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  • wisdomfrombelow

    What I would like to know is why they have keep the same business model of using free labor to hand out magazines in hopes of receiving donation witch almost never happens are they that stuck in a rut that they can't pull out of this dead end model?

    Of course they have no idea how to change their business model. It is over 100 years old. It was a clever way to keep people busy so they wouldn't have time to think critically as well as generating income for them. They tied it all to a religious component that they sold as their distinguishing mark. Once they could no longer charge for literature then everything was turned on it's ear.

    There is no activity that they can get everyone to do which will generate income for them. Tithing would be the only way but that doesn't keep people busy and the rank and file need to be kept busy as well.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    I agree that is a bit of dilemma for them to change I guess that's what happens when you get uneducated CEOs composed of the Governing Body they don't know how to think. They should higher some highly intelligent nonbiased business planner to give them the strait dope and knows the kind a shit they are up against and should they deversify and seek an easy way out of their wows admit defeat and just surrender all your loot to cover your mega bucks lawsuits and pray you don't do some hard time for criminal endangerment.
  • sparrowdown

    They remind me of a horrible religious virus that has run it's course in developed countries and is now poised to spread through the vulnerable underdeveloped lands with devastating consequences.

    The only immunity or treatment is exposure of it's harmful practices and education. Mind prophylaxis.

  • Diogenesister
    And I believe they are addicted to it. From time to time, some on this site mention that they feel that the GB don't really profit financially from the org. Well, maybe not, but they certainly get other benefits. Where else could they go - where else could Splane or Lett or Morris or Herd go - and be like rock stars? Without JWdom, they'd be like pudgy old Walmart greeters; nobody'd pay them a lick of attention.

    As always Zoo's 👍

    But, I'm not impressed because I suspect that at least some of these new recruits are attracted to the JW religion because they hope to better themselves materially because it is a "western" religion. It's a step-up in the world for them.

    Yup Longhairgal, the section on 3rd world converts made my heart hurt . The thoughts of these poor hungry folk giving the rich western borg anything or turning down any educational chances they get makes me so mad. I agree that it's a combination of a rosy paradise future, nice new bibles & video's and a connection with America (with potentially a marriage mate to find from the western delegates at conventions)that gives the borg it's appeal. I find 150 baptisms a fantastical no. though!

  • Diogenesister
    sparrowdown you summed them up perfectly girl😷get ya mask on- don't breathe that borg meme in!!!!
  • steve2

    This thread doesn't deliver, sorry. Information? Where? I can read baptism figures in the report. The rest is a statement of the bleeding obvious. And no mention of what is clearly the most pressing issue to the leadership at the moment - the severe lack of money.

    I'm with SBF on this issue.

    If you hadn't had prioritized telling us about being "fairly high up in JW land" there'd be no problem with this fairly ordinary thread. And what does beig high up even mean?

    Your higher than an elder?

    A CO?

    A senior Bethel staffer?

    It means nothing - except it comes across as, "Hey, listen to me...even though I'm gonna tell you stuff you already know, I'll just confirm it."

    Sorry, it doesn't cut it with me.

    Confirming what we already know and offering an opinion on their financial status is pure speculation.

    And then when posters ask you for specifics, you are suddenly not so high up and can tell us no more than we already know.

    Had you not identified yourself as "high up in JW land", I would have thought nothing of your OP beyond concluding it is pretty much old news. For example, we got the preliminary results of the 2015 service year a few weeks ago and we already know about the extremes in congregations.

    There's nothing you've told us that is privileged information. Nothing. Those of us with relatives still in or who still go, know this stuff. But we cannot claim to be high up.

    So why bother telling us how high up you are? Given the ease with which the internet fosters fantasies and tall stories and claims, you will understand the scepticism.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    That's so funny "GB now :rock Stars". I remember in the 80's at the district assembly,

    M. Jackson was sitting two rolls behind me and my family. They had brothers posted

    at the aisle to keep the young and old out from our area. I knew the brother post in my

    area and came over to me and said, the friends are acting foolishly , he is just a man.

    So now the GB are treated like the Pope and M. J. and they love it.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    - We have often heard on here that the GB are now "rock stars". I have witnessed this first hand. I'm talking about a mob circling around them when they are at an event.

