The smug arrogance of "having the truth".

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  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    I have known about JW since I was a kid. It did seem to make a lot of sense at first, so as an adult I decided to take them up on their 'free home bible study' offer. As many have said before at least I would learn about Scripture. Sure there were lots of things that didn't hold water like the date setting, FDS, God's only channel, anointed and all that fluff but older seemingly mature well respected individuals would say that I was a spiritual babe and to keep studying I would eventually increase in faith and understanding. Of course they would say this with their patented air of superiority and overweight smugness so I decided to go along with it for awhile with ever present doubts in the back of my mind. ( I was basically hoping for the end to come before I tired out and gave up )

    I never quite fit in and got out of dodge a few years later after never having been able to measure up to their fake superficial 'Best Life Ever'™ I'm too straightforward and neurotic to maintain such a fake level of piety. Pretty sure I'm more honest than many of them.

  • Magnum

    I've been referring on this site for several years to the smugness and arrogance and condescension of JWs.

    When they try to "help" us faders, usually they're condescending. They come across as if we're weak, pitiful, lost souls, and they're in a higher, saved position. They reach down from their superior position to lift us from our lowly, weak state. They're trying to "encourage" us. They are so full of strength and courage and they want to impart some of that to us.

    I recently got a message from a JW higher-up, and he referred to a desire to "encourage" me. I was thinking "you punk, you haven't got a tenth of the courage I have."

  • skin
    The only knowledge most JW's know about the world is what we get told at the meetings about the way the world is, thinks, etc. The power of having to believe everything we hear at the meetings gives (some) JW's the idea that they know more about non witness's (worldly people) than these non witness's know about themselves, and because witness's then believe they know more, they then take on this smug arrogance, and are very open about it in front of other people. You can then record time for this behavior.

  • stuckinarut2
    Well said Magnum!!!!
  • NeverKnew

    Ughhh that word ENCOURAGE. Its up there on my annoyance bar with "appreciate."

    As a non-JW, I told a JW of a JW suicide.

    "That can't be very encouraging," she said.


    "Encouraging for.... WHO? ME?" I asked.

    "YES! You!" she replied

    The callousness for the deceased blew me away. Add the layer of an assumption that the victim was contributing to my failure to accept the WTS as my Lord and Savior and the whole situation became mind boggling.

  • freemamaof3

    My mother is one of those smug jerks. She acts so arrogant when it comes to bible knowledge. I used to be proud of how much she knew but now its just embarrassing. I have read the bible. It made me an atheist. I believe evolution is a fact. So when I hear her talk about how she owned someone in a bible discussion my stomach gets all squirrely feeling and I just feel so ashamed. I don;t know what causes the smugness. Shes just an average publisher. She thinks I'm the biggest idiot because I think everything I was raised to believe is based on bronze age family stories and imagined success.

  • LongHairGal

    I observed this attitude of smugness in many JWs and was baffled by it.

    It was similar to the feeling I have when observing stuck-up, conceited people in the world who are unattractive. I wonder: how do they feel so good about themselves? Are they that deluded, or do they have something else going for them?

    With regard to smug Witnesses: maybe it was because I was a fringe Witness who worked full-time and maybe I never entirely bought the whole thing. But, smug attitudes by certain people there did leave me scratching my head in wonder.

  • Vidiot

    NeverKnew - "...Add the layer of an assumption that the victim was contributing to my failure to accept the WTS as my Lord and Savior and the whole situation became mind boggling."

    xSo epically stupid, even Jesus facepalms.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Absolutely, but truth be told, I see this in many who are very active in their particular brand of religion or politics.
    Also, I think people who leave the JWs can be very smug about their decision to leave.
    "I'm so brilliant that I saw the truth about The Truth."
    Something to watch for when dealing with our families and former associates.

  • stuckinarut2

    Good point black swan.....good point....

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