Lloyd Evans exploitation videos.

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  • HiddenPimo

    Cedars channel has a lot of good stuff, but lately he is stepping into a lane that he is ill informed on - as much as I could offer an opinion on British policies and government, I don't live their and my information would only be secondhand at best. So i stay in my lane. While we are entitled to our opinion, let's leave the commentary on these 'Channels' to those who are living in the mess, being abused by the police, being victimized by the riots, and being able to protest. You can rightly have much of a valid opinion tucked away in some Croatian basement. I see why Simon doesn't care for him much, he comes off a bit smug...

  • 2+2=5

    In Australia our two major political parties are Labour and Liberal.

    The Scott Morrison Liberal Party currently has power, but they are not liberals as such, actually centre-right.

    The Labour Party is centre-left. We get extremes with some of the minority parties, the Greens are so far left we need Pauline Hanson(shout out to Ipswich) adding balance.

  • pale.emperor

    Thanks Phoenix. That certainly covered it.

  • phoenixrising

    Hidden, I agree. He has went into some strange areas like he is knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects. When he sticks to just facts on the GB video commentary its can be well done. But in his last one he said Tony Morris was creepy for saying the girl in the art works looked peaceful like looking in a little girls bedroom and that the Leopard was a Panther. It could be but there are black leopards. And his comments on the girl in the art was not IMO out of the ordinary. Its like Evans is desperately trying to find something to complain about. Tony Morris has a lot to complain about so to make crap out of whole cloth is only detracting for Evans not a commentary on Morris. Personally I don't like to see things made up about people when you can just stick to the facts that are relevant.

    For me it seems he has gotten a big head being a big fish in a little pond thinking its a big pond. There has been one other JW commentator who has went off the rails and is now being more of a liberal activist than a JW commentator. If I were a liberal I would not watch Evans or other ExJWs. I would watch that little boy Madcow on PMSNBC do his rant.

  • TD

    Forgive me if this is a silly question, but when you say "liberal" what exactly do you mean?

    "Liberals" in the U.S. are the political left. "Conservatives" are the political right.

    There's a saying: "Liberals believe good government produces good people; Conservatives believe good people produce good government."

    It's a little corny, but does capture a little of the ideological divide between the two groups.

    Liberals tend to favor collective rights over individual rights. Conservatives tend to favor individual rights over collective rights.

    Liberals tend to favor larger government and more social programs. Conservatives tend to favor smaller government and fewer social programs

    Personally, I think the truth is somewhere in the middle, which tends to anger both sides.

    Libertarians, despite the name, are not liberal. They are an offshoot of conservatism who hold individual rights as paramount. The want the government to stay the hell out of everybody's life

    Both sides have their fringe groups. Radical environmentalism is mostly a liberal movement. The Christian Right is mostly a conservative movement.

    Both Liberals and Conservatives characterize each other by their fringe elements, so arguments tend to be about extreme positions that aren't completely accepted by everyone even within their respective groups.

    There's whole books on the subject, so none of us can do much more than scratch the surface here.

  • Simon

    Right now, the left has the biggest extremist problem. They are not liberal based on normal definitions of the word. They use that as cover, they want absolute power and control over everyone else.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    He has made comments on the USA not knowing shit about what he was desperately trying to talk about.

    This is a non-argument meant to discredit the opponent. For instance, recently, I lost too much time on Facebook trying to convince a women that the black community is doing much better in the states and ignoring the progress would be ignoring the heroic victories of MLK, Malcom X, Rosa Parks and the likes. Instead of offering counter arguments, a few of them told me that I didn't know what I was talking about because I wasn't black. One told me not to quote brother Malcom X deliberately not addressing the quote itself.

    Same goes with USA. They can have an opinion on my prime minister and I can have an opinion on their politics. The truth is somewhere in between us and it is by openly talking about it that it shall be found.

  • Hotpepper

    Evans is a buffoon. He got all mad at me because I committed on one of his videos, saying why does it take him a hour and half to say something that takes 10 minutes. He sent me all kinds of cry baby comments. Phoned you did a good job explaining what these liberals are all about

  • phoenixrising

    Hotpepper I agree he has gone way off the rails. This latest BLM BS made me unsub from him. I also thought the part in his book about his getting caught sexting with another woman was a strange thing to put in a JW book.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Phoenix, I haven't seen the video you are talking about yet, so I cant really comment about that at this time.

    I just wanted to say that some of my American friends that I have made over the years are really surprised by the amount of news the rest of the world gets about American subjects. I'm in Australia and there is something about the US every day in the news. It isn't just because Trump is in office, its always been this way. Some people probably feel they know a bit about American life and your politics because we hear so much about it.

    Your politics affects the decisions of your allies, like the UK, so people take an interest.

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