Governing Body Members Autographing Bibles

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  • ScenicViewer
    • Drearyweather: And according to Listener, if a person becomes a member of the GB, he should stop signing altogether (even a grocery bill or a bank form), because whenever a GB member signs anything, he is actually giving his autograph and is thus promoting idolatry and showing his celebrity status.

      The logic you use seems very familiar. Have you posted on this forum before, under a different screen name?

  • _Morpheus

    You can dress that pig up anyway you like but its swine just the same.

    the signature of morpheous or anyone else on this board on the same bible would be meaningless. Those “public officials” wouldnt waste a single second on them... the gb were “autographing”, that is signing them personally, because of their status/position on the governing body of jw’s. Like a rock star scribbling on a roadies ass.

    *edited to add- whats more they were kissing the ass of a dictatorial regime in cuba. To suggest this was the same as a friend personalizing a book to another friend is the hight of insincerity and falshood. There is no comparission between the leaders of a cult (church) autographing bibles and close friend or family member personalizing a gift.

  • WingCommander

    Let's all notice one of the paragraphs shown. It actually talks about "paying them their due, showing them respect." Hold on a minute, I thought there weren't any CLERGY in the WT Organization? That Jesus was the only Master? Oh wait....I forgot......we have OVERSEERS, just like the SLAVES and PROPERTY that we are!!!!! In the WatchTower Cult, you are no longer an individual deserving of respect or treated as an individual human being. Nope!! You are the WT's, and by extension (Since they are Christ's ruling Brothers) SLAVES and PROPERTY. After all, the Governing Body is merely "keeping watch" out over Christ's possessions, until his actual return.

    There, hope that clarifies how, in fact, these ruling class OVERSEERS are in fact a "higher clergy" and with that STATUS goes their "due respect" as YOUR MASTER.

  • Chook

    I've got a copy of the New Testament signed personally by Christ Jesus would you like to see this transcript ?

  • flamegrilled

    Drearyweather's point is fine. If they just did this as a private act as most gifts are made, then I'd accept the argument.

    What's different here is that they themselves made a public thing of it. They had someone take photographs and then publish it. If a missionary who nobody knows signed a Bible as a personal gift for a local official and had a picture taken would they publish it?

    I think it's fairly obvious that the answer is no, because readers would be scratching their heads thinking - why did they include that?

    So we can logically conclude that from their OWN point of view, they included it because Bibles being signed by the GB would in some way be a special thing beyond just a personal touch on a gift.

  • LV101

    morph - sorry, you don't have '2' Dislikes - I accidentally hit 'Like' one too many times and tried to subtract out but it doesn't work that way/DUH!

    Way too early and i'm falling asleep -

    I recall the GB signing Bibles in Cuba - unreal! Guess they have to be famous somewhere.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Okay, so you want to hand out Bibles as gifts; but why is it necessary to sign them? It's not as though these government functionaries hold these GB in higher esteem than any other of the rank and file in attendance, nor did they request their autographs.

    It's characteristically hubristic, and really a bit comical, that these self-important clowns would assume the officials would particularly appreciate the added of value of their autographs on their Bible gifts..

  • scratchme1010

    Has anyone seen this??

    Yes, I have. Also, back when I was growing up, in my local congregation many people were treating the CO as some kind of celebrity too.

    How could men sign something that they did not write or create?

    The concept of men acting as God's proxy and taking the credit is not new. One of the worst narcissistic personality disorder cases I've ever seen was this one elder that once he said that he is Jehovah.

    Also, I remember one WT article featuring a member of the GB as if he was some kind of celebrity.

    Isn't this worshiping of men akin to Idolatry?

    Absolutely, it is according to what they claim they teach. However, by now we all know that they are full of --it, and that teaching and real spirituality are not their objectives.

  • fulano

    They were Ridiculously overrating themselves by doing this. What were thinking? Someone was interested in an autograph? Even John Barr got that low, I cant believe it.

    :) Niw I see the date of that Watchtower...that must have been the last I have read.

  • sparky1

    Very interesting scenario: A group of religious 'rulers' giving personalized gifts to a group of secular 'rulers'. Peer to peer gift giving or 'gifts among equals' is the impression that I take away from this encounter.

    Interestingly enough, it can be considered poor manners to give a book as a gift under the wrong circumstances:

    Top 10 Times Not to Give a Book by Beth Carswell,

    10. You don't know them well enough. Period.

    Rule of thumb: If you don't really know someone, you can't know their taste, so even a book you adored may be inappropriate.

    It would seem to me highly unlikely that any of the Governing Body(tm) members were on a first name basis or were personal friends of any of these politicians. Hence, if some of the politicians did not believe in the Bible, giving one as a gift could have done more harm than good.

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