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    You have a pm!


  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Best Post Ever ! I've already forwarded a half dozen faders ! Yes on staying in for show and benefits, I know of one fellow that has close to a million $ at stake, kind of like his job. 10-20 years down he'll be farting through silk from inheritance.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    - First, I can confirm first hand that the only real growth is coming from undeveloped countries. I'm talking 150+ baptisms, per convention. Now while that isn't a huge number, compared to US baptisms per convention, it is a lot. It's also worth noting though that these are very poor people. Little education, without much to donate, if anything at all. I've seen it in person.

    Is that a typo? 150+ baptisms per convention? I was in for around 40 years and can't remember a convention with more than a couple dozen, max, and usually more like 10-12.

  • neverendingjourney
    We have often heard on here that the GB are now "rock stars". I have witnessed this first hand.

    It's hard to imagine how it's gotten any worse. I remember sitting at an international assembly 15 years ago or so and the flash cameras that would go off when a GB member walked by were blinding, people literally running to the front row to grab a better picture. You would have thought it was a Taylor Swift concert.

  • slimboyfat
    This thread doesn't deliver, sorry. Information? Where? I can read baptism figures in the report. The rest is a statement of the bleeding obvious. And no mention of what is clearly the most pressing issue to the leadership at the moment - the severe lack of money.
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    Thanks for the low-down of what is going on in JW land.

    As far as almost all the growth coming from undeveloped lands, I am not surprised. The problem for the religion is that these people have little, if anything, to donate.

    But, I'm not impressed because I suspect that at least some of these new recruits are attracted to the JW religion because they hope to better themselves materially because it is a "western" religion. It's a step-up in the world for them.

    As far as things at the local level: the youth are putting on a facade until they are old enough to leave. There is no way that the youth of today would ever subject themselves to the Spartan life that Witnesses of decades ago lived. Hell no, that poverty isn't for THEM!

    As for the bethelites and special pioneers who are being let go: I hope, for their sake, that brothers with businesses will give them jobs. I'm glad I'm not there to hear appeals for money because I'd never give them anything. The JW religion made a major mistake criticizing people with careers and full-time jobs!

    This is why you have heard remarks from rank & file Witnesses who are glad these people are going to learn what it is like to live in the REAL world and have to pay for things themselves!

    As far as the GB treated like rock stars: I wouldn't notice them if I passed them on the street while they were begging!

  • Phizzy

    It is good to have you back Slimboy, you have the art of cutting through the crap and getting to the heart of the matter.

    The observations in the O.P are things that even I can easily see, and I have been out for eight years.

    The Org does seem to be dying, which is not what I expected in my lifetime, it cannot survive on just a very, very small minority of true believers, the ones who are just faking it will not keep it afloat.


    We have often heard on here that the GB are now "rock stars".....thedepressedsoul

    .....................WBT$ GB "ROCK STAR" Popes..

    ....................Image result for Watchtower governing body rock star popes


  • Finkelstein

    I think there are various reasons why the JWS ORG. may eventually shrink in size

    ...... doctrines that have shown to be false and misleading ending in disillusionment

    ...... the inter-net that's making investigating the WTS/JWS easy and in private.

    ...... greater education levels in most countries which influences the lack of interest in religion in general.

  • Anakin

    Thank you, for sharing it..

    I think that the WT, is like a great oiler-tank, on sea, that isn't able anymore to change direction...

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