Lloyd Evans exploitation videos.

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  • phoenixrising

    I used to watch his videos on the monthly GB talks. He has went over the top a few times doing one video on why being liberal idiot is a good thing. He has made comments on the USA not knowing shit about what he was desperately trying to talk about. Now to stay [relevant] he did one on black lives matter. He has a panel of ex JWs who are black. Not sure how that would even play into it. I unsubscribed from his channel and am done. I will get my JW news here and a few other places. He has become a money grubbing gold digger and would parrot any talking points he thinks would gain him a donation.

  • eyeuse2badub

    I like Loyd. He's been at it a while and has done some very good stuff!

    just saying!

  • slimboyfat

    Rasmussen poll found 62% of Americans now support Black Lives Matter, up from 37% four years ago.

    Only 43% of Americans approve of Trump.

    It looks like the tide is turning in America.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    He has made comments on the USA not knowing shit about what he was desperately trying to talk about.

    thats a very good point you make there, Phoenix:

    i'm sure it happens all the time, i havent a clue about life in the USA.

    Take as an example--the gun culture. You and i have "crossed swords " over this--largely because of lack of understanding on my part, -for which i apologise. Here in the UK--no-one has the right to bear arms..it takes a lot of red tape for anyone to keep even a shotgun..mainly for farming and sport shooting purposes. i know a few people that have such. handguns are very rare--mostly illegally owned by criminals / drug dealers. No one is allowed to own automatic weapons.

    You see the difference ?

    back on topic

    i lost all interest in Cedars after he was kicked off this site.

  • cofty
    Rasmussen poll found 62% of Americans now support Black Lives Matter, up from 37% four years ago. Only 43% of Americans approve of Trump - SBF

    Violent protests reliably turn a population conservative. The longer this chaos goes on the more likely it is that Trump will get reelected.

  • phoenixrising

    Cofty I believe this will back fire on the left big time. My gripe about Lloyd Evans is he is an opportunist and not a good one at that. He comes across to me that he would slit his mother open if he thought she swallowed a penny. He just grubs and grubs for money and puts out a lot of junk to try to keep it going. Which I don't get because when you come out for either liberal or conservative you have ticked off around half of your following. He is never going to be anything int he black lies murder movement and he is slipping in his one shtick of analyzing the JWs. I was wondering what he was going to do once this died down a bit. He seems to have never actually had a job where he had to put in a hard days work.

  • TD

    Violent protests reliably turn a population conservative.

    I'd agree that violence by protesters reduces public support for their cause.

    At the same time though, I'm not sure if some of the younger conservatives here understand the militia movement of the 90's, Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc. and therefore don't understand how strongly the right itself is opposed to police overreach.

  • pale.emperor

    Forgive me if this is a silly question, but when you say "liberal" what exactly do you mean?

    To me, the word liberal means being more flexible and open to change depending on the need or circumstances. Does it mean something different in a political context?

    Also, is it that black and white? Is it either conservative or liberal? Is there no middle ground?

    Genuinely asking as my political interest only came after I left the witnesses 4 years ago.

  • cofty

    Pale Emperor asks a good and genuine question and some dullard responds with a 'dislike'.


    I think in American culture 'Liberal' has come to be synonymous with the SJW movement and Identity politics.

    Classic liberals are more about free speech, freedom of personal morality and economic freedom. At the far end of the spectrum is the Libertarian position.

    'I have always found it quaint and rather touching that there is a movement [Libertarians] in the US that thinks Americans are not yet selfish enough.' - Christopher Hitchens

  • phoenixrising

    PE, its a lot to unpack in that question. There is a lot of gray area. I am conservative but have some liberal areas I agree with them on. In a nut shell a conservative wants limited Government. You do for yourself. You earn it you keep it. A high regard for private property. Liberalism today has come to embrace socialism to a large degree. We in the USA do not live under a full on capitalist economic society. We have capitalism with regulation and social safety nets. SS, Medicare and Medicaid are social safety nets in a capitalist economy.

    This is only part of the plank's in each of the isim's Liberals stand for unlimited abortion including partial birth, most conservatives would ban it out and out or at least limit it. Gun rights, Liberals want to rewrite the constitution and rid us of the Second Amendment. They don't like the idea of people defending them self. Like England which its basically illegal to defend yourself against violent attack with anything but a wet noodle.

    Liberals stand for government cradle to grave taking care of people. From giving people a universal basic income to letting in illegals and giving them food, housing and money. Liberalism today is for demonizing white males as evil and responsible for all the worlds ills. Some of the more radical ones hate all men as evil.

    Liberals hate the military. They feel that we can all sing kumbya and just all get along if we just listen to those who want to destroy the country. They have a lot in common as this is the end goal of the left today. The destruction of western culture.

    Liberalism calls for equality but its not really equal. If you agree with them you can have freedom of speech but if not you have to shut up and listen to those who do agree with the liberals. There is no place for different ideas in a liberal society.

    Liberals are all for a man who says he is a woman to be seen as a woman when he is not. If that man wants to wear a dress and take a piss next to your 6yo daughter well that is being open minded. If that man who says he is a woman wants to run a race or use his masculinity to his advantage in a woman's sport that is just fine.

    Liberals view being white as being responsible for blacks bad choices. Its your fault that they have no money or are on drugs are are criminals. You are racist and you may not even know it. Its called being woke or not. Your ancestors and some blacks may have came to this country 50 years ago 100 years after slavery ended but its your fault for everything bad that happens to them and you own them money so pay up.

    Liberalism today has moved to embrace communism. The system of Government that has proven itself as a failure over and over in the past 100 plus years. Its killed more people than small pox from Stalin's reign of terror to Mao's great leap forward. It continues to kill in Venezuela to North Korea and even China.

    Liberalism is a destroyer of everything and creates nothing. Most people are part of the liberal party because it makes them feel like they are doing something about their white guilt. It is based in emotion not in rational thought. See the riots, taking down of statues and destroying private property. The woman yelling at the young girls washing off the Black lies murder graffiti on a Federal building that they are using their white privilege to remove the BLM expression. It is difficult to argue with a liberal as they have no arguments but irrational emotional temper tantrums.

    The idea that Oil is bad and we need to destroy factory's and all live in a hut with one LED bulb and a bike so we don't destroy the earth. The idea that there is a global warming which was global cooling in the 70s and the seas would be dead in 10 years that was also the 70s and the models keep changing because they are wrong but we should base our lives on them. Cars are bad, planes and flying bad and when you point out that it takes more oil and fossil fuel to run and make wind generators that last 20 years, and use some 800 tons of concrete and fiberglass and solar panels that are not cost effective are the way of the future. They don't want to hear you have to have a fossil fuel plant running in the back ground at idle just so there is no interruption in flow of electricity.

    Liberals want the Government to guarantee everyone a job unless you don't want to work then just give you money. They want to push a green new deal which would cost almost 100 trillion and there is no way it can be paid for and would destroy the dollar and we would be in a new Wiemar republic and have to take a truck of money to buy a loaf of bread.

    Today's left is not the Democrat party of JFK, RFK or Truman or FDR. They would not be welcome. See how they are tearing down the statures of Lincoln and others. Its not about Black lies murder its about using what ever useful idiots to tear down the western world so as to remake it as a socialist communist one. The want to destroy history. As said by others those who control history control the future those who control the present control history.

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