The John Cedars Channel on YouTube taken down after posting a critique of leaked videos for Regional (District) Convention

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  • oppostate
    "Criticize all you want just obey the law."

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Yes and those that fought against slavery were willing to go to prison they didn't think that they weren't breaking the law. The knew they were breaking the law and were ready to suffer the consequences. They didn't go out saying that there is no law against what I am doing so how dare you put me in jail. They said I know that it is against the law and I am still willing to do this and go to jail.

  • oppostate

    Ivan Cedrovi says "John Davis chops down Cedars--Tries to bring'im down a notch or two"

    Actually more like:


    Theyre back up again.

  • dubstepped

    @ John Davis - You mad bro?

  • sparrowdown

    Show Mother some respect!


    What I saw on the videos was interesting and revealing.

    regarding the current bickering [once again ] among the fellows here ..........Lloyd is a scum bag and diva - we once sent him some precious $$$$ to fund his earlier projects . I dont like him no moh !

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    John Cedars has nearly 20,000 subscribers & rising fast...he's got to be doing something right...aye!

  • jwleaks

    It's down. New light. It's up.

    Flip flop.

    This has Watchtower written all over it.

  • pale.emperor

    I've had two videos from my channel taken down so far. The last one being the elders judicial committee training video where Bobby cries like a girl and the elders tell him to dump his pregnant non-JW girlfriend. And the suicide counseling one where the elders tell the woman to just keep repeating "i am an integrity keeper" over and over again before she runs off to get them cookies.

    It seems someone at Watchtower's sole job is to type "Jehovah's Witnesses" into YouTube and report them.

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