Elder Mentioning an "Apostate Problem"

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  • TheListener

    A relative of mine goes to a hall where two sisters started partaking a couple years ago.

    My relative told me that the congregation was really surprised and couldn't believe they were anointed. Both sisters were elders wives. My relative said he counted them since they are considered strong in the "tr...whatever we're calling it now...uth" and in good standing in the congregation.

    It must be happening all over the world. The anointed number going up feels like an unintended consequence of something else that is going on in jw land.

  • MarkofCane

    Yes the 3 in my congregation 2 are elders wives. The 3rd I don't think has ever been married.


  • Vidiot

    TheListener - "...It must be happening all over the world. The anointed number going up feels like an unintended consequence of something else that is going on in jw land."

    When I'm in tinfoil-hat mode, I find myself wondering if more and more of these newly-partaking JWs - knowing that the WTS's semi-official (semificial?) position has always been that the Big A would kick off after all the "anointed" were gone - subconsciously don't want that to happen (just yet), and are trying to prevent it by causing the number to go back up.

    Either that, or more and more conscious-classers are deliberately partaking just to f**k with the statistics.

  • TheListener

    Vidiot, you may be right. I have been putting it down to the fact that the dubs are so concious of class distinctions and titles combined with the mental stress they are under waiting for the world to end any second also combined with confusing and changing theology, especially lately, that becoming anointed is there way of moving beyond other regular dubs.

    Plus a lot of dubs seem unbalanced mentally and partaking just caps it off.

  • Vidiot

    Maybe a melting pot combination of these things...

    TheListener - "Plus a lot of dubs seem unbalanced mentally..."

    Gosh, I wonder how that could have happened? :smirk:

  • sallypeterson1914
    The borg has been saying the ones who partake are mentally unbalanced, emotional for decades, I heard this in the 1980's. And because the borg says it would be people who had been faithful for many years, if it is a younger one, they are marked by the congregation. I know this, I experienced this. Before 1935 ALL were "anointed" had nothing to do with age, and the Apostles were faithful for all of 3 and 1/2 years, nothing to do with being faithful over many many years, just another fine example of the tripe they teach.
  • steve2

    A classic example of trying to pass the teachings of men off as from the Bible - but basing the teaching on a shonky interpretation of "the end of the Gentile Times" - and then they desperately try to explain all the complications and anomalies that arise from the teaching.

  • Vidiot

    @ steve2...

    They must really miss Freddy Franz; at least his stuff was internally consistent. :smirk:

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