Kh's will be gone in 5 years! Here's how it will work

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  • nowwhat?

    Besides the media Center they are going to build in N.Y. it's been noted they are also building one and a studio in Australia. There is no way donations can cover these massive projects. So the money will have to come from the sale of the remaining halls. After the watchtower goes all streaming content. The technology is there for The elders to monitor who's watching. Then on Sunday mornings the jdub's will meet in small groups at homes and review that weeks shows content. Afterward they will go out in service. They will justify this by saying, they are doing what early Christians did. Meeting in homes. Plus they are being prepared for "persecution". This how they will still be able to keep the congregation community intact.

  • Tameria2001

    There is a huge problem with meeting in people's homes, not zoned. I was told that was why they stopped having the Tuesday night (or whatever night) book study in private homes. To put a stop to that would just take a few complaints from the neighbors about all the cars parked around a home to the police.

    As far a the monitoring what one is doing on the web, that would be very easy to work around, it would involve having two separate devices. One would only be used for Watchtower related things, and the other would be for all the other stuff.

  • LongHairGal


    You may have a point there...The problem is that fewer JWs own their own homes.

    You know about all that pursuing poverty with pioneering and doing housecleaning! This poses a problem now for the religion telling people they should hunker down in somebody’s attic or basement.

    Well, if they are actually going to meet in homes, you’re going to need JWs who DO own homes to volunteer their premises for use..I certainly would not volunteer MY home.. Also, others have raised the issue of too many cars and neighbors complaining.

    I agree with you about them getting rid of halls to pay off lawsuits or whatever. But, as far as them meeting in homes...I’m not so sure how that’s going to work.

  • joe134cd

    I can’t see them officially meeting in homes, under wt direction. It would just be toooo risky. Just imagine if a child was sexually abused in a home of a WT sanctioned event. Its a lot harder to perpetrate that kind of crime in a public hall than what it is to carry it out in a private premises. Sanctioning home events would just revert them back to their current problem. I believe this was the main reason they discontinued the book study.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who
    Tameria2001 an hour ago
    There is a huge problem with meeting in people's homes, not zoned. I was told that was why they stopped having the Tuesday night (or whatever night) book study in private homes.
    I know at my old Hall, a couple of the houses that had the study in them complained that the Congregation should help with repairs. I believe there was a Meeting with the Elders at the Circuit level because it was fairly widespread. Then, 1 year latter the new and improved Bible Study with the School was started.
  • Diogenesister

    There is absolutely NO WAY Watchtower would sanction meeting in homes!!

    That would leave them WIDE OPEN to more child abuse lawsuits...and believe me it’s more likely to happen in homes.

    ( hilarious they told you the book study finished due to zoning laws! It’s absolutely about lawsuits).

    Its possible they’ll have “mega Church\congregations” in Watchtower owned assembly halls though.

  • nowwhat?

    Some good points but the pros outweigh the cons. Just think 100% of all donations can go straight to mother. No money that has to go to k.h. maintenance, utilities and upkeep! And instead of building and remodeling kh's all the volunteer labor can be freed up for these big building projects

  • smiddy3

    I think you can forget about meeting in private homes nowadays for many of the reasons outlined above .

    What I believe could happen is that they will become strictly a television based religion where you tune in 3 times a week .

    One where JW`s would have to subscribe too so big brother can keep tabs on you, and of course a fee would apply to join up and then an ongoing fee to keep you listed in good standing.

    Maybe one Assembly hall in each major city so that the numbers look good.Donations to be done by credit or debit cards on line.

  • slimboyfat

    Some countries have seen a lot more KH sales than others, mostly the US and some European countries. Presumably this is because land prices are higher and funds are mobile. It doesn’t seem particularly linked to areas of numerical decline and it doesn’t appear to be a universal policy yet.

    The idea that JWs would continue to donate at anything like the current rate if they had no local KH seems particularly unlikely to me. JWs are already less inclined to donate to Watchtower because of printing cutbacks and loss of congregational control over assets and funds. If they closed KHs I reckon long term they’d lose more in donations than they would save. However that assumes they are interested in the long term. If they are facing a short term financial crisis then they may perceive no other option than to sell all assets and forget about long term organisational viability.

  • LongHairGal


    Some are kidding themselves that people would be willing to pay for an online subscription if there were no physical halls except maybe an occasional assembly. 😂 ‘No Way’..The JW religion would be soon forgotten.

    I also see panicked JWs who need associations and a$$istance being marooned. At first it would be hard, then they’d find a way without the religion. The religion, with all their traditions, would never survive if it dropped all that.

    Only PIMOs and Faders would be happy. The religion will be Finished (even sooner) if they do this. It would serve them right.

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