    I think the previous "generation" of GB were more careful about limiting their exposure. One story I heard: When Ireland had a big group dfd for apostasy, a bunch of them went to Brooklyn, went on tour and got lots of pictures with the GB and other heavies. Then they returned to Ireland and waved those pictures in front of the local Irish JWs saying how the GB had happily talked to them. Of course, as bethelites we all knew who the GB members were and had our favorite impersonations of them.

    Where the previous GB was more private and careful about expressing their opinions, this "generation" of GB is more like Donald Trump. They love being the center of attention and will say whatever notion comes into their heads. Don't get me wrong, the previous GB enjoyed plenty of adoration, but this bunch can appropriately be called "attention whores", I believe.

    The Bethelites are not happy. The ones being sent home seem rather bitter yet at the same time trying to come off as still being really spiritual. A lot also seem to be in shell shock. You hear a lot of witnesses also trying to justify why the branch would do this. It's pretty funny the stuff they come up with.

    Many of these probably still remember the same comments I heard. I still vividly remember comments from Sydlik encouraging us to stay in bethel as "lifers" and that we would always be taken care of by our "bethel family". And with Jaracz, it was all about the organization and how the headquarters and branch staffs would keep growing and growing. All those promises died, just like those GB members, and were buried right along with them at the Wallkill "Launching Pad".

    And these bethelites who've been "put out to pasture" probably remember when most of these current GB members came in as new boys to the Service Department at Patterson. In bethel, seniority rules. So what does the current GB do? Get rid of many of those bethelites that have more seniority than them and replace them with low seniority new members that can still bend over to be good boot-lickers to the GB.

  • NoGoodDeed

    The focus the Watchtower has right now is in the "third world." I do not wish to sound like a racial slur, but the fact that Africa and the middle east have such uprisings is that the people there often react to the last group that brings them food or money. Many of the poor are impressed with those who show power. Those who seem confident, carry weapons, bully others are to be emulated and followed.

    When I was in the United States several years ago there was an evangelical Protestant religion that managed to become influential to certain American politicians. They were able to get a few congressmen to support them - I think the religion was giving them political money for campaigns. The religion focused on being against homosexuals, mostly male.

    The religious group had traveled to Uganda to convince the government that homosexuals were perverts, child molestors, and having sex with animals. They preached and read Bible verses that supported killing all male homosexuals. This group was very practiced at running campaigns for politicians, so they tried to blackmail the leader of Uganda. "You either support our anti homosexual campaign or we will campaign against you and your parliament supporters and brand you too as supporting perverts." They managed to use the reputation and power of the United States to influence the passing of a most horrible and inhumane law.

    As that was going on in Uganda, Watchtower was watching what was going on as the country of Uganda suddenly turned on their homosexual citizens. Many were beaten, some were killed, others fled the country. The Watchtower was watching that going on and realized that Africa and Asia might be a far more fertile region to gain converts.

    While the Watchtower is shrinking steadily in North America and Western Europe, they are gathering in hundreds of new converts each year in Western Africa and Baltic Countries. Southern Asia and the Pacific Island nations are also gaining. The Watchtower knows that there are many sheep to be gathered where minimal education, poverty, and family loyalties are the rule, not the exception. North America is very familiar with them, but along with Western Europe that is where the money is located, and they want more money. By showing large gains in other countries they convince their existing members that they should contribute more money for the foreign ministry.

    At the same time they are calling back their special pioneers and missionaries sent to those countries. They decided that (especially in western Africa) the crop of new converts will be easier to gather and keep.

    Watch Yearbook numbers over the next few years. I predict that the majority of the worldwide growth will be everywhere but North America and Europe. They are going to go for the easy pickings, but won't spend a lot of money sending missionaries to support the effort.

  • oppostate
    thedepressedsoul said:
    I'll update with more information soon.

    What information? What update? What? This OP is so sad, but laughable, I really don't know if I should do a facepalm or laugh myself silly. "Vague" information indeed! Yeah!

    NOTHING that anyone who reads the forum wouldn't know already. There's no real information in the OP that's new, what figures you said sound quite made up (150 bapt) elsewhere and you're in the U.S? What???

    For someone who claims to be "high up" you certainly don't seem to know much of anything.



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