Oregon: JW sexual abuse suspect arrested

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    Sheriff: Jehovah's Witness sexual abuse suspect arrested in Clackamas Co.

    Posted: Feb 13, 2018 5:39 PM CSTUpdated: Feb 13, 2018 6:21 PM CST

    By FOX 12 Staff

    The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jeshua Drake, 43, on sexual abuse charges on Tuesday.

    Deputies said Drake’s charges stem from incidents that happened over twenty years ago between 1991 and 1993 when he and the victim were both Jehovah's Witnesses from the Sandy congregation.

    The Sandy Police Department believes there may be more victims.

    Drake was indicted by a Clackamas County grand jury two weeks ago for three counts of first-degree sexual assault.

    Anyone with information about Drake or potential victims should call the Sandy Police Department tip line at 503-489-2195.

    A jail booking photo of Drake was not immediately available Tuesday.

  • QuestioningEverything

    Good. Hope he gets a long sentence in prison.

  • Vidiot
  • LizD

    Yup that is my brother! I turned his ass in! My parents were told many times by me!

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    LizD, you are so brave!


  • freddo

    Well done Liz D! And you are most welcome here.

  • Crazyguy

    Hey Liz what did your congregation elders say and do , was it a cover up?

  • Wakanda

    Way to go. You are as real a super hero can get.


  • LizD

    Yes. it was a cover up 100%

    So this is what I have pieced together at this time. (Just a warning...it is going to be a long post)

    So my first memory is of sexual assault by my older brother. I am not going to go into details of that but that was at the age of 5. It morphed somehow into every Tuesday and Thursday night before the meeting I was sexually assaulted before the meeting. I remember thinking about one night that we hadnt missed a Tuesday/Thursday and actually being proud of it. At about the age of 12 I told my parents. I was whipped with a telephone cord on the inside of my thighs until I bled by my father.

    I STRONGLY suspect that my younger sister was and still is being sexually assaulted by him. I have no physical proof but there are patterns being followed that would be not an illogical step

    Another victim came forward when I was 16 or so and stated that she was being sexually assaulted. this victim was 3 at the time. He was 17. It was taken to the elders. after several meetings it was agreed that he would pay for the copays as well as MH treatment. He would also be moved to another hall (Sandy west). No talk was given and since he was repentant he was not reprimanded in anyway. We as a family moved to Sandy west. No talk or forewarning was given there. In this hall it is stated that he has another victim as well. she however has gone completely ... crazy. :( :( He was again moved to another hall with no young children. no talk no reprimand. There he has stayed. I was told that mine was reported but no one cared. I was told that my was a ranting of a hysterical sister. They wanted a quick end to it because the CO and the DO (later governing body member Guy Pierce was coming in a short time.)

    I came forward again in my mid 30's and told the congregation elders yet again. NOTHING was done as I didn't have a second witness.

    Fast forward again. (Lots of time and lots of healing later for semi-functional). My younger brother is shunning me for years because I appeared to have attended a Christmas function. I finally He has 3 children under the age of 5. I advised him at that time that there was a reason why i left the org (many many reasons) only to include the sexual and physical assaults that I endured as a child. (There was no apology from my father either) I told him of some of the stuff that happened and that I couldn't go back. EVERYTHING was laid at my doorstep. My mother stated that me and my older brother and "experimented hard" as children and that I was as much to blame. My older brother (now 44) stated that I was provocative at 3 and that is why it had all started. (at freaking 3?!) I started thinking about taking this to the court system. it was so obvious that it had not been dealt with.

    About 11/2017 my younger brother and his family moved back into the house with the pedophile. that was it. I called CPS and the police. there was NO way I was going to let those kids be hurt. I reached out the victim (the one that the charges are about.) I apologized and let her know that i was going to do my best to take this all to court. Mine are to old and hers would have been in about 2 weeks. it was JUST under the line for him to be charged as an offender NONE of it was EVER ever taken to the police... at all.

    Now they are playing the victim. they are gaslighting me....

    excuse the following language

    FUCK THEM. FUCK the WATCHTOWER. FUCK every ASSHOLE and adult that knew about it and didnt do jack shit.

  • Diogenesister

    ioh come on!

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Jehovahs witness organization is targeted by paedophile rings. Through word of mouth..Its not just the General disrespect/ lack of care of women and children in the org, not just sexual repression, confusion and abuse within family's.There are just so many they have to be targeted as easy prey by paedophile rings too.

    Thoughts anyone?

    Thank God for you Barbara.

    Edit: Just read LizD's statement. I just noted "oh not another one!" without checking other posts.

    Well thank God for you, Liz, too! You are one incredibly brave lady. Real, true bravery. Not heat of the battle testosterone bravery but well thought out hard won bravery that most people would not have the guts to do. I take my hat off to you!

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