So how "worldly" did you get after you left the "truth"

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  • greenhornet

    I don't drive a 4 door car. LOL. I go to a local Christian church. I have nothing to do with JWs in my area. I also speak negative about the JWs to my kids who also walked away with me. I legally carry a pistol concealed or open carry. I worked part time at my freinds FFL (gun store) and sold many firearms to the public. I own a small arsonal of firearms. I make sure on my hospital records I can get a life saving blood transfusion. If the subject ever come up on what religion I was raised in I just say a cult.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    I honestly became a much better person...having more tolerance for people ie any religionn not putting them in the box labelled "worldly" ; being more kind, widening out in the true sense(I dunno what widening out in the true sense may mean for everyone), more accepting of all despite beliefs n practices; ofcourse sometimes might not agree with some of the practices but accepting the individual without bounds/labelling! Really listening to people without thinking of finding a way of preaching the good news to them ! I am truly happier with myself/within myself coz in my heart I know Now I am a really good person.

    Not htinking about God, Religion, doing things based on fear/guilt.

    English not my forte so done my best.


  • smiddy3

    Are you a democrat or a republican , nah just kidding . I`m an Aussie.,that`s not an Austrian by the way .LOL

    I was worldly before I became a JW ,I converted when I was 20 and after 32 years of JWISM I became a more responsible worldly person doing my civic duty by voting in elections and serving on the jury as well as volunteering in the local community .

    I do drive a 4 door car ,don`t own a gun ,wont have a bar or religion myself but don`t hold it against those that do, and have a medical directive card that states I will have blood if I need it and if the subject comes up about religion i state that i am now an Atheist to simplify things .

    I`m starting to re-think that definition because what I really mean is ,if their is such a being as GOD it is not the being portrayed in the Bible or any other religious book on earth and he/she has no interactions with humanity ever .

    Saying one is an Agnostic still gives the impression of sitting on the fence of whether or not to believe in the GOD of the Bible which I reject.

    So while i claim to be an Atheist I am open to the possibility that a GOD does exist but outside the realm of human understanding and has nothing to do with any religion on this earth.

    Is that worldly enough for you greenhornet ?

    take care buddy

  • zeb

    Well I'm me and I can laugh now. I can talk about things non watchtower but In no order.

    I vote. and i never did feel right about not voting. If you see some group wants to enforce (whatever) and you know its not right and a vote will see them off to me not voting is like letting them in.

    Despite recurrent depression I am happier than evr in the wt. as im not constantly judging myself against some impossibles standards and beliefs that change ie on /off..on/off etc. I no longer sit in a kh doing the happy face while inside torn with depression and forced inadequacy that the wt puts on its followers.

    I am infinitely more tolerant of others in all respects. See some worshipper of Jesus sitting with their leaflets and candles, singing their love for him I will reply back to them with a simple scripture instead of walking past them.

    I am no longer a follower of a sect that hides paedophiles and refuses to back the victims. (yes the wt says it has made changes...hmm)

    I am no longer a follower of a sect that would deny education to its young telling them to take some shit job and pioneer as the end is nigh. and that supplies not a damn thing oriented to the young or the little ones frightening the crap out of kids with fire and death talks and books.

    I am no longer a follower of a sect that has made endless predictions of when the end will come and then run a gutter of bullshit to cover themselves when their prediction(prophesy?) didn't happen..

    I am no longer a victim of having scriptures quoted at me for me to quote to others when the very next scripture to the one quoted throws the light of perspective on what the writer is saying not what wt is quoting.

    I can converse with folks and wish them well without having tell them about how bad the world is while ignoring how glorious the world is too.

    I am no longer expected to attend conventions and be bored to death by speakers who have no speaking skills, will use 100 words when 10 would do, speak in a trained monotone and even when they have laboured their point will go on and on to fill out their allocated time.

    Jesus honoured women. The wts demeans women.. I no longer a follower of that too.

    Now anyone else..

  • Biahi

    I now vote, celebrate holidays, (this coming Halloween, I’m dressing as a handmaid), I imbibe in a little marijuana, I work a lot of overtime, I love my daughter unconditionally, and I speak out against the WT whenever I can. I have confronted them at a cart, and once when they approached me on the street. I made 2 grown men literally run away! Oh, and I am happy, no longer filled with guilt and dread.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Worldly is certainly a term that the wt has demonized, Once the F.O.G. lifted and I realized the fantasy of the bible and religion, I became a 'real' person. I became worldly! I voted, I smoked an occasional cigar and viewed a little porn if that's what is considered 'worldly'. Normal things that normal people do in a normal daily life! I stopped being judgmental and biased toward "worldly" persons because now I was one! Waking up on Saturday morning and doing "worldly" things instead of going out in service is like being released from prison!

    'just saying!

  • blondie

    Not so much, if worldly means doing things even many non-jws won't do. We note birthdays, but no cake or gifts., sometimes we use it an excuse to eat out at one of our favorite restaurants. We sometimes say when buying something for the other or the other is buying something, "that's your birthday gift for this year."

    To make an extreme case, if jws were told to jump off the roof, I would not jump off the roof after I left to prove a point. I just would no longer ask, how high?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Not much, I went out drinking and clubbing a bit, got off with a girl from work, that's about it.

    The best thing I did was go back to full-time education.

    To all you posters - and to any lurkers - I say the following: seriously consider going to college and uni.

    Consider your career and think about what you're good at and would love to do.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    when i was finally branded an apostate--and my wife filed for divorce--for my adultery --in 1981---i went to live in sin with "the other woman": she had been d/f because of our affaire.

    Her plan was to get reinstated--preferably with me getting back "in the truth" as well. fat chance of that. after a few months living with her--i moved out and rented a place of my own.

    ( actually--that was the first time in my life i started to live totally on my own....i had lived at home with my jw parents till i got married--aged 20...and a typical jw virgin couple.)

    it was a whole new experience for me--living alone--no friends--and no job either.

    a while later i got a job, and it was suggested i try an advert in the " lonely hearts " page in the local newspaper. ( no internet dating sites then! ) i was inundated with replies. what then started was a whole year of unbridled debauchery.

  • ToesUp

    We went to a church, for a high school graduation. I took a few more paper towels than I would have been able to take at the KH. lol

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