“White Privilege”

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  • Sad-u-see

    I love all the white people on here speaking on how black people raise their kids. The height of ignorance and arrogance.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    The Hebrew slavery in Egypt.

    Joseph was sold into slavery by his own relatives. He was a man of great integrity and refused to get involved with fornication. He suffered unjustly and even lost his status as a slave and was put in prison where he had to wear iron fetters.

    He was utterly helpless and betrayed. But a way out was made for him, because the hand of Almighty God was with him.Therefore, Joseph came to be over the house of pharaoh and all the people had to obey him.

    Later he even made-up, not with those for whom he had slaved but those who had put him into slavery. Ie HIS OWN BROTHERS.

    Also he recognised the benefits that had come from the hardship he had suffered.

    (Genesis 45:4-8) . . .Then he said: “I am Joseph your brother, whom YOU SOLD INTO EGYPT. 5 But now do not feel hurt and do not be angry with yourselves because YOU SOLD ME HERE; because for the preservation of life God has sent me ahead of you. 6 For this is the second year of the famine in the midst of the earth, and there are yet five years in which there will be no plowing time or harvest. 7 Consequently God sent me ahead of you in order to place a remnant for you men in the earth and to keep you alive by a great escape. 8 So now it was not you who sent me here, but it was the [true] God, that he might appoint me a father to Pharaoh and a lord for all his house and as one dominating over all the land of Egypt.

  • KiddingMe

    I can relate to Silentbuddha’s posts. I also grew up in crime infested areas. My three sibling and myself were raised by a single mother, that had to work multiple shifts to make ends meet. We were taught how to behave with police (more so my older brothers). We were also taught that we had to be two to three times better than our white counterparts in whatever we were set out to do in life. This was not to make us feel sorry for ourselves, it was to prepare us for the reality we had to face in life.

    I now live in better area and feel I’m pretty well off. However, I still worry about my son when he goes out. Living this way day in and day out, you get use to it, but it would be nice to not have to.

    My son’s white college roommate has expressed how there is a difference in how he and his friends are treated compared to his black friends.

    My cousin’s wife is white, she expressed how she worries about her husband when he leaves the house in ways that she don’t have to for her brother.

    I know these are just some opinions but I believe it’s hard to see things through the eyes of another and that until you, your loved one, or someone close to you has experience it, can you truly understand.

    I don’t think one side is all right or wrong. I don’t feel like white people should have to apologize for their ancestors...just understanding that it still affects some is helpful. I know that some black people make it bad for others (as it happens in other races), but I prefer not to be treated differently because of it. I’ve worked hard, taught my children to be upstanding citizens, so we avoid it a lot, however it still happens from time to time.

  • Simon
    You are mischaracterizing the issue by oversimplifying it. It's not as simple as a black parent telling their child, "Just make sure you don't fight or attack the police, and you'll be fine." You make it sound like black kids have an innate desire to attack police officers.

    So why do they need to tell them not to attack the police if that isn't the case? How is it not that simple? Why haven't I felt the need to tell my kids not to attack the police? Here are your options:

    1. They already know not to attack anyone because we did some parenting when we raised them

    2. They otherwise would because we failed to bring them up to show proper respect and boundaries

    It's not an indictment of police if black kids have to be told not to attack them. It's 100% an issue with black kids and black parents.

    Let's reverse it, if white kids have to be told not to be racist and attack black people, but then they do, would that be the fault of the black people attacked? That's what the argument seems to be. It's mental.

    It seems to be like a major cause of black problems with police interactions is caused by misinformation and indoctrination by black parents and the media.

    Fun fact: you typically get more of whatever it is you promote.

  • KiddingMe

    Just to clarify my post. When I mention we were taught how to act around the police, it had nothing to do with teaching us not to resist and more to do with things like, make sure your hands are in sight, don’t reach in to your pocket or make sudden moves.

  • Simon

    Right, that makes more sense.

    The Scott Adams / Hotep Jesus interview made this point. Keep your hands on the wheel and say "good morning officer, what can I do to make sure we both stay safe today?"

    The few times I've been stopped, I keep my hands in view / on the wheel and wouldn't suddenly reach for something or make another sudden moves because I'm aware of how that could be perceived. It's basic common sense.

    It's different from the UK too, where you'd tend to get out of your car when stopped to chat with them.

    But you hear people talking about "not resisting arrest" so I think there is more to it than just keeping your hands in view.

    If a cop is giving you a ticket and you believe that it's unfair, it probably isn't and even if it is there is nothing you can do to make him reverse that there and then. Any escalation is just going to make things worse.


    There’s stupid people everywhere, it doesn’t matter what their color is.

    I live in an area that’s mixed. It’s kind of close to what’s called “The Hood.”

    My neighbors are disrespectful, party late into the night, do drugs, don’t watch their kids, drove through my yard and lied about it, raise Pitbullls and treat them like shit...AND... don’t want “White” people in the neighborhood.

    They could just as easily be “White” and trashy, but they just happen to be “Black.” If they were white and I was black, would I be a racist for calling them out on their shit??

    There’s bad examples of humans everywhere.


  • MeanMrMustard


    I watched the Sam Harris podcast you linked a few pages back.

    It is very well reasoned out. I have to admit, I haven’t really been following Sam Harris that much. But during the podcast he expressed his absolute disdain for Trump. When he said that he views a second Trump term as an “existential threat”, I went into a Sam Harris binge watch for a bit (haven’t posted on this thread because I’ve been listening to his podcasts). Normally Sam is well reasoned, but this threw me off a bit. So I started to go back in an attempt to get him to expand on his reasons why he thinks this strongly of Trump’s presidency. I just wanted to get somewhat of a list, devoid of “my side vs your side” sort-of-thing.

    I have to admit, I couldn’t find it. Yeah, I found some podcasts where he griped about abandoning the Kurds. But in general, it’s more of a feeling of ‘the worst parts of America culture rolled into one man’. No real listing of what those worst parts are... just that he is utterly unsophisticated. Oh, and he really hated the tweeting.

    It seems he’s really good when it comes to data. When he has raw data staring him the face, he can’t turn away. I respect that. But he seems to have a Trumped shaped emotional blind spot there. When someone worries about Trump turning authoritarian to the tune of Hitler, it implies a bit of TDS.

    Do you know if he actually lists reasons for his view (Not appealing to some sort of elitism or emotion)?

  • Simon
    When he said that he views a second Trump term as an “existential threat”, I went into a Sam Harris binge watch for a bit (haven’t posted on this thread because I’ve been listening to his podcasts). Normally Sam is well reasoned, but this threw me off a bit.

    Yeah, I think he has a huge problem with being balanced when it comes to Trump and it really undermines the notion that he's so thoughtful and well reasoned. I don't know where it originated from other than a personal dislike of him.

    "existential" means it threatens our very existence, which is absolutely nonsense. An airborne virus that spread like measles and killed like ebola would be existential. An asteroid the size of the moon on a direct course for us would be existential. A president who follows the constitution and knows how to use twitter to communicate directly? I don't think so.

    But the black issue, I think his analysis was spot on and many of the things are what I've thought and said for a long time - the whole "unarmed" thing with police is a distraction, if you fight a cop and cops are armed then it is by definition a fight over a weapon and they cannot afford to get into a boxing match. They are compelled to shoot if someone is an idiot and a threat.

  • TD

    Harris dislikes Trump's disrespect/distain for facts.

    "He lies more than any person has ever lied in human history" (His words, not mine.)

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