Lloyd Evans exploitation videos.

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Wow, I was with you when you opened the thread with some criticism of Lloyd. I don't even know which side of these USA issues Lloyd is on, but I got what you were saying because I know what kind of guy Lloyd is.

    But apparently, Lloyd is not the only one who "has made comments on the USA not knowing shit about what he was desperately trying to talk about."

    phoenixrising makes broad generalizations about liberals that are loaded with "absolutes." So now I can watch my back around phoenixrising, too.

  • vienne

    I sometimes listen to the BBC World Service. None of their commentators or presenters "get" America. They're often wrong, slanted so badly that an American would not recognize themselves. They seem to think the United States should be just like them. While the original colonies were British, the majority ethnicity in the US is German followed by Hispanic.

    We aren't like the UK and do not wish to be.

  • phoenixrising

    Lloyd is just virtue signaling to try to bolster his foot print and get more subscribers. He is a pure opportunist because he hit one small niche and thinks he can spin it into making money with out working. ,

  • Hotpepper

    This guy Lloyd is so boring. I would rather go to the KINGDOM HALL AND clean the toilet

  • Finkelstein

    The problem with Lloyd might be the fact that he is trying to make a living $$$ by being an outspoken anti JWS critic.

  • jp1692

    Everything you need or want to know about Lloyd Evans (aka John Cedars) can be found by reading his last few posts before he left this forum seven years ago:

  • phoenixrising

    I do like some of his commentary but its become this circle jerk of his on line friends. Much like you see at a coffee shop where the BS if flying like flies on crap. Its fine in a coffee shop but when you are selling that you are fighting against the JW cult then he has jumped the Shark.

  • Listener

    JP 1692 that AAWA saga was extremely disappointing and worrying. Lloyd even tried to undermine his own role as president. His second in charge, Barbara Anderson quickly resigned.

    I found Lloyd's application to join the UK charities commission enquiry, in particular an Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, was amusing, although I don't fully understand what was going on there.

    Here's part of the transcription regarding his second effort to join

    Firstly to my right, Richard Scorer, solicitor of Slater & Gordon...

    Firstly, Mr Scorer will be renewing an application on behalf of Mr James Lloyd Evans who provides advocacy and representation services for those who used to be members of the Jehovah's Witnesses...

    Submissions by MR SCORER

    MR SCORER: Thank you, chair. As Ms Scolding has explained, this is a renewal of a core participant's application on behalf of James Lloyd Evans.

    Chair, as you know, Mr Evans is a former Jehovah's Witness who now works as an activist campaigner and documentary maker on behalf of former Jehovah's Witnesses, including many survivors of sexual abuse.

    Chair, in your determination of this application, you explained that you don't consider that Mr Evans has a sufficient interest and you don't consider that he has played a significant role. You also point out that core participant status has been awarded to a group of survivors of abuse within the Jehovah's Witnesses and you also point out that this investigation is thematic rather than based on case studies.

    Chair, what we say about this is as follows: First of all, whether this investigation is thematic or however it's defined, in order for it to be a meaningful investigation, then you will need, over the course of the investigation, to reach a properly-informed view as to whether the religious groups that you're looking at in this investigation are truly committed to child protection and are truly able to keep children safe. You are going to have to address that essential question.

    You will be aware that many organisations have come before this inquiry and have said that they are committed to child protection and have said that children are safe in their hands, but then you found on investigation that often there is a significant gap between rhetoric and reality. You have seen that with the Anglican and Catholic Churches.

    We would suggest that that gap between rhetoric and reality may be significant for a number of the organisations that you are investigating in this strand. We know that organisations -- and the Jehovah's Witnesses are one -- which have an insular culture and which are cut off from the outside world and may be said to be hostile to outside influence are likely to find it more difficult to deliver proper levels of child protection.

    We know from the Australian Royal Commission that there are some serious problems in relation to child protection within that organisation. So what we say that your inquiry needs, and what you need, is core participants who are able to help you illuminate that gap between rhetoric and reality, and so far as child protection in the Jehovah's Witnesses is concerned, we say that nobody is in fact better qualified to comment on that, and to provide evidence of that, than Mr Evans is.

    You know from his application that Mr Evans is a former member and a former elder of the Jehovah's Witnesses. That in itself is valuable experience which many others may not have, but he is also a great deal more than that. He is somebody, I think it's right to say, who is the only full-time ex-Jehovah's Witness advocate in the world. His day job solely involves keeping abreast of the latest developments within the Jehovah's Witnesses across the board, across the whole spectrum of the religion, but also including, specifically, its policies on child sex abuse and how these are impacting on the lives of victims and survivors.

    We set out in the application his extensive writings and his extensive documentary films on exactly those issues, and the simple fact is that nobody is spending as much time as he is on analysing what's going on in the Jehovah's Witnesses now and nobody has written and researched it as extensively as he has.

    Chair, of course it's right to say that the contribution of individual survivors will be important, we don't seek to detract from that in any way. What we do say is that there is nobody who is following this organisation, this religious group, as closely as Mr Evans is, so his knowledge and his huge expertise is crucial if this inquiry is to be a meaningful inquiry.

    Of course, as you have identified in the determination, it's possible for him to contribute to the inquiry by simply being a witness rather than a core participant. But as you know, the reality is that if you are going to be involved in helping to interrogate what an organisation is actually doing on the ground, then in reality he needs to be in a position to see the witness evidence and indeed see any documentation that this organisation will be asked to supply to the inquiry, and he can only do that, in reality, as a core participant.

    So, chair, that's the basis of our application. We say that it's simply wrong to say that Mr Evans doesn't have a significant interest. The work that he does, the research that he has done, the publications that he's written, the documentaries that he's made, all demonstrate not only that he has a significant interest and has played a significant role, but he has probably done so to a far greater extent than almost any other ex-Jehovah's Witness activist worldwide and, on that basis, it's only right that he should have core participant status.

    We say that this inquiry would be much poorer without the benefit of his expertise and, without that expertise, there is a risk that the Jehovah's Witnesses in effect get a free pass


    This is a slap in the face to people like Barbara Anderson and John Redwood, not to mention the highly qualified lawyers of this enquiry who apparently, risk not doing their job properly without giving Lloyd the opportunity to be a core participant rather than a witness.

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