Lloyd Evans exploitation videos.

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  • Sad-u-see

    Isn't this forum full of non-americans talking about America? I can understand calling out his pandering, but some of the people with the hottest takes on here don't even live in America. It's nice to know we're always on your minds.

  • Hotpepper

    Phoenix let me tell these BLM Plained a March to destroy a white neighbor hood .and break up the stores like they did in the black neighbor hood a few miles away. Well the whole neighborhood came out a few 1000 strong shotguns rifles, bats sticks etc.

    .they were waiting for the marchers. They came to the main intersection . And local residents were waiting telling them come on in. The marchers turned at the traffic light and went the other way. They were crying BLM. But the local people back and white came out with guns and sticks. And told these ahole marchers you come here your going to get the Boom Boom

  • Hotpepper

    I hate how these British poster on this site are EXPERTS ON the United States

    It makes me laugh so hard. Its like me telling them about Winston Church Hill. I laugh at a lot of crap posted on this site. This site is about the crimes if the Watchtower. I wish posters would stick to that. JYD

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I like Lloyd, but his videos are too long. But I chalk that up to I not having the time, too much to do. Nor do I need ex-JW stuff so much anymore. I walked away almost 13 years ago. I know TTATT. And my 76 year old, 50 year JW mom is not changing her mind, just not so harsh. Maybe being a recent widow did that.

    Lloyd serves his purpose in the exJW world, just as Rick Fearon of 6 Screens fame (infamy?). Lloyd should stay in his lane. Rick would do well to tone his schtick down. And I miss Dogpatch. He was old school. But effective. Barbara Anderson is informative and her tone is right.


  • Hotpepper
    1. Snakes I miss dogbatch and free minds site . I'll give you one to remember the Watchtower observer. Site he had really good stuff on rutherfraud. Then there need Ken rained site I think it was called SEANET. HE broke down the Golden Age Magazines really good. One of my favorite Golden Age ones " how Jehovah sent the dinosaurs to the Planet VENUS before the flood.
  • JoenB75

    It is good some out there resist the Frankfurt school and the destruction of Western civilisation. Go Trump ☺️☺️👍☺️.

  • smiddy3

    I think why many of us including me from time to time ,comment on all USA stuff IS because America is the birthplace of "WB&TS" / Jehovah`s Witnesses / IBSA ,so it does hold a significant place in our hearts.

    Had the religious organization had its origins anywhere else on the planet ,no doubt America wouldnt get a mention and the focus would be on that country whatever it might have been .

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    just think if the watchtower had remained a purely American cult.

    a lot of us wouldnt be on here !

  • Giordano

    The WT was accepted around the world because it offered a solution to dying....... the chance that 'many living today may not die'. The Resurrection was the back up plan.

    Of course everyone does die or is in the process of dying.

    The WTBTS claims that Jesus resurrected Lazarus........ a one off during his ministry.

    Where is Lazarus today? Probably in Salt Lake City.

    Without this false hope the JW religion would have been tossed out with all of the 1000's of garbage religions that turned out to be self serving, delusional, and corrupted.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    BLM is an ill-defined concept. Most people take it at face value and agree - black lives do matter. It all depends on how the question is asked. However there will be a marked shift if BLM was defined. For example, do you believe in defunding the police? What do you feel about “white privledge”? Should you as a white person kneel in front of black people and ask for forgiveness?

    The numbers would quickly flip if the concept of BLM was better defined. I read the poll data and it was in the 70 percentile that US voters didn’t want the police defunded, which is a central tenet of BLM. This poll was also taken days after the passing of George Floyd. The longer this chaos lasts, you’ll see that number go down. The poll reflects more than anything the shock and anger over this man being murdered by police.

    As far as Evans goes, he’s been wading into subjects he knows little about for some time now. His videos about Freemasonry for example were ill-informed and he made several false statements. In true Evans fashion, when people who were actually involved in Freemasonry attempted to correct him, he just lost his shit and called them all “anti-Cedars”, a truly juvenile trait from someone who claims such intellectual superiority. Even his personal testimony about JWs is rather mundane. It was a cringeworthy moment on the Remini show when these other members were talking about getting raped or molested by their fathers or being driven to suicide attempts, Lloyd chimes in that he did yard work once for free for his father who shuns him. That was his sob story.

    Search for his name on this forum for topics he was involved in and you’ll quickly find someone who quickly descended into paranoia and name-calling as soon as it became clear that more than a few people disagreed with him. To the few who stood up to him he was simply a bully. Like all bullies who find out that they can’t bully anymore, he fled and found a different audience. But the cycle repeats.

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