things they keep bringing up is the correlation between the GB and Moses.
    Those who don't listen to the GB are like Korah.

    This is a FALSE choice, why?
    Let's look at a quick comparison. (this is from the point of view of the bible)

    Was Moses directly picked by god?
    - Yes
    Was the GB directly picked by god?
    - Well no, we actually are not told how the GB are picked and why the qualify.

    Did god talk to Moses?

    - Yes
    Does god talk to the GB
    - No, they admit they are not in direct communication.

    Did god inspire Moses to write laws and judge.

    - Yes
    Does god inspire the GB to write laws and judge.
    - No, they admit they are not inspired, and they are always wrong and need to change things all the time.

    Did god give the israelites undisputable proof that Moses is his channel?

    - Yes, many miracles visible to everyone one around happend
    Does god give JWs undisputable proof that the GB are his channel?
    - No, there is no proof, actually contrary.

    Was Moses ever wrong?

    - No
    Has the GB ever been wrong?

    Did Moses prefigure Jesus Christ?

    - Yes
    Do the GB prefigure Jesus Christ?
    - NO!!!!

    So how are they alike? Why should they have the same status or respect as Moses?
    They can't.

  • sir82

    The broadcasts have been a bit "soft" in recent months. It was about time for another good beating.

  • stuckinarut2

    The Fear Obligation and Guilt is being ramped up.

    The paranoia is clearly being felt by the GB as people realise that they actually have no control over them...

  • Darryl

    I have never ever watched these broadcasts and I don't believe I ever will. But are these done on a regular basis or on as needed basis. Are the elders given word to the flock to go home and check your computers there's a new message from the governing body? What about witnesses who still don't have access to the internet? Are there computers in the kingdom halls now?

  • sir82

    There is a new broadcast released on the first Monday of every month.

    Most congregations sponsor a once-a-month "viewing" at the Kingdom Hall for people who don't have internet access. Every KH has TV screens, so someone just brings in their PC/tablet and hooks it up.

  • Finkelstein

    These new video broadcasts are just being used to stir up the fear mothering properganda. In the past it was the articles in the literature that were utilized.

  • ttdtt

    Finkelstien - well the November Study WT has more of the same.

    Obey Obey Obey.

  • blondie

    People must not be listening and not obeying..............

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein
    Read more at:

  • stillin

    There must not be much of a turn-out at the local KH for the "broadcast." My wife and I were "encouraged" to come, ruin our Saturday afternoon watching this thing, even though we have our own access. The brothers even made clear that it is not a jacket-and-tie affair.

    The witnesses chatter about the latest broadcast. Have I seen the new one yet? No, not yet. And I haven't seen the last six of them! Hahahahaaa!

  • Wild_Thing

    I wish someone would make a reel of the highlights. I don't think I can stomach sitting through the whole thing.

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