Who Picks The Governing Body?

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  • millie210
    f you've never had children your chances of being selected are far greater.

  • Listener
    Out of the current 7 GB members, I believe only one (Morris) has had children. These guys are appointed leaders and have had no experience in raising children.
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The Governing Body picks new members.

    On a side note, I've been wondering if the creation of the Governing Body was not a measure to avoid ugly power struggles and hostile takeovers that would tend to occur when there's a power vacuum?

    I mean, when there is just one figure calling all the shots and that figure dies there's a vacuum that may result in an ugly fight for power and control of the organization such as happened with Rutherford after the death of C.T. Russel. But when you have a Governing Body, power is shared by a collective so the death of an individual never leaves a power vacuum and a political struggle for control. A Governing Body serves to prevent a scenario where there is a complete power vacuum - a scenario that can only occur if all the members died at the same time.

    The GB also serves to preserve the status quo and prevent, or at least deter, radical changes from happening. The collective has to agree for any changes to occur and the collective will tend to appoint only those they trust to preserve the status quo. And even if they appoint a rogue, he is only one person and his rogue ideas will be voted down by the collective.

    This kind of setup means it is likely that there are lot of secret "lobbying" and behind the scenes dealing and bargaining and quid pro quos among members of the GB to establish majority consensus to get changes agreed on. "You support me on this proposed doctrinal change that I'll table at the next meeting and I'll support your idea to raise the stipends for you and all the members of your committee..."


    The list of qualifications is extensive. They are as follows, in no particular order.

    1) Delusional

    2) Loyal to the WTBTS at all costs.

    3) The ability to lie at the spur of the moment, even to Govermental authorities and institutions.

    4) Adept at underwear wrestling.

    5) Willingness to pose for photo-shop field-service.

    6) Hatred of homosexuals, especially clothing designers.

    7) Zero tolerance for tight pants and bright socks.

    8) Myopic world view that excludes the reading of any books not written by yourself.

    9) Learning disabilities regarding context clues and the SQ3R method of study.

    10) Disdain for charitable works, especially feeding the homeless.

    11) Must regard Jesus as an errand-boy for the WTBTS Inc.

    12) Must be able to spin information better that Fox News.

    13) Must have a proven history of laughing at all pedophile jokes, ignoring accusations of pedophilia, protecting pedophiles, opposing any and all mandatory reporting laws.

    14) Must have at least 1/3 more brain mass than all female congregants.

    15) Fear of burnt, bloody hot-dogs.

    16) Firm conviction that CTR predicted and was directly responsible for the I-phone.

    17) Must have a penis. No size restrictions.

    18) Must be a fan of Bill Cosby, Jerry Sandusky, Jared Fogle, pudding pops and Foot-longs.

    19) Expert at revisionist history.

    20) Must have the ability to at least partially recite pre-written outlines containing insane anecdotes in front of large crowds of slack-jawed yokels.

    As you can see from the spiritual requirements, only the best reach the position of Governing Body member.


  • Magnum

    Good Question. I've wondered the same thing.

    Acts5v29: there is a constant eye on potentials - people who simply seem to be outstanding in some way - and they are quietly groomed without being told, although the news does tend to leak to them.

    How do you know that? I'm not doubting it; it's just that you say it with no reservation as if you know it for sure. Were you a higher-up in the org? Do you have personal experience related to this question?

  • Acts5v29
    I was associated with a congregation where that was happening
  • clarity

    "I was thinking it was maybe one and the rest turn a blind eye."

    Well Millie that has been the case.

    Leo Greenlees & a chubby guy ... Percy ...cant remember last name, were gb members and the rest just turned a blind eye. Even Freddie Franz was weird in that way ..... many hours spent in the steam room (necked as a jailbird!) with the young boys!

    Percy had a special boys who were called Percy's boys!


  • clarity

    The other name I was looking for was Ewart Chitty. Not sure about Percy being kicked out but he seems very questionable. Sort of Like Franz in the steam room I guess!


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    To be captain obvious, there has to be a lot of 'brown-nosing' and/or behind-kissing to rise in the ranks in the Borg. Captain obvious, but just saying.
  • millie210

    I had heard that before Clarity but didnt have names to put to the scenario so thank you for that.

    I am starting a document of things I want to keep for that fun day when I talk to my brother (hes a missionary with the extremely narrow range of thinking that you would expect to go along with that) and try to make my case.

    I am not rushing it. I want to be prepared.

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