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  • berrygerry
    Anakin 6 hours ago

    Thank you, for sharing it..

    I think that the WT, is like a great oiler-tank, on sea, that isn't able anymore to change direction...

    Hey, quit stealing the Borg's illustrations:

    Similarly, a supertanker may coast onward for five miles [8 km] after the engines are shut off. Even if the engines are thrown into reverse, the tanker may still plow on for two miles [3 km]! It is similar with human organizations that are prone to rigidity and unreasonableness. Because of pride, men often refuse to adapt to changing needs and circumstances. Such rigidity has bankrupted corporations and even toppled governments. (Proverbs 16:18) How happy we can be that neither Jehovah nor his organization is anything like that!

    This thread contains nothing that cannot be deduced by any perceptive individual. The GB are attention whores, the Org needs money, the growth in developed countries is stagnant, and the GB demand devotion, yet play the "humble prophet" card at the same time.

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the sentiment. I also hope that thedepressedsoul continues on their personal path to freedom and enlightenment, but this thread contains as much hard evidence as the Netflix "documentary" called "The truth about UFOs."

    The tag-line of "higher-up" is what grabbed our attention, yet the content is nothing new. Even so, I'm not judging. It's so very difficult to give out any real names or events when you can't have your life destroyed. The Org is a captive "religion" that plays on fear.


  • berrygerry

    Like many totalitarian groups, (political, economic), religion began losing its grip of control upon its masses in the 1960's.

    Although Knorr's Watch Tower railed against the big 3 of Revelation (politics, commerce, religion), he railed moreso against the social revolution of that time.
    Aside from the pre-1975 hype, Watch Tower has been in a downward-spiral since the 1960's.
    Over 20 years ago, I attended a Chatauqua revival festival locally. ( http://www.chautauqua.org/ ) The premier speaker (a very prominent political/social leader of his time) extolled the virtues of the time-period, and how we needed to return to that era. The whole thing was as boring as a Sunday talk that you've heard 10 times before. Needless to say, it was not held the following year.
    If an impoverished African would have been able to attend, yes, you bet, glowing reviews - and excitement for him to return, and beg his neighbours to attend with him.
    Based on the participation of the members on this board, it would seem that the Service Committee is the Cultural Division of the Borg. However, they must be Chatauqua-era delusionists - without a clue that not only are the 60's over, ALL of the Western World has moved on.
    African growth - for sure.
    Brain-dead widows attending week-after-week - yup.
    Power-hungry loser males needing confirmation of their worth - some.
    Real growth?

  • sloppyjoe2

    I read this thread and laughed. Not to make fun but I could have made this same post with the title, I don't go to any meetings but still give this info. The one thing I disagree with is that the gb ever had control of young ones. I was raised a witness and all my friends got in trouble and left and partied and did what they want. The generation of kids before me who were teenagers and early 20s when I was only 5 and 6 years old were leaving and doing whatever they want. There is nothing new with young people there.

    I would like to add one more bit of inside info for everyone else. The gb are going to try and save money and print as little as possible. They want to encourage everyone to download the publications instead.

  • watson

    If we can all be critical of the poster, maybe they'll stop posting.

    But, it's possible that in this basic overview, something stated may catch the eye of a newbie to the site. Maybe it will help them along some. It might even encourage newbies to contribute more?

    For the established and accomplished apostates here, it's just fluff. You've made your point.

  • steve2

    Watson I do not think the posters Is as fragile as you intimate. And your version of "I have decided your point has been made" smacks of the amateur arbiter role. I take your interesting point nonetheless.

    Reality is less complicated than an aggrieved party not feeling inclined to keep posting.

    If the OP is genuine, any upset will not chip away at its veracity - the poster will know his assertions are true irrespective of the "criticism" (I prefer "scepticism"). He will understand our doubt just as we understand his need to protect his identity.

    On the other hand, if the OP has over-stated his "credentials" in trying to grab a unique "angle", the scepticism will remind him we are not complete pushovers - which, given our exodus from a high-control group is a healthy sign not often seen in the organizattion.

  • SuziDrums
    I've seen jws from undeveloped lands posting on facebook. They talk about how they learned to read via the jws. They obviously build the mind control into the teaching process.
  • Crazyguy
    With most Christian religions providing social services and money to.new converts it surprises me any join the jws. I was in an area of the USA where refugees from south east Asia came to live and my congregation was servicing the territory where a lot of these people lived. None I repeat none joined the JWs.
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Thedepressedsoul is probably a depressed retired bethelite or depressed retired special pioneer looking for some attention. Unless OP can come up with something racy, spicy and juicy.... Welcome to the forum, but thanks for nothing!
  • Bonsai
    I found his insights on the rock star adoration of the GB to be quite interesting. Thanks depressed soul. Hope things are looking up for you.

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