Trekkies will not inherit the kingdom of God....

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  • rocketman

    Good point SF, over at jwzone, they all seem deeply immersed in Trekdom.

  • rocketman

    First of all, why is learning a fictional language charactarized as "extreme behavior"? I can see why most people wouldn't bother with it, but someone into Trek or simply challenging themselves might decide to try it. And frankly, why should anyone else care?

    But, we all know that this is one more attempt at the WTS dictating how time and energy is to be used, and we all know to what end they want people to use it.

    This is another case of their taking a "principle" and trying to apply it to a situation or practice upon which it has no bearing.

  • Swan
    Has anyone bothered to let the brothers & sisters over at know this?

    Naaawwww. Let them have their fun while they still can.


  • BeelzeDub

    There was a young kid in my last congregation who claimed he could speak wookie (star wars) character. It really made me laugh to hear him grunt like the fury thing. Who can blame the young kids who need some escape from the WT world.

  • Euphemism

    But don't you know that if you are going to put forth all the time and effort to learn a language, it should be a language that will be useful in the preaching work?

    And of course, you shouldn't really be spending time on the Internet anyway, because you could be spending that time preaching...

    Seriously, several elders in my local congregation are avid Trek fans. I don't think any of them have learned Klingon, but I can't see any of them counseling a Witness for choosing to do so. At the other end of the spectrum, however, I've heard of convention speakers saying that Star Trek is bad because it is based on evolution, and shows a man-made paradise.

  • Elsewhere

    LMAO @ Dmouse

  • NeonMadman

    So can you be disfellowshipped for learning Klingon?

    What if you gave a student talk in Klingon?

    And, for that matter, what about Elvish?

  • Hapgood

    Euphemism, I remember hearing or reading that too. I think I read it in the Awake magazine.

    "that Star Trek is bad because it's based on evolution, and shows a man-made paradise."

    In my congregation Star Trek was frowned upon. Some pioneer sister saw a portion of Star Trek that featured the Borg and after that she was convinced that Star Trek was demonized. So just because she was a pioneer, she thought everyone else was suppose to share her beliefs, and she was quite vocal about it. There was also an elder that was down on Star Trek too, and he mentioned his views from the platform a few times. I felt like going to the meeting with a Borg figure hanging from my rear-view mirror.

    So all of us trekkies in my congregation kept our thoughts to ourselves. There was a sister that I was good friends with that was a trekkie, we went to a convention together, we had a blast. But of course, we kept this to our selfs. And no, we didn't dress up. But really I don't see why people that dress up are criticized, after all I feel it's no different than dressing up for a costume party or for Halloween. I realize some go overboard, but I think most dress up just for the fun of it.


  • drwtsn32
    I felt like going to the meeting with a Borg figure hanging from my rear-view mirror.

    LOL! And you would have been called into a judicial committee and accused of idolatry, I'm sure.

    Rediculous that the anti-trek types in your hall felt the need to force their opinions on everyone, but what else is new?

  • Swan

    I remember when some of the Star Trek and Star Wars movies came out and we were counseled not to go. The thing was we had already been to see them and loved them!

    Star Trek IV was especially frowned on because in that movie they had to teach Mr. Spock how to swear. Hell, that was one of the best parts of the whole damn movie!


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