Don't even try it!

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    JTrottigy Be warned that we administrators of JWTalk call the listed congregation on your application for membership in our site to verify if they know you!

    You do know that if you phone a European congregation to ask if someone is a member there and they give you an answer then that congregation has violated GDPR and expose themselves to extremely large fines.

    But I guess you don't really concern yourselves with something as trivial as being law abiding and paying back Caesars things to Caesar.

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    JTrottigy don't even try to get on and stay on our site!

    I thought this was a very telling statement.

    Here we all are, ex JWs, ex elders, ex bethelites, ex pioneers etc, many of whom have spent decades hearing the repetitive indoctrination but still eventually saw through all the nonsense.

    How did we reinforce our discovery that JW teachings are nothing more than a veneer of credibility which changes with the wind? By opening our minds to various viewpoints, openly discussing them, researching, asking for proof, accepting facts and rejecting what is clearly made up by the 8 clueless egomaniacs in New York.

    By contrast JTrottigy is threatened by debate, only permits one voice on his website, removes those who research and fact find from non WT literature, and with a completely blind faith accepts every word that comes from the Governing Body, no matter if it reverses his previous beliefs by 180 degrees.

    Everything the WT says is gospel truth to JTrottigy even if he doesn't understand it, after all, he must obey even when it doesn't make sense.

    He will defend to the death a belief that will change tomorrow, then he will defend that to the death instead.

    The tragedy is that we were once the same. We used to have an indignant anger when someone raised a question that showed the JW teachings to be false. We would blindly believe that the Bible prohibited 4 blood components while at the same time watching babies drink white blood cells through breast milk. We felt compelled to view every world event (good or bad) as evidence that we are right before Armageddon - something we now know as confirmation bias - only to later pretend it wasn't such a big deal after it passed without incident. We purposely ignored the fact that "millions now living will never die" was a fabulous lie then and still is today - in fact we laughed at such "optimism" not realising that JWs 90 years from now will be laughing at us for the same mistaken claims. We would judge our brothers not on their Christian acts, but on their monthly report. We would tell our pre-teen children that they were free to choose to get baptised but were not free to choose to stop going to meetings.

    We all know how Trottigy thinks because we thought just the same way at one time, in fact it wasn't thinking at all, merely repeating the words of the WT with an absence of thought. It is a credit to this site that we do not ban honest thinking like Trottigy has to, and we are all better human beings for it.

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