Hidden message in JW bunker video?

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  • Magnum

    I think it's pure propaganda. They know that there is no excitement anymore in JWdom. It's been over 100 years since 1914, almost 100 years since the "millions now living will never die" hype, over 40 years since the 1975 disappointment, over twenty years since the limit ran out on the old "generation" teaching in 1994, and two years since 2014 when they were hyping the "100 years of Kingdom rule".

    There's nothing to excite JWs anymore. They're becoming complacent. The preaching work is fruitless now. They don't even really have a message anymore. I think the org knows it's losing, so it needed something to give JWs a boost of excitement that will last a few months or maybe a year. I think that's why they produced the bunker video - to buy them a little more time and keep JWs excited and under control.

  • Tenacious

    In all probability it was meant as an explicit warning to remain loyal to Jehovah (THEM) because the end is imminent and more than ever they will need to depend on Jehovah (THEM). I think the whole convention is meant to really cement and condition the mind of the friends that loyalty to Jehovah (THEM) is a matter of life and death. This convention is a prelude to a major change in one of their teachings perhaps the 1914 date. It just reeks of emotional and spiritual blackmail.

    The GB knows their time is up and they are now grasping at straws and playing the only viable card they have and that's the mind hold over members.

    How sweet it is to know these GB maggots are sweating bullets trying to figure out how to keep their power over the friends. Hahahahaha!!!

  • Pria Bella
    Pria Bella

    I rarely post here; however, it was mentioned to me by someone whose father served as an elder once that they are intending to meet at a secret place, and upon arrival everyone will be required to turn in their cell phones: no outside contact. The person, who is disfellowshipped could not believe what they were hearing. If true, then those of us with relatives still in should be worried. How will they be able to notify anyone once they realize the danger they are in?

  • stillin

    I understand the mindset that Satan hates God's representatives on Earth. Fine. But, really, what makes the Witnesses so outstanding that they would be singled out? The answer, nothing...yet.

    So it would take a real major twist of fate, on a global scale, to bring this level of attention to them. I can't imagine what that is, but that doesn't mean that it can't happen. Nobody hates a group of people simply because they are doing good things. Bad things, sure. ISIS style.

    The religion is (supposedly) grounded around Jesus' persecution and subsequent death, all only because he was outstandingly good. And I can see how that could have happened in Jesus' case.

    So, until the Witnesses actually do stand out as exceptional for their "pure form of worship," they will have to be happy being deluded about it.

  • JW_Rogue

    I also thought it was strange how the bunker series ended without showing what happened to the brothers and sisters after they were found. I think the purpose of that was to leave it up to the imaginations of the audience. Some surely imagined them going to prison like poor Sergei from the earlier video, some probably even imagined them making the ultimate sacrifice, still others could imagine that in that next moment God intervenes and brings their salvation. Whatever the imagined outcome is the point remains the same: to be brought into the paradise you'll have to be loyal to the org and stay close to your congregation. The whole thing is fear based behavior modification, it has nothing to do with bible prophecy at all.

  • Vidiot

    Dunedain - "Hidden message in JW bunker video..."

    Don't kid yourself.

    It ain't that hidden.

  • Pistoff

    Really, what else do they have except for fear?

    They have changed the generation doctrine into something even loyal dubs have told me is bogus; they have dismissed older doctrine and belief structures left and right.

    1. The are moving away from door to door; the literature carts are an undeclared statement of how poorly door to door really works.

    2. 2014 was SO exciting, 100 years of kingdom rule! Now what? It's 2016, nothing going on, Jehovah's much ballyhooed 'organization' completely missed on predicting the 2 huge events in today's world, global warming and the rise of radical Islam.

    3. Prophetic types? Greater Isaiah, Greater Joshua? Forget it, so says the slave; also forget the idea of a 'secondary' fulfillment.

    They have taken a dump on what we spent hours and hours on at the book study.

    So to motivate you to stay in the groove, and not talk to your df'd relatives, what else do they have, except their newfound LOVE for making shitty videos that crank up anxiety in older ones, and REAL terror in the kids.

    That video is the modern equivalent of the cracks in the earth swallowing up people in the old Paradise book.

  • jwleaks

    I'm curious as to why the JWs always imagine that "the end" for them always has to start in the USA and in private homes. From my information it's going to start at Bethel in Australia with the branch committee huddling in a basement with their lawyers while the authorities search for them.

  • Tenacious

    From my information it's going to start at Bethel in Australia with the branch committee huddling in a basement with their lawyers while the authorities search for them.

  • flipper

    DUNEDAIN- Great thread, I agree completely. What the GB is doing with this " Bunker " video is psychologically and emotionally abusive to JW's. It's complete coercion and fear mongering mind control tactics being used . I've said many times that the JW organization is a criminal organization being run by criminals. Now they are making criminal videos

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