Favourite female heroes in film ...

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  • Abaddon


    1/ Not a cartoon

    2/ It's nice to argue about something that doesn't matter for a change.

  • _Morpheus

    Im not sure i could exactly define a txt book ‘mary sue’ either, thats why in the discussion regarding rey i prefer to define specifically whats wrong the character, and kylos, for that matter.

  • Abaddon

    Ah, so now you admit that Rey IS a competent engineer. Which is good. Because it is in the movie. And yes, of course the writer decided that. It is called FICTION. That is how it works. It's like Obi-wan was just this old hermit, and the the writer decided he was a Jedi knight. But apparently that is OK as he has testicles.

    And yes, you have a different option to me, and as it seems to be based on missing dialog in the film which makes you make false claims, your opinion sucks.

    <<There are many factors why black families have lower income than white families... one might be ... and brace yourself because this may offend ... laziness might be a factor.>>

    You are claiming that other races are superior. I know you will caveat and say 'no, no, I just think black people might be lazy I don't think other races are superior', but you obviously do think that black people are, on average lazier. Because you said it. And that is a claim of racial superiority, however much you choose to hand wave and deny it.

  • TD


    ..based on a qualitative statement by a person who had met ALL of them, Rey is No. 2 and Kylo is No. 1.

    I wonder if that is the very heart of the problem? --That the "Disney" flavor of the current characters causes at least part of the audience to rebel at the thought?

    You come away with the gut feeling that Maul (Ray Park) would have eaten Ren (Adam Driver) alive because Park (And by extension, his character) moves and carries himself like a martial arts expert, while Driver (And by extension his character) seems almost clumsy.

  • Abaddon

    ok, nonchalantly dismissing the fact that you missed the most powerful samurai, sorry “jedi”, on your list discredits you quite a bit.

    I admit I made a mistake. This is actually very credible as wantstodossaroundatuniandnotstudyhardandisabitracist avoids admitting he is wrong when he is shown to be wrong quite conclusively.

    However, my wrongness does not change my point. The line of dialog is quite clearly expository. You can 'in their prime' all you like. Luke has full knowledge of them 'in their prime' even if he met them later.

    He didn't say 'Yeah, Rey, you're almost as strong as Kylo, but, hell, you kids were not a patch on Kylo's grandad in his prime, and taking Palpatine and Yoda into consideration maybe you're in the top five, top ten most powerful Force users I know of'. If that is the message they had want us to hear, that is what Luke would have said. He didn't. It wasn't.

    I've already covered the inconsistency. It's like the Borg. New Light is that Kylo and Run are the most powerful Force users ever. Deal with it.

  • _Morpheus
    You can 'in their prime' all you like. Luke has full knowledge of them 'in their prime' even if he met them later.

    😂😂😂 clearly he dosent. He didnt know them in their prime. You can stick your fingers in your ears and shout ‘nanananananana’ all you want, it dosent change anything.

    I've already covered the inconsistency. It's like the Borg

    Yep, on that we agree, and ive already taken my position. I dont support or accept ever evolving contradictory “truth”.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I'm a little hazy about the whole, Mary Sue/Gary Stu thing even after reading the definition - a MS/GS is a character who is good at everything. Someone who has lots and lots of strengths but no character flaws.

    For example Rey shows excellence at languages (verbal intelligence) and piloting/engineering (spatial awareness and manual dexterity/intelligence) - not to mention force mind tricks, light saber ability, etc.

    How many foreign language teachers are also rally drivers and competent mechanics?

    If Rey were a Formula One driver, she wouldn't need a pit stop crew. She could change the tyres herself. XD

    Mary Sues/Gary Stus are great in Marvel superhero films but are shitty in every other instance. There's little chance for such a character to properly develop. There's no chance to learn from mistakes because they don't make any.

    Young Anakin in TPM = Gary Stu.

    Scavenger Rey in the new trilogy = Mary Sue.

    Both are fairly offensive to serious students of film.

    wantstodossaroundatuniandnotstudyhardandisabitracist - WTF? You don't know me, so allow me to correct you ...

    I worked very hard at uni.

    I graduated in 2015 with a first class BSc.

    While everyone has some racial bias (including me), I wouldn't class myself as racist. Suggesting that laziness might be one factor of many re family incomes doesn't make me a racist.

    You're welcome.

  • TerryWalstrom

    Jennifer Jones (Pearl) in DUEL IN THE SUN.
    Talk about an exciting and bloody revenge ending!
    Gregory Peck (Lute) has all but raped Jones' half-breed character (Pearl) but it turns into a bestial sensual awakening for her.
    She knows he's no good--but--he's hot!
    The moral fella who loves Pearl is shot by Lute and vows to finish him off.
    Peck (Lute) does everybody wrong and in the end, he sets up a trap to assassinate Pearl under pretext of a rendezvous.
    She arrives and they end up out in the hills shooting holes in each other. But wait--that's not all!
    As they are dying (each from the others' bullets) they crawl across the jagged rocks in the mid-day blazing heat and die in each others' arms.

  • Abaddon


    i was riffing off your handle.

    And yes, suggesting that black families have 1/10 the net worth of white families because black people are lazy IS racist.

    if you doubt this, venture this opinion at work or in ethnically diverse company.

    I know you won’t do that off course. You’ll advance racist ideas when you have the protection of anonymity but doing it at work where (in any decent company) that would end you up in HR, or where you’d have to say that to a black person’s face and it’s a different story.

    Which proves you know it’s racist on some level.

    You need to really have a good long think about that attitude. I’m not making out you’re dyed in the wool irredeemable. But your ideas in that area are reprehensible

  • LoveUniHateExams

    yes, suggesting that black families have 1/10 the net worth of white families because black people are lazy IS racist - I find it mildly amusing that you forget the other points and suggestions I made (single parent families, criminality, bigotry within African-American community) to focus solely on a suggestion of laziness.

    It's almost as if you were triggered or something.

    if you doubt this, venture this opinion at work ... I know you won’t do that off course - I probably wouldn't.

    There is a war on free speech in the West.

    People have lost their jobs for cracking bad jokes. What happened to common sense?

    Professor Jordan Peterson found himself in hot water because he refused to go along with Trudeau's latest lunacy: enforced gender-neutral pronouns.

    You may like this at the moment if it's happening to people whose ideas or opinions you disagree with.

    But that would be extremely short-sighted.

    One day you'll find yourself at odds with the thought police ... and they'll come for you.

    It's a pity Rey is a fictional character ... she would be able to sort our problems out. She'd no doubt understand everything first time then use the Force to help us. XD

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