Governing Body Members Autographing Bibles

by HereIgo 27 Replies latest jw experiences

  • fulano

    Spot on Sparky, it is Ridiculous

  • _Morpheus

    Bear in mind these were not given as “gifts” among friends. These were given to curry favor for the dubbies in cuba. It was an act of ass kissing to have the cult leaders publicly sign the bibles for the castro regime. To suggest that this public signing for the benefit of the castros wasnt “autographing” is patently stupid.

  • Moster
  • eyeuse2badub

    Just a bit off the OP but about 10 years ago my family and I visited the farm in Walkill. As part of the "guided tour", by a very beautiful young sister, we stopped and she directed our attention to a small (maybe 3' x 3' x 3') glass enshrinement' that contained CT Russell's and JB Rutherfraud's bibles. I thought right then and there that we were being introduced to idolatry!

    Anyone else remember that little enshrinement?

    just saying!

  • jaydee

    just a loving gesture from one dictatorship to another....

  • Chook

    Ask for it to be signed followed by the words" faithful discreet slave member." Or send a silver bible to Warwick and ask can the magic 7 sign it due to wanting men that are directed by god to endorse the sacred writings .It would be an interesting exercise but I think they would return to sender with some bullshit excuse of humility .

  • smiddy3

    Jesus never signed anything and never wrote a book or even a pamphlet and the GB members reckon they follow first century christianity.?

    Come to think of it did the first century Bible writers autograph their writings ? for prosperity ?

  • recovering

    I still have a Babylon book that was signed by Fred Franz and given to my father. I do not believe my father was ever a personal friend of Franz. He was however a very large contributor financially to the organization.

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