Is Bible prophecy now starting to come true regarding the prelude to the great tribulation?

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  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Is Bible prophecy now starting to come true regarding a prelude to the great tribulation?

    Full disclosure: I still don't believe in the Bible's claims about the existence of the supernatural, even of Jehovah God (I'm an atheist and a scientific/philosophical naturalist), but I am asking this question because recent events are starting to seem (to me) to fit well the description of some prophecies in the Bible. Consider the following.

    Several hours ago (on 11-26-2021) as I was about to enter a local Fred Meyer store of my city (in suburb or small city in the metro area of a large city) a person I know told me that a moment earlier a person left the store in a hurry with a cart load up with unpaid merchandise (I think I was told it was groceries but I don't remember that for sure). He said the store employee(s) tried to catch up to the theif but were unable to do so. This happened during the day time. The Bible says that in the last days there would be widespread lawlessness.

    Later I got home and talked with my mom, who is a convinced JW. She asked me if I now have changed my views regarding the JW religion and the Bible and God's existence, in light of what I we see taking place. I said no, while also acknowledging that are new major problems including rioting in my mom's city (the city I was born in). She said that what is happening in her city is terrible, but that the city is still a beautiful city.

    Later I turned on the TV and saw in the evening/national/world broadcast news a news segment showing a large number of people dressed identically entirely in black (with their faces covered) smashing into a department store, and rapidly stealing valuable things from the store. They were organized thieves (and I think the news might have said they were part of gang) and the news said the theft happened in broad daylight. The news mentioned multiple stores (and I think in multiple cities) experienced such crimes. The Bible says that in the last days there would be widespread lawlessness.

    To me the people doing the above horrible things are acting crazy. To me it does not make sense that such things are happening.

    In the same news program there was a news segment about a new strain of Covid-19 (newer than Delta). The strain is called Omicron and is in southern Africa (and the strain was first identified in the country of South Africa) and it was said to be far more transmissible than the Delta strain and more dangerous. The news says it is mutating rapidly and has multiple new mutations. The news also said that medical scientists/experts do not know if any of our Covid-19 vaccines can deal with it. In the news USA President Biden said the only way we can defeat Covid-19 is if we have Covid-19 vaccines globally. The news about Covid-19 reminded me of the book of Revelation saying there would be deadly plague (in 7:8, 9:18, and 16:2, 9, 11) and that such would be part of the bowl of wrath poured out upon the Earth by God. The news report also said that the stock markets (including the S&P 500 Index) plunged (though in low volume due to the holiday weekend) today on the news about the new Covid-19 strain, making the biggest one day plunge of this year thus far. For one news source about the new strain see . It says in part the following.

    ' “This variant did surprise us,” Tulio de Oliveira, director of the KwaZulu-Natal Research and Innovation Sequencing Platform told the New York Times. “It has a big jump in evolution, many more mutations than we expected, especially after a very severe third wave of Delta [variant].” ... The new variant has more than 30 mutations in the spike protein alone, which raises fears of increased transmissibility, according to a South African researcher cited by the Times. The new variant has 10 mutations alone on the ACE2 receptor, which helps the virus to enter cells. That’s five times more mutations on that structure than the Delta variant exhibits, according to the researcher.'

    Months ago a wildfire in my state spread so much that it spread to the outskirts of the southern end of my metropolitan area. People in small city it spread into is a city I drove through years ago - it is near enough that the public transportation of my metro area has a bus line which goes to that city. People in that city/town located south my city were told to evacuate.The local news was saying how people in the towns having the wildfires were having severe health problems as a result to the fires and the smoke. That reminds me of Revelation 16:8-11. My supervisor lived in an area which was told to evacuate and he told me he did evacuate. Fortunately his property did not catch on fire. The smoke from the wild fires in my state was so bad that I could see, smell, and feel the sting (in my throat) the smoke in the sky above my city, and the smoke made the sun look red for days and it made the moon look orange (or red) for days also. It recalled to my mind Revelation 6:12 and 16:8. In my entire lifetime I had never ever experienced such a prolonged amount smoke in the air of such magnitude. My experience of it (as well as knowledge of numerous other wildfires in my state at the time) recalled to mind the verses in the book of Revelation (in 8:17) of a third of the trees being burnt, of a third of grass being burnt, and a a third of the ground being burnt, as well as the sun and moon turning to blood, and of such being a pouring out of a bowl of wrath by God.

    The same news broadcast showed a man shoot dead a father over a dispute about child custody. Recent previous news reports mentioned killing rampages taking place. Those things remind me of Revelation 7:14.

  • Abraham1
    There seems to be no end to the tunnel of Pandemic as UN has named another dreaded one Omicron as "Variant of Concern.")

