I have a question.

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  • Fisherman

    One more question.DD

    If your question(s) are not rhetorical and you truly want correct answers to your questions then you should allow a person that knows to respond to you, not someone that is faking it or someone that is only guessing.

    If you woke up tomorrow with "God" powers, what would you do? Would you wait to save everyone? Seriously, what would you wait for? Is proving a point through inaction that causes unimaginable suffering,

    The substance of all of your questions can be summed up as: Being Almighty, why does God allow suffering? and you figure that Almighty God should have prevented all UNIMAGINABLE suffering by doing things differently. You also figure that God allows suffering so that he can prove some point important to Him and being the Almighty God that He is, He should have figured something different or better so that no creature would have to suffer so much. (Sounds reasonable, trust me, I know what unimaginable suffering feels like.)

    Seems logical to conclude that the Almighty knows all of the options and choices that He has to solve the problem He is tackling besides allowing suffering. Reality is though that He decided to allow human suffering for his good reasons even though our senses cannot understand how any reason could possibly justify suffering.

    If the Almighty turns out to be bad, there is nothing we can do to change reality. I am convinced though that he is a loving God. I choose to trust him for better or for worse. In all fairness to Him, He should be allowed the time to answer his side of the issue.

    Some of the questions you ask though, DD, challenge reality itself. You seem to be asking: "Why is reality the way it is?", "Why don't we have fins besides lungs so that we don't drown?" Why should foods that are bad for us taste so good and not the other way around?", "Why do we have the God that we have?", Things should be different with a different God" Sound like a rejection of God and his gift of reality. Like someone telling his father that loves him so much; "Dad, why do you have to be my father, I do not want you and I do not want any of your gifts. I want something different." I would feel hurt if that is what my son wanted. But that is something that cannot be changed.

    The almighty decided to allow suffering for his good reasons. Lovers of God trust that father knows best.

  • GoneAwol

    Fisherman: "I am convinced though that he is a loving God. I choose to trust him for better or for worse."

    Convinced by what exactly?

  • jookbeard

    the almighty decided to allow suffering for his good reasons?

    do you know what they are? or have any idea or clue? or are us poor mere innocent mortals still stuck in the middle of a dick waving competition with him and the Devil? aren't we all a bit tired of it now?

  • Skedaddle

    If jehovah or God is 100% perfect then how is it possible to even produce something imperfect?

    It is not.

  • TheOldHippie

    If trying to pose a question or start a discussion, I do feel one should avoid words as these in the first place,

    "JWism", "that's really, really, dumb", "Jeehoobidoob", "Jehobo", ""old, fat, wrinkly, bald, crippled, "imperfect" J-dumbs", "bated breath", "Jarhoobity", "sisters they needed to boink", "Jeehoober"

    It strongly gives the expression you are a child desperately eager to show how tough he is, how many "tough" words he can manage to use. Childish.

  • Fisherman

    Convinced by what exactly? GAWOL

    Too many things. I am not telling you what to concluded. But I figure that if I feel love, compassion, empathy, kindness, justice,pity, and just as DD said, if I had the power to bring relief relief to every creature, I would so therefore God who made me must also feel the same that I do.

    He gave me life and the ability to experience joy and pleasure and comfort and happiness and satisfaction and I figure that I am happy to be alive inspite of the suffering I also experience and see. I reason that just as I want to end all suffering, and the joy that I experience when I help people and and every creature that I can, God feels the same way I do and even more and I trust that he will see to it that justice is done. Other things too, but you can see things the way you see them. I am just telling you how I feel about about God.

  • jookbeard
    Stockholm Syndrome ,Fisherman
  • Fisherman

    Stockholm Syndrome ,Fisherman

    Both you and I will see and know when the time comes but in the meantime all you've got is your view and I have mine.

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    I always like to say that pain, suffering and death were there before the "sin" came into the world. Animals were in existence and dying before humans started to live on earth, weren't they? Witnesses are not used to these kind of statements from a "fellow-witness"

  • WTWizard
    Had joke-hova did that, there would be no need for a ransom. And no need for that archetype of the perfect slave. Without that, joke-hova would not have had any way to impose communism on the human race. And, without damning our souls, joke-hova would simply starve.

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