Who Picks The Governing Body?

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  • millie210
    Beth Sarim
    Who picks the Governing Body?
    They pick themselves

    Sad but true....

  • millie210


    you always have the right answer!

    How DO you do that?

  • millie210
    Pete Zahuto

    In the old days, without him knowing about it, they used to put a Bound Volume of the years Watchtowers under a stack of mattresses and have the potential candidate sleep on it (princess and the pea style). If he couldn't sleep that night, they knew he was GB material.

    Nowadays with the CD's and all, I'm not sure how they go about it but I'm sure it's all very scientific.


    Yes, Im sure it is all highly scientific (not).

    So they need something bulky and useless to sleep on????


    How about a written explanation of the overlapping generations?

  • pixel

    They use the following method:


  • millie210

    What got me started thinking about this was the whole process of picking a justice for the supreme court.

    In the U.S. (for those of you who live in saner countries) there is a whole huge jockying for position going on in the U.S. over picking another person to serve on the Supreme Court.

    The choice of this person carries a lot of ramifications.

    So as it relates to the GB...they pick their own successors.

    Is this a unanimous vote?

    Are there any outside voters?

    Do the Adams brothers get to vote for instance?

  • Skedaddle

    so in what way would they be outstanding?

    Well here's how Anthony Morris III got in;

  • Heaven

    pixel said: They use the following method:


    This ^, right here , is the definition of nepotism.



    you always have the right answer!

    How DO you do that?.....millie210

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  • Acts5v29

    Hello millie210,

    Hi to you Acts, so in what way would they be outstanding?

    It could be some extra-spiritual action beyond the norm, something which is beyond mere congregational duties, or something for which their spirituality becomes evident as different from others. However in the same way as Fatima, it would only be valid if it were within the confines of the congregational membership - a prominent action followed by someone joining would not be counted as the same thing.

  • Listener
    If you've never had children your chances of being selected are far greater.

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