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  • alecholmesthedetective
    all you've got is your view

    On the contrary, all humanity has got are objective facts, such as the problem of natural evil and the internal contradictions of books written before any knowledge of plate tectonics which cause tsunamis that drown a quarter of a million people.

    Religion has had plenty of time, millenia, to come up with a satisfactory answer to theodicy, and it hasn't because it can't.

    I happen to like words like, "boink." Also, I'm wanting a logical explanation for suffering because I don't believe the JW explanation. So far, a logical explanation has not been given.

    Don't let my flippant style decieve you. I'm just wondering if Jeehoober has been on the toilet this whole time. What's so childish about that? The more intelligent student will ask deeper questions. Only a poor teacher will say, "Because I said so."

    Am I being sent to the hallway again?


  • alecholmesthedetective
    Starting about noon, Elijah began to tease them: "Shout louder! "He's a god, so maybe he's busy. "Maybe he's relieving himself. "Maybe he's busy someplace. "Maybe he's taking a nap and somebody needs to wake him up."
  • redvip2000

    When Adam & Eve sinned, they didn't just disobey, they questioned Jehovah's sovereignty, or Jehovah's right to rule. Jehovah allowed the rebels to keep living because he devised a way to restore mankind to imperfection while also demonstrating his right to rule.

    I remember when i believed this. Let's entertain this for a minute. Even if Jehoober wanted to prove to an audience that humans needed him as a God, why not use Adam and Eve as a case study? What God would allow 6000 years of imperfection, death, misery and suffering to try to prove such a basic point?

    Any reasonable god would have taken Adam and Eve and place them outside of the garden of Eden and removed his favor, then create another perfect couple. In this manner it could be seen which couple had a more productive life. That would have been a much better experiment.



    Yes, there are much better ways God could have used to prove that he has the right to rule. Mankind could have peered outside the Garden and watched Adam and Eve's miserable lives. Why kill countless humans and animals to prove a point?

    Also, isn't having "nothing to prove" a sign of maturity?


  • GoneAwol

    Fisherman: "Too many things"

    I`m not asking for ALL your experiences that make you a lover of god.

    Just one. One little wafer.....then I too will love your god.

  • flipper

    What ONE EYED JOE said on page 1, I agree. God must be a real asshole to have allowed what happened to happen just in order to prove a point and make the human race suffer becoming co-dependent on him. Or incredibly inept and incapable of doing anything to fix the injustices or suffering - or he just doesn't care or give a rat's ass.

    The other explanation- god doesn't exist and the Bible is a total book of man made jargon used to control people. That's the other side of the coin

  • Vidiot

    "When Adam and Eve sinned, they didn't just disobey, they questioned Jehovah's sovereignty, or Jehovah's right to rule. Jehovah allowed the rebels to keep living because he devised a way to restore mankind to imperfection while also demonstrating his right to rule."

    An extrapolation of this idea actually helped contribute to one of my little wake-up moments.

    Supposedly, God had allowed "This Old System" to continue on so long in order to demonstrate unequivocally that any attempt by humanity to govern itself was doomed to fail, and that Armageddon was - ostensibly - His "step-in" moment (when that inability had manifested itself in a way that was undeniable).

    It occurred to me that - by that logic - the ultimate expression of "humanity's inability to rule" would be bringing itself to the brink of extinction... therefore, the Big A couldn't happen unless humanity actually got to the verge of wiping itself out.

    Despite what some may say, however, we're actually a long way from that... kinda hard to get rid of 7 billion of anything, after all; global warming and peak oil notwithstanding.

    Therefore, "Armageddon" had to still be a ways off.

    This conclusion dovetailed nicely with my own realization that the farther we moved away from the conditions of the old 20th Century Cold War, the longer it would take for the geopolitical climate to swing back around to a state wherein the specific pattern of events unique to WT eschatology could actually take place...

    ...suggesting again that "Armageddon" had to be even further off, particularly if it was to happen the way the WTS expected it to.

    Then, realizing that terrorism, climate change, and peak oil (the real threats humanity faces) would affect everybody and show no favorites based on religion, I couldn't help but start to wonder, "just how much value does affiliation with the WTS actually have???"

  • sparky1

    "Calm down Isaac.........I realize that you must be terrified and scared beyond belief at what I am about to do to you. I too am suffering immensely that Jehovah would ask me to murder my own son and not even give me an explanation as to why. Oh wait..........I don't need to kill you after all! The jokes on us! Ha ha..........Lets just forget the whole thing" - Abraham

    "GOD IS LOVE" - 1 John 4:8

  • Fisherman

    wafer GoneAwol

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it appears to me that you can read between the lines. Luke 16:31

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