Oregon: JW sexual abuse suspect arrested

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  • LizD

    I have to apologize. I received misinformation and I went on assumptions about the CPS worker in this situation. I would like to extend my apologies to the family and the people that I have hurt by making these statements. I will be deleting this post as well (if i can) It is not worth the hurt that I have caused. I will make further attempts to vet my information and check my tongue before using this platform as a way to vent frustrations.

  • Gayle

    Is there an ongoing "list" of all these Jehovah's Witnesses child abuse cases (listing per countries/states) for these last several years?

  • LizD

    I was accused of hating this religion. I do. They have taken EVERYTHING from me. My friends my family my culture my childhood my innocence how can you not hate a religion at that point? The duplicity, secrets manipulation are disgusting hurtful and wrong.

    The organization has real casualties real humans that have been thoroughly destroyed. In this situation alone there have been many people and generations hurt by the practices. My life will never ever be the same. Ever. I can never fully be what I was intended to be.

    It feels like it has been expressed that there is only one person that can express hurt in this situation only one that can express blame. I dont think that this is true. I think there are many to blame. Many adults that let the kids down many adults that wanted to protect a 17 yo perpetrator so his life wouldnt be ruined. Many things in place so that the layer of truth wouldnt break free.

    Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored Aldous Huxley,

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