So how "worldly" did you get after you left the "truth"

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  • Xanthippe

    Drunken orgies, drugs, satanism, child sacrifice, the usual.

  • punkofnice

    I have my core personality that even the cult couldn't crack. After I left I was more kind to people. I smoked fags and got a piercing. Now, I don't wear a piercing and don't smoke.

    It's business as normal with my inner self. I am just kinder with some people and harder with others.

    But who cares about me? We are all sorting ourselves out, so no one, that's who.

  • OneEyedJoe

    I didn't change a whole lot but I've done plenty of things now that could well get me dfed. Smoked a few cigarettes and weed occasionally and I've done mushrooms (the latter I expect I'll do again sometime) a decent amount of fornicating, got a tattoo, been to a swingers club (it was fun but not really my thing), been in a couple churches, and I've both donated blood and undergone a medical treatment that would've been banned under jw rules. Apart from out and out crimes (though I suppose the drug use falls under that umbrella a bit) and homosexuality I think I've covered my bases pretty well.

  • Moster

    All the way

  • fulano

    Here I know an ex-sister who went to work in the red light district. To compensate the bad sex-life she had.

  • Afterburn

    This will be fun. Let's see, I'm tattooed, they wouldn't like that very much, but it wasn't out of any act of rebellion.

    Oh, and I am a community covered Leather Master (sweaty Leather Daddy Bear), I'm openly queer, I'm a national educator on BDSM topics related to consensual power exchange (i.e. Dominant/submissive, Daddy or Mommy/little, Owner/pet, Master or Mistress or Mx/slave) relationships and on the topic of Leather History in the United States, I haven't acquired any STIs and hope to keep it that way, I'm a bearded "sexual deviant" who owns a slave/little girl/kitten, I routinely counter-protest Bible thumping evilgelicals who seek to silence or demonize trans people or anyone else in an LGBTQUIA+ marginalized group, I am an active social advocate for human rights applying equally to all humans (and no, I don't mean a keyboard warrior).

    I hope to formally start a church soon: Church of Universal Pervaciousness. I currently have a group of people submitting books to build what will be our religious order's Scripture. Very different perspectives from very divergent backgrounds in each book, set to a common overall "tone." The Church will promote engagement in and delight in consensual perversity as a sacred spiritual act of worship offered to the Universe; and will impose no penalties, at all (social or otherwise), for choosing not to do so ... voyeurism and exhibitionism will be celebrated as activities that connect to the Universal Divine.

    If the church becomes international, it will be I.C.U.P. and that's just delightful to me, on an entirely sophomoric level.

    I suspect any of that would be extremely unwelcome, among Jehovah's Witnesses, except for intending to avoid STIs. While I acknowledge that as a simple fact, the reality is that how a rather insignificant filthy little cult would perceive anything in my life has nothing whatsoever to do with any choice I make.

  • fulano

    So you quit pioneering now?

  • Afterburn

    Yes, fulano. I am no longer a Regular or Regular Auxiliary Pioneer.

    Also, I am no longer a Ministerial Servant, I no longer conduct the weekly book study (which I'm not even sure they still have, anymore), I no longer read the Watchtower and Awake! or prepare for any meetings, I don't frequently volunteer for impromptu talks #2 or #4 in case the assigned person didn't show up.

    They generally frown upon sweaty Leather Daddy Bears representing Jehovah's Witnesses on their stages.

  • Jazzbo

    I really didn't change at all. To be honest I simply always refused to abide by any Witness rules that I considered inappropriate, I didn't make a big deal about it or go around kicking people in the shins but I just lived my own life.

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