lf you had the opportunity to ask the GB a question what would it be?

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  • Vidiot
    "How many of you like boys?"
  • 20yearfader

    I would ask them if they wanted me to punch them in the face or the gut

  • Skedaddle

    Has brother Lett got any teeth on the upper right side as one looks at him?

    Does Anthony Morris III use an electric sander on his face?

    If not... has he been embalmed?

    Could JWTV... be any worse?

    Do you guys say ''Yippeee!'' every time you press delete in the JDub.Org library?

    Jay-Z says... can he have his Rolex's back?

    If it's ''presumptuous'' that you're the only ones God communicates with on earth, then WTF are we all doing here?

    Can brother Herd... be arsed?

    Are some of the rules like tight pants, for shitz n giggles?

    When you move the donations money around until it reaches Brooklyn, are you scared it might cause a whirlwind?

    Is it that you're just jealous that your saggy thighs and asses don't look good in tight pants?

    Is the reason you don't change the two witness rule because nobody understands subtraction?

    Which is greater, the number of books you've opened in the bible or the number of books you've never opened in the bible?

    If Armageddon is imminent, did you remember to pop a pope-mobile down on the expenses before the factory gets destroyed?

    When are you ordering the JDUB JET?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Are you NUTS!!!
  • Listener
    At what point exact moment did you know you were anointed and how did you know?
  • jwfacts
    By the time you get to being on the GB you know enough of the workings and history of the religion, you must know it is not directed by Jehovah. How do you justify deceiving the followers by saying otherwise?
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Yesterday I answered a similar question on Quora.com.

    After stating that they usually don't answer honestly anyway, this is what I wrote:

    The questions are aimed at gaining some insight into their minds and motives.
    • Please tell me which current and former JW teachings you disagree with, and why?
    • Can you explain how you know for sure that you personally are chosen by God to lead His people under Christ, and other people are not?
    • How do you feel about the fact that many people suffer(ed) severely from poverty, depression, all sorts of abuse, and even died because of current and abandoned JW policies (on blood, organ transplants, neutrality, shunning, child abuse, spousal violence, education, etc) that you and other men like you have enforced?

    From the answers it should become clear that this person is either
    1. 100% certified KoolAid drinker (and dispenser). Sorry, can't help those.
    1. Struggling with or ignoring doubts just like any other regular JW. Maybe we can help him out.
    1. Knows it's a scam (and is still in because he's a coward or an @55hole). Well then I do have an axe to grind!

    Bonus questions:
    • What's Tony's (Anthony Morris III) problem with tight pants, and why is he afraid of homosexuals?
    • Do you think Stephen Lett is a clown too?

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