New Monthly Broadcast - BE LOYAL! - Shut Up and Sit Down!

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  • Saename

    Recently, I've been hearing all about loyalty... The end must be getting close, brothers and sisters.

    stillin - The witnesses chatter about the latest broadcast. Have I seen the new one yet? No, not yet. And I haven't seen the last six of them! Hahahahaaa!

    Exactly! I have no idea what it is... They keep asking you all the time the very same question: "Have you seen the latest broadcasting?"

    No, and I never will. If I ever do, then shoot me, as one "sister" said at the convention.

  • Londo111

    Excellent logic in the OP.

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo

    Also they equated Peter's loyalty to Jesus with the rank & file's need to be loyal to the governing body

  • sir82

    Well the good news is, it must be an ongoing issue if they keep harping and nagging about it.

    If JWs were consistently happy & obedient, they'd be talking about something else.

    It does serve to show how dull and unoriginal they are. The same problem keeps occurring, so they keep saying the same things over & over again, even though it has little or no effect.

    It's the same clueless mindset that moves JW elders to schedule "Local Needs" meeting talks on meeting attendance....which talks will be missed by all the people not attending meetings. Yet every year, like clockwork, here comes another "Local Needs" on meeting attendance.

    Poor stupid simpletons....they're too dull and unimaginative to realize how dull and unimaginative they are.


    Actually, Moses and Aaron screwed up big time. Aaron made the Golden Calf, when he should have lectured the people. He gave in to "fear of man", instead of standing up for "the truth."

    Moses screwed up and lost his temper. Then, along with Aaron, he claimed credit for bringing forth water from a rock. He lost his chance to see the promised land.

    These are a couple of points that I raise when people get cultish and start preaching about the Magnificent 7:

    1) There is only one "Greater Moses" and it ain't the "Slave."

    2) No Israelite was ever required to follow a human leader, especially if that human leader was acting contrary to God's requirements. In fact, blindly following a human leader, or a crowd for evil ends, has never been an excuse that God accepts. For the most part, the Bible is chocked full of examples where the people sinned by following example of a bad leader.

    3) "Anointed" or not, an Xian can be "ungrafted" from the "true vine" at any time.

    4) I didn't dedicate my life to Tony Morris, or a Corporation.

    A great question to reach the heart, or expose a legalistic Eldub is:

    "If you had been present when Moses and Aaron were about to claim credit for bringing water from the rock at Meribah, would you have had the moral fiber and courage to warn them? Or, would you have remained silent, allowing Moses and Aaron to sin?"

    This question has produced many blank stares. Needless to say, the Elders don't even check on me anymore.


  • Saename
    DATA-DOG - For the most part, the Bible is chocked full of examples where the people sinned by following example of a bad leader.

    Good point. I noticed that at judicial meetings, the elders often ask, "Do you still believe the Governing Body is God's only channel of communication?" When you say, "No," and then give reasons for it—such as the issue of child sexual abuse—they tell you, "Then wait for God. Don't you believe that He has control over his organisation? Don't you believe that He will correct the Governing Body one day [they mean: soon]?"

    I guess they haven't read the Old Testament. According to the thinking of the Old Testament, if you accepted your leader's direction which you knew to be wrong and waited for God instead to correct the leader, you would be killed along with your bad leader. Most likely, you would still be killed even if you did not know that your leader was wrong.

    By the way, isn't that a proof that the Governing Body is more interested in following them than following God? (Not that I believe in God anyway...)

  • JW_Rogue

    Great post! Don't forget being loyal to the Elders because of all the important work they do. LOL

  • Zoos

    TTDTT said: "Let's look at a quick comparison. (this is from the point of view of the bible)"

    Even when Moses spoke out indiscreetly - "I will give you water from this rock" - God still backed him up so Moses would not lose face with the people.

    How many indiscreet writings has God backed up for the GB?


    The new Broadcast is - predictably - about being loyal to the GB.
    It's a Shut Up and Sit Down message.

    Jehobot Witness


    Wow! I received on dislike on my comment! TOMO, is that you?!?

    DD 😈

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