Disfellowshipping - How long to return?

by CaptK 61 Replies latest jw friends

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Well it took northern girl less than two months to get reinstated so they must be relaxing their standards and/or waiting period.

    Either way, welcome CaptK!

  • alamb

    Just wanted to say Welcome! I have found alot of genuine friends here and I hope you do too.

    My experience: I DA'd myself and continued to attend meetings for 2.5 years. During that time I was recommended for reinstatement 4 times by 2 elder bodies. It would never make it past the original committee though because they would have to admit their error in the first place (the reason I da'd myself) But in the meanwhile, I learned alot and don't feel the need to be subjected to that. I miss my family and respect their positions to stay, but I am happy here. I grew too much to go back.

  • LDH

    Well, I got DF'd in December of 89 and reinstated in March of 90. A scant four months later, LOL.

    Anyhow the crazy part is they told me I still couldn't comment at the meetings for a couple of months 'so as not to stumble anyone." LOL, so "Jehovah" could forgive me, but the local congregation had a harder time.

    What a joke, when I look back now, at a time I could have used some moral and emotional support from people I'd known all my life---and then turned on me like I was a rabid dog.


    (ps, Welcome!)

  • UpAndAtom

    Remember the story of the Good Shepard?

    When the lone sheep ran away from the flock, the shepard went to look for it. It was the shepards responsability to get the lone sheep - not the other way around.

    In stark constrast the WTBS calls out to the sheep - "Good riddance you worthless sheep! - You know where we are if you want to return! ...grumble... gruble.... good for nothing sheep... probably controlled by Satan!"

  • berylblue

    Welcome, CaptK

  • shotgun

    Excellent point UpAndAtom

    I never thought of it that way before....

    Remember Jesus words to Peter '' Feed my little sheep'' which he repeated several times..He didn't say starve the little buggers..that will teach them. Then when you've punished and humiliated them wait till they come crawling back to the flock and prolong their agony, it will draw them closer to God.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Usually no less than a year.....and that's only if you are showing them that you are sincere in your desire to return to the "fold"....by regular meeting (all of 'em) attendance.....

    Frannie B

  • NeonMadman
    The few close freinds I had will want to rush to go to the elders on you if they do not think you are doing something right no matter how much you do for them or what your record you had in the past.

    Then they weren't your friends at all. Maybe you need to rethink your definition of the word "friend".

  • freedom96

    I think choosing your friends wisely is the way to go. The WTS will tell you that all worldly people are horrible and evil, when in fact, that is not true.

    True, some people are scum, but that is the same whether or not they are witnesses.

    Find some good friends, real and true friends, and forget about the Watchtower. What the WTS teaches is not true anyways, so going back would only serve to be a social outlet, and you can do much better elsewhere.

  • lv4fer

    Why do you want to be reinstated? Do you believe in it still? Family? If you believe in it still you really should do some reading and research about the organization. It is a Cult. Read some information on Cults and how to identify one. You will see it fits perfectly. They don't teach the Gospel of Christ. They are not Christians, in fact think about it they don't even identify themself with Christiandom. They say they are different from it, why because they don't teach what Christ taught but they teach their own teachings. This should set off the alarm inside your head! Now if you need to get back in for family reasons, I'm sorry for you.

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