The smug arrogance of "having the truth".

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  • stuckinarut2

    Has anyone noticed that witnesses (from the top down) seem to have a quiet form of smug arrogance toward all non witnesses?

    Perhaps it comes from being told how "special and unique" they are but they end up looking down on all normal members of the community because they are not witnesses.

    So any form of "love" they show those in the territory is also limited as long as they accept the message...otherwise they are viewed contemptuously as "worldly" and therefore of little value...after all,they will be destroyed right?

  • MarkofCane

    And then I would leave them the magazines.

  • TheLiberator
    Sad to say, I was one of those smug jerks. I know exactly what you are saying. Now as a "new" Christian, I realize I am just one of billions of sinners. I am no different. I have bad thoughts like anyone else. I needed and still need to show true love to people. Now that I have been stripped of all my "badges" and "stripes" ( "theocratic privileges") it is easy to see who you really are. Just a pile of dust and a shadow.
  • ShirleyW

    stuckinarut2 - you must not have been in da troof very long if you even have to ask that question !!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    You are correct, stuckinarut2:

    I believe it's because so many Scriptures were applied to us collectively and congregationally: we are theatrical spectacle to men and angels; the other sheep have a privileged relationship with the anointed remnant; the angels are given a watch over us; he who touches His people touches the eyeball of Jehovah; etc.

    Because I knew so many of the anointed, whom I cherished, I felt Jehovah had a special interest in me. Was I arrogant and "better" than worldlings? No, but I honestly felt Jehovah selected me to lead out of darkness the people whose paths crossed mine. I still wonder about prayers answered regarding my ministry. 

    I feel quite insignificant now . . .


  • Dunedain

    This is SOOO TRUE. I noticed this from a very early age, about the people in this religion/cult. Yes, its true that not all in the Borg are this way, but sadly, it is the most powerful, and influential ones that are usually this way.

    The sad thing is, that this ARROGANCE, and the better than those "below" them attitude, is not just reserved for "worldly" people, but for members in their own congregations that are deemed "less spiritual" than others.

    This false sense of superiority is what drives Elders to disfellowship the "unworthy". They know better, and they know more, and they in turn believe they can read a fellow humans HEART CONDITION.

    Well, the real truth is, THEY KNOW NOTHING. They are arrogant in their own ignorance. They are "geniuses" in a CULT that is actually, blinding them. They have a sense of entitlement, but the fools do not even realize they are being blindly misdirected by fellow, arrogant, blinded, HUMAN BEINGS.

    It would almost be poetically comical, if there were, unfortunately, not so many people being hurt by the arrogant idiotic humans of this CULT. Such ashame.

  • Dunedain
    Also, if these IDIOTS really, and smugly believe that the work they are doing in the ministry is saving, and or judging eternally the fellow humans who listen to THEM, or not. Then they might as well call themselves MURDERERS, not saviors.
  • Divergent
    This smug arrogance is also applied toward others WITHIN the congregation. If you are not pioneering, not a MS, not an elder / elder's wife, not a Bethelite, etc. then you would be looked down upon! (Unless you are very rich, of course. Double standards always apply!)
  • alanv
    I was a witness for over 25 years. I was very smug, I admit it and I am now very ashamed of the attitude I had then. It didnt matter what news came on the tv, I would just smile and say, it just shows how God needs to destroy all the bad things on earth. Same with meeting people on the doors. Most people did not want to talk, so I just smugly thought it will be their funeral.
  • zeb
    In some cases ..yes. and for many years I was very critical.

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