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  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW but I do understand that those leaving the Religion are seriously hurting and come here for support.

    What I do not understand are the hard core attitudes on this site. I had always suppressed my life events in compartments from everyone even from my 2 best gf and my 2 kids BUT it all came to a head when I got overwhelmed dealing with my mom's ALZ. The past came out. I think my 2 gf put it best "how the hell could you possibly turn out so sweet, kind, caring, loving and such a huge heart with a past of such abuse." Their other question was how can you turn and take care of 2 people who abused you so badly? My son was 30 years old he said to me, "Look mom, I am 30 isn't about time and don't you think I am old enough to know why we were never allowed to talk about guns in our house?" Yes, my parents were totally drunk, my dad was a perfect marksman, I was 7 years old thank the good Lord the gun jammed. I watched the whole thing go down, mom, my sister and I moved out the next day.

    My question to all you attack pit bulls on this site is WHAT difference does it make if someone believes in a loving caring God, the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, a Unicorn maybe it is totally misguided BUT what is IMPORTANT is the person getting out of bed and moving on with life are they functioning, are they attempting to start a new life?

    When I first posted to this forum someone asked from an outsider viewpoint....

    Well here goes

    The attack dogs need to show a tad bit more compassion. YES my professional career is very black and white, when you deal with IRS it is right or wrong there is very little gray but when it comes down to dealing with children in trouble I do not bring that attitude. YOU are dealing with people who are healing, hurting, longing for direction what they do not need is to be constantly lectured at and put down isn't that where they just came from.

  • John_Mann

    When I left I lost my faith. But now I admit the Catholic Church have the most complete faith and philosophy about it.

  • Bonsai

    The Catholic Church is one of the oldest, bloodiest, morally bankrupt cults this planet has ever seen. They literally built their foundation on the ashes and blood of the innocent. John Mann, I'd like to throw you in a warp drive and send you back to the dark ages. I'd let you come back after a few weeks to tell us how your loving Catholic church dealt with the poor common folk. I'm sure you'd come back an atheist.

  • David_Jay

    Several years ago a man with a metal baseball bat ran into a store selling Judaica and began swinging at some of the people inside, Jews making purchases for the upcoming Passover.

    The man belonged to some Fundamentalist group, I would later be told because I was one of the victims. He swung the bat and hit hard at the side of my head after yelling out an insult to the Jews.

    Today I have to go to physical therapy twice a week every week due to the brain damage I suffer. My breathing has been left impaired, and everything from walking to speech has become challenging. I still have my mental faculties intact, but my motor skills are what the man damaged in his horrible rampage.

    The phrase this religious zealot used before he started swinging? "Jews are monsters because their God is a monster. Jews are savages."

    I can't say I remember all the words used, but I do remember these. He kept repeating other statements too on how we messed up the world by our lies. Some of it is still clear, some of it had to be told to me because part of the attack I don't remember, like what happened after the first strike. I had forgotten the "monster" comment until I read Simon's words.

    You are all entitled to your views, but for my own personal reasons after reading Simon's post and those of a few others, I must bow out.

    Some of your words against those who believe in God are too similar to the man who ran into that little shop. I'm not quick to judge, and so I won't say that there is any more of a comparison whatsoever because I don't know anymore than that.

    I am not like some of you. I am not angry at the JWs or the man who did this to me and left me for dead. But I don't understand how logical and intelligent people can curse at someone because of their beliefs and call them ignorant and otherwise insult them and at the same time claim they are more enlightened than those they treat this way.

    Many of you may have left the JW religion but you may not have left the part that taught us to think we were right and should hate others were who had a different belief system. That last part is just a much a lie as 1914, and apparently some are not merely believing it, they're still practicing it.

    Leaving suddenly, exactly as I left the JWs so many years ago, I say good-bye.

  • John_Mann
    @bonsai Do you have some idea from your own or all you have is just canned leftist slogans?
  • rebelfighter


    I am so sorry for the pain you have suffered and still suffer from. I totally agree with your post. As I tried to get across in my previous post I feel there are several on this forum who do NOT care in the least the emotional damage they inflict upon people.

    PS I may also take my leave and go to JWSURVEY for news updates because this site has become far to hostile.

  • dubstepped

    As I've said before, many who leave the dubs just become as forceful in their new beliefs as they were with the dubs. Vacillating from one edge to another, they are zealots for whatever they believe because of an internal need to be right, dominated by ego. They need to control others like any good narcissist, and others must have their beliefs seen in the light of that person's egoic need to control and be right. Just like the dubs, there is no live and let live, everyone must think like them or face relentless questioning. It's sad to be so wrapped up in one's own intellect that you no longer care if it hurts others because it's all about you. Been there, done that myself, and hopefully I'm past most of that on my journey now. I needed others to see things how I saw them because being right was more important than anything. It's not healthy for anyone.

  • MarkofCane
    "Think as I think,' said a man, 'or you are abominably wicked; you are a toad.' And after I had thought of it, I said, ‘I will, then, be a toad." - Stephen Crane

    I agree. I was thinking of bringing my wife to this site as her journey continues out of the cult but after seeing how fanatical some get and hateful, I know she would run back the other direction. Their's no point saying anymore the direction of this site is not recovery but to inculcate a strict standard of atheistic views, even though I agree with most of it the delivery must be more towards teaching and not berating those who come here to share. We cant forget we did the same thing when we were dubs, hell we even brought it to there doors. This is the largest site for exiting JW we might be doing more harm then good.

    Sorry to see you go David Jay your post were always so well thought out and seasoned.

  • rebelfighter

    Great post MarkofCane

  • sparrowdown

    When I was a dub I always felt very uneasy about the bible readings where horrible events some of which directed by Jehovah were read out loud and I would look around at the rest of the cong and think am I the only one feeling squeemish about this awful story? Am I the only that thinks there is something terribly wrong with this picture?

    I would excuse it away in my mind with things like we don't know all the circumstances or it was a different time or this is just a retelling of events it probably pained Jehovah greatly or discipline is needed on and so forth all the usual excuses to try and reconcile "God is love" with these accounts. If Hitler's atrocities made him a "monster" .... why is God-sanctioned violence against the innocent excused? Don't understand.

    Surely violence is violence is violence?

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