Back in the meat raffle of life!

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  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider
    Thunder, you hold him and I'll hit for awhile, then we'll trade places.


    I'm cool with that but you better bring smelling salts to rouse his ass a few times. Don't want to have to curb the festivities on account of his unconsciousness.



  • bikerchic


    I'm so sorry for your heartbreak! Wish I could give you a real life hug girly, but this will have to do and my appoligies for reading this so late, ona told me about it but I just could look till now, my heart aches for you!

    One thing you said makes such perfect sense (well more than one thing, lol) but it's what I experienced from years with a cheater is this:

    Because the truth is, he didn't think very much of himself, which is what hurt too. He didn't see in himself, what I did. And I think, despite his being a cheating poopie head, he does deserve to be happy. Every mortal living bieng does. But find your happy AFTER you break it off with me so I can still respect you later. Know what I'm sayin?

    I do know what you are saying and truth of it is Joanna you've learned a huge lesson from this and I know you will pick better from the genepool of XY's, be picky! You are too wonderful a catch to not be picky, you deserve someone very special who will appricate what he has. If you ever have me as an example, I found my MR WONDERFUL! But as the saying goes I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my prince!

    Hang in there girl and don't be hard on yourself, his cheating IS HIS CHARACTER FLAW, NOT YOURS!

    Hugs!Visit Smiley Central!


  • obiwan

    Ya know not to sound selfish, but I hate it when guy's do this. It makes the guy's like myself look bad. There's alot of us that can't find a good woman.Some guy's feel like they have to tag anything walking. I'm sorry to hear about that Joanna. Hey, maybe you can find the girl he cheated with and let her know what he's like.....payback's a bitch!

  • Pepper

    Naw, no worries mate don't do that stay faithful to who you are. There is not many women like that, I just dated a gal like that yesterday how great it was. She let me beat my meat as I held her close, of course she was first to touch heaven. I had to laugh she wispered in my ear come on baby you got to get that poison out". LOL God bless her, Pepper

  • SixofNine

    Thank you for sharing that touching romantic episode, Pepper. *snif* *wipes tear*

  • tinkerbell82

    yeah, i was just going to say the same thing, six. nice phrasing, pepper. ew.

  • shotgun

    Six your really on a roll..I can't check out a thead today without pissing myself when I get to your comments...I may to start wearing depends.

    Joanna I was wondering, does the title of this thread imply you are in the meat market or your back in the market for meat BTW was the guy who dumped you the one watering the flowers at the Kingdum Hall?

  • shotgun

    I may to start spleeking splainly as well

  • Billygoat


    I'm sorry for the heartbreak honey, but Joy is right! You have a definite GIFT of writing. You're sense of humor through this has had me giggling through this whole thread! That and the fact that you have your sense of humor is a lesson for us all!

    Love you to bits,


  • Mac
    BTW was the guy who dumped you the one watering the flowers at the Kingdum Hall?

    It cannot possibly be the gardener...she referred to the individual as a "manwhore"!

    It must surely be the butler that did it!!!!!!


    Edited because gardener just doesn't have that damn many "n's" in it! Grrrr!!

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