New Monthly Broadcast - BE LOYAL! - Shut Up and Sit Down!

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  • ttdtt

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  • Finkelstein

    A couple of notable things that have occurred recently, one being regarding the fact that the WTS doctrine of " This Generation " has now passed a century since 1914, we are now into new century.

    Supposed dates that have being signified continuously starting as far back as 1874, the first time the WTS leader(s) proclaimed Christ has returned. Nothing has happened as what the WTS said would happen since the core foundation date of 1914.

    Now there is some bit of modern technology that the WTS could never have seen to happen, the world wide web or Inter - net. Easily obtainable information about the WTS/JWS for the public to see and learn.

    Damaging laws suits regarding the WTS covering instances of child sexual abuse is another point of questionably.

  • Listener

    Cuzan, a GB helper, states that being loyal means (italics are his comments)

    1. We can be loyal to Jehovah by defending him, how?

    Trinity, atheists are lies, speak in defence, proving Satan is the liar. A fine privilege.

    You just need to look at the confrontations on Youtube and see that they are far from willing to stand there and defend themselves. In many instances they retreat even though they know they are being recorded and will be seen by many.

    2. By being loyal to the FDS

    Jehovah and Jesus is using them spiritually. Even though they are made up of imperfect men, there are no perfect men on earth anyway. He didn't say they would be infallable but they would be faithful and discreet.

    Interestingly there is an article not too long ago that states clearly that the FDS have not been very discreet in the past by their many types and antitype interpretations without any biblical backing to do so.

    As for 'providing food at the proper time'. This could hardly be claimed with the many false dates that they have proclaimed, neither does it show them being discreet.

    What if the fds serve something not to our liking or we disagree?

    Bible examples of others being stumbled. We may need to wait on Jehovah to clarify matters but we need to follow the bible examples by remaining faithful. It's a test on our loyalty. More bible examples. We need to be humble, swallow our pride, flexible and obedient. Prove faithful to the slave.

    3. By being loyal to the Elders and the direction they give us.

    We can see their imperfections and flaws and focus on them. Don't zoom in on their imperfections, see the big picture. These gifts in men are an expression of Gods loyal love.

    AND HERE WE GO AGAIN (word for word)

    "As the Great Tribulation nears our survival will depend on our readiness to respond to their direction as they follow the Governing Body's direction. Our loyalty is not the men but to Jehovah's arrangement made up of imperfect but loyal men"

    Since these are highly scripted, notice he states that 'as the GT NEARS, they must follow direction. Sounds like more changes are ahead.

    Also, as we have seen before, notice the claim that following the GB's direction our survival depends on following them, not God, not Jesus, but them. They claim this authority because they claim that it is God's arrangement.

    We should never find ourselves murmuring against those that God has appointed to lead his people today.

    So far he has shown no evidence of how the GB have been appointed.

  • Listener

    To continue on David Splane tells us how the GB arrives at important decisions. This is from a morning worship session and Splane looks really tired, which makes him look old. He tells the audience (again italics are thoughts presented by Splane, plain writing are mine) -

    The decisions to put changes into effect are often YEARS in the making. An example he presents is deciding whether it was feasible to have a Branch in the USA, since they already have the HQ located there. He says the decision wasn't taken overnight. That decision was made with a lot of consultation and now they feel they have Jehovahs rich blessing and they are Proud of their hard work.

    Another example was the merging of the book study, the school and service meeting in Jan 2009 was merged. This decision was almost 10 years in the making. It took so long because the GB wanted to be sure that the Brothers had what they need Two congregations only had one MS and one Elder and were conducting up to 5 Bible studies each. Another Branch explained why the Book Study numbers were so low. They said that the publishers loved all the meetings but they were very poor. and they couldn't afford the bus fare for two mid week meetings, so they had to choose. Since the service meeting was 2 hours they could get more spiritual food from attending that one. These 2 letters helped them make the decision.

    In 2008 a public edition and a study edition were published. That decision was a long time coming. They didn't want to be hasty but needed to see what Jehovah wants. How would they know what he wants? They made a fleece test by publishing one Awake a month but continued with two Watchtowers a month. They would try it for a year and if the magazine placements plummeted then they would know that Jehovah was not backing this arrangement. (sounds to me like they were putting Jehovah to the test but regardless it makes no sense why this would prove God's backing). At the end of the year they were placing the same amount.

    They also consider the spiritual implications. In 2008 they decided to reduce the public talks from 45 minutes to 30 minutes. The GB have to look at the whole picture. Many Elders are serving as missionaries with foreign languages. For some of them it requires 1 hour of preparation to give 1 minute of public speech. So the reduction means they only have 30 hours of preparation and they can give more public talks. More public talks could also be given in isolated areas where there was only one elder.

    I wonder, now that they have video screens and more talks can be given via video and in different languages whether they will go back to 45 minute talks?

    Why do clarifications take so long to come into print? Because the clarification on one scripture can often mean it has an affect on other scriptures or prophecies (a domino affect). So they have to make absolutely sure that everything fits.

    The bottom line is, the GB takes years in coming to decisions. Serving food at the proper time is not their priority.

    If they are looking at results then their stagnant growth must surely come to them as a lack of Gods blessing and withdrawal of his direction.

  • Finkelstein

    Ironically the WTS/JWs has never been loyal to Jehovah, it has always been a commercialized false prophet, descriptively forewarned about by Jesus himself.

  • ttdtt

    Your right Finkelstein.

  • stuckinarut2

    Data Dog, you once again hit the nail on the head with that great post on the previous page!

    Well said sir! Well said indeed!

  • ToesUp

    So much talk about loyalty to Jehovah (aka...the organization). So much talk about giving of your first fruits (aka money) to Jehovah (aka the organization).

    So WT....worried much? So glad to see the cult sweat!

  • sir82

    They would try it for a year and if the magazine placements plummeted then they would know that Jehovah was not backing this arrangement. (sounds to me like they were putting Jehovah to the test but regardless it makes no sense why this would prove God's backing). At the end of the year they were placing the same amount.

    I'm trying to wrap my head around this one.

    OK, so you reduce the quantity of magazines by 25%. If there are 25% less magazines produced per year, wouldn't you expect the number of magazines placed to go down, oh, I don't know, maybe by 25%?

    What would qualify as a "plummet" - 50% reduction? Who knows?

    OK so anyway, even though there are 25% fewer magazines being produced, magazine placements stayed at the "same amount". So, what does that mean? Are 25% more people taking the magazines than the year before? That seems like a stretch.

    What seems more likely is that either (a) JWs just pull a number out of their ash to report as "magazines placed", or (b) JWs just continue to dump 30 or 40 back issues in a laundromat or nursing home just like before, only now those laundromats & nursing homes have twice as many issues of the one Awake per month. Or some combination of the above.

    And how exactly is "magazine placements" a sign of "Jehovah's blessing"? Wouldn't "new people being baptized" be a better sign? Baptisms as a percentage of publishers has been declining for 20+ years.

    Even the brain-dead GB has to know that well over 90% of magazine placements are done because the householder wants to be polite, and the magazines are in the recycle bin within hours if not minutes.

    These guys have the thinking ability of garden slugs.

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