Kh's will be gone in 5 years! Here's how it will work

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  • 08out

    Especially on a Thursday night,kids going to school and work on Friday,nope

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, it’s true that anything is possible.

    The JW religion has made many changes as you said over the past fifteen years. Some of these changes were unheard of but still happened. However, the religion still had a physical presence

    As for the suggestion that they might have people logged in like a Webinar? This is entirely possible. But, I do not believe THIS will cut it either. Not as intimidating to the R&F as being in the flesh. It’s not the same thing..No control..Besides, how can Brother Irritating get on somebody’s case if he isn’t physically there? Can people get called into a virtual ‘back room’?

    Nah, I don’t believe the JW religion can be perceived the way it wishes to be if they are not there physically..Sure, they can implement changes like this...but I believe their day is Over when and if they do.

  • LongHairGal


    Further. I think there would be another unintended consequence if the JW religion gets rid of halls and goes online:

    That is:..the feeling of Freedom people will have, not unlike the feeling a Fader has early on. I almost felt euphoric at the idea I had actually stopped going to meetings! I reveled in the feeling of lightness-of-being as if a load of bricks was put down.

    Once people unaccustomed to feeling that sense of freedom start feeling it - they’ll never be the same again.

  • LV101
    LHG - better yet (Webinar) but I can't imagine them walking away from their con job unless they've billions in offshore accounts and it's just chunk change to them and they're laughing all the way to their island. I think the gov't should go after them for fraud in qualifying as a legal tax free charity.
  • hybridous

    Seems reasonable that the ORG would want/need cash flow from the properties, however can't go whole hog for the reasons well articulated here...

    No doubt, the ORG has plotted out a curve whereby they balance the most cash flow with whatever level of inconvenience and KH sparsity they feel they can inflict on the R&F.

    I hope they're really, really greedy.

  • Vidiot

    Sell 'em all, I say...

    ...those pedo settlements aren't gonna pay for 'emselves after all.

    Seriously, though, morphing into an e-religion can't help but make it easier for faders, fakers, and fence-sitteers to GTFO.

  • Vidiot
    Tameria - "There is a huge problem with meeting in people's homes, not zoned. I was told that was why they stopped having the Tuesday night (or whatever night) book study in private homes. To put a stop to that would just take a few complaints from the neighbors about all the cars parked around a home to the police."

    I think Diogenesister and joe134 are right...

    ...I actually suspect the Book Study Arrangement (TM) was eliminated because quite a few child abuse instances were happening in JWs' homes in relation to the Studies, and that the Org's tax-exemption was threatened due to it.

    They changed it up, and spun it as "loving adjustment arrangement".

  • Vidiot

    Don't forget the "message of good news" will switch up to a "message of judgment" (and all the nose-punching "persecution" that can't help but follow) that they've already primed the R&F for.

    The lucky few at Warwick will tell the flocks around the world that the preaching work is finished, the Great Tribulation has begun, and to hunker down in their basements bunkers...

    ...then they'll lock the compound's gates and - if the leadership doesn't skip the country - wait out the End as the Branch Jehovians.

  • RolRod

    Close down all the Kingdom Halls, sell off the property, use the assembly halls as Mega Churches, by consolidating all the congregations who make up those circuits.

  • sir82

    I'd rate this idea as "conceivable but highly unlikely".

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