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  • Believer

    Hello. I’m new to the forum. I’ve been reading it for a few of years off and on, but have been a little too ... maybe ... timid to join. I left the Watchtower organization almost 20 years ago but never abandoned my faith and belief in God. I knew the GB/organization didn’t represent God, so when I lost my faith in them, I managed to keep my faith in an all wise benevolent Creator. But I noticed on this forum that the most prolific members are atheists with very strong personalities that quickly beat down those who manage to remain believers. Hence my reluctance to join.

    Based on what I have read on this forum, it seems most ex-JWs become atheists. But then I wondered if its just that those who remain believers remain silent here. Perhaps there are many ex-JWs like me who are just a little timid about expressing their belief in God on this forum. I wondered if the believers are the silent majority or whether, as I first suspected, the Watchtower organization simply churns out atheists.

    So if you are a ex-JW believer, like me, would you be willing to start a conversation about why you believe in God in spite of what the organization did to you? And in spite of the ridicule that might come?

    I will start by briefly stating that I continue to believe in God because, to me, it is the only logical explanation for why we are here. The wonder of life leads me to believe that a God who could create all the wonderful things we see and are able to experience must be greater than our religions describe him. I have to agree with some atheists that religion is a problem, but I don’t agree that God is the problem. I can separate the two.

    And I believe in God because God is the only concept that opens the possibility of more life after our physical bodies no longer work for us. I can’t subscribe to the idea that this life is all there is. The body has capabilities far greater than we can now express. The mind has desires that extend far beyond our limited life span. That tells me that there is more to life than we now know and now experience. Science admits that they do not know it all and have only discovered a very small fraction of what life is about. So I am not willing to abandon my faith based on such a small slice of information. It would be like quitting school after the 2nd grade.

    Nope, I’m a believer. Not based on blind faith, but on everything I see, know and understand. And that faith keeps the door open to the idea that there is so much more to learn about life and about God. Are there any other believers out there? Or have the Watchtower leaders succeeded in its apparent determination to separate man and God with its ‘rule or ruin’ doctrines? I hope I’m not in the minority here.


  • KateWild

    Hello Believer,

    Yes I still believe in a creator. I left WT in 2013 but I have not lost all my faith.

    I am also a chemical analyst by trade and what I have studied about specific scientific processes is evidence for me that evolution required some guidance. So I don't dismiss a creator.

    There are still some of us here.

    Kate xx

  • Believer

    Glad to hear it. Do you think we are the minority?

  • Ucantnome

    I'm a believer

  • TheLiberator

    Hi Believer. I am a true believer in God's word. Leaving the organization has allowed me to examine all sides. PM me anytime.

  • Believer

    Great, there's 4 of us! Do you all mind sharing how you have managed to keep your faith in spite of everything? Or why you choose to still believe?

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    I'm a believer. Short on time right now, will post more later or feel free to PM.

  • Crazyguy

    I can still see why people belive, there are things we can't explain and products we can not duplicate. Take blood for example man still can't duplicate the ability of the red blood. The reason so many become atheists is because once we awaken from the JW world we become very critical and with all the problems we find in the bible and proof of evolution just to name a couple of examples, it becomes obvious that there's a big problem with our idea of God. I also can't rap my head around this idea that a loving God would let mankind go through the suffering we have.

    I believe there maybe a god but that this God just planted life here and maybe made things like the laws of the universe but he does care about us. That's where I'm at with my belief system anyway but it may change again in a week.

  • azor

    Hi believer. Welcome. I want to believe but the best I can say like most other atheists is I don't know. Just because I don't believe doesn't mean we can't get along.

    What I appreciate about this site is the candor that is freely expressed. Some may find such openness uncooth. I see it as a breath of fresh air. Coming from the excessively micro managed jw life.

    I've always valued truth above all else and know that is why I'm now an ex jw. I believe that truth can stand up to any criticism and that is what led me to where I am now.

    I hope that you and other believers like yourself will see that the critiques of your beliefs that are sure to come are not personal attacks but an on going discussion of truth seeking.

  • KateWild

    Hey Believer......we could certainly be in the minority but I think there are a lot of atheists with strong personalities that want to prove believers are wrong.

    A lot of the believers don't get involved in those debates so it might appear there are less.

    To be fair, I understand that it's nice to have common ground, but sometimes it doesn't matter if people are atheist or not unless they are pushing their beliefs and trying to convert people.

    I am here daily. So if you want to talk about chemistry and enantiomers let me know.

    Kate xx

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