    It is true that JWs failed to identify them as they are now distracted. (Mathew 24:45-51)

    But things are unfolding according to Bible prophecies. Jesus had foretold that people of "Last Days" would “faint out of fear” because of things such as "pestilence," “sea-level rise’ as part of “signs of Last Days” in Luke 21:11, 25. Bible Translators—including New World Translation of Jehovah’s Witnesses—missed the real meaning as they translated it as “roaring of the sea and its agitation.” (

    More careful Translations such as NIV put it: “roaring and tossing of the sea.” ( Word for “tossing” is σάλου (salou), from saino; i.e., billow,” (swell outwards). Thus underlying thought is like balloon swelling, or water flowing outwards, as though ready to roll over, thus points to the modern terminology “sea-level rise.” Biblos Interlinear Translation (INT:) translates it as “of [the] sea and rolling surge.” “Rolling Sea.” (A Greek Lexicon to the New Testament, Edward ROBINSON (D.D., page 416) (A Greek Lexicon to the New Testament on the basis of Dr. Robinson ... by C. Robson).

    Jesus’ original use of the wording “tossing of the sea” is another way of saying “sea-level would rise” as a result of pollution of air. (Revelation 11:18)

    The same word is used in the sense of being "shaken, unsettled" as happens during persecution. (

    That means sea-level rise was actually predicted, and was also being fulfilled in a monstrous way in our time.

  • Rivergang

    If there ever was a period in history which matched the ride of the four horsemen in the Bible’s Book of Revelation, I would have thought it surely would have been the 14th Century.

    That time saw climate change, famine, then a pandemic (the bubonic plague) which wiped out half the population of Europe - after firstly causing a disastrous loss of life across Asia.

  • nowwhat?

    This is my personal view. The watchtower is not the only means or ark of salvation. Their many failed prophecies, revisionist history and csa cover up says they are just another flawed religion. Most if not all evangelical Christians believe in the last days that will usher in the 2nd coming of Christ. All though mankind has achieved much it looks for sure that we are spiraling down to the point of no return. Try reading the gospels and acts up to revelation. To see what Jesus taught and the way to salvation, Without organized religion

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    These are just the pendulums of time. Every 120 years or so we see massive events that define generations. This comes with famine, pestilence, war, death and eventual salvation. We’re now entering an era defined by war after exiting a long period of relative peace and prosperity. Within 30 years this will all be over and there will be another 100 years of massive progress given capitalism survives in certain areas, but there will be areas similar to the Soviet Union, continuously repressed for another 70+ years and it is very likely that will be the EU and parts of the US.

    The problem is that the majority of people is never going to be happy with everything. It’s just human nature. But this also makes every prophecy without a specific date come true eventually and repeatedly.

  • truth_b_known

    Things are not getting worse. In fact, they are getting better. That is not to say there aren't issues of concern that need to be addressed.

    What has changed if that technology and culture have made it possible to be aware of all the things that are going on around the world almost instantaneously. As another poster replied, there have been more catastrophic events in mankind's history than what goes on now. Thanks to social media and 24 hour cable news networks who use the business model "red makes green" we are given an unhealthy diet of issues that are serious, but do not personally effect us or the area we live in. The result is a sense of "end of times," that just isn't true.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Is Bible prophecy now starting to come true regarding a prelude to the great tribulation?

    I understand what you're saying but you have to remember you're getting your information from two skewed sources (Religion and the evening news) who are both known to have an agenda and who are both experts at playing upon peoples fears and they make big bucks doing so.

    Like you, I was conditioned to see world events as a whole and as they appear to be when compared to a certain interpretation of the Bible rather than as the isolated incidents that they are.

    We must be on guard against beliefs that were acquired in states of emotional arousal. Just look at the pictures in the Watchtower. They're either of utopian Paradise scenes or scenes of utter destruction taking place. Don't think they don't know what they're doing. Who wouldn't want to live forever in a magical paradise when we've been led to believe that the only option available is either be a JW or be destroyed in a worldwide cataclysmic event brought on by God. All reason and logic goes out the window when we become emotionally convinced by people who we've come to trust, that information like this is accurate.

    Many JW's confuse "love for God" with wanting to "Save their own skin" from destruction.
  • FedUpJW

    The strain is called Omicron is said to be far more transmissible than the Delta strain and more dangerous. The news says it is mutating rapidly and has multiple new mutations.

    No surprise there. Dr. Josef Mengele I mean Faux-Xi, has had two years since the start of the planned "pandemic" to engineer new strains that will be more successful in the coming global depopulation agenda. Just wait until one that is 50% more fatal than the ones they have already engineered shows up.

    Nothing to do with the bible there.

  • Abraham1

    Situation is not comparable with other times.

    In the past, we could boast we have technology, but now technology is the culprit. (Financial Times)

    Governments too are powerless because their main source of income is from fossil fuel or from taxes on it, and they want to exploit the same till its supply is exhausted. (The Glasgow summit left a huge hole in the world’s plans to curb climate change)
  • Mum

    It always is.

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