Hidden message in JW bunker video?

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  • Dunedain

    So, I was speaking with a relative recently, who is "in" the Borg, but is completely aware of the terrible hypocrisy from the GB down. He is not in the box, and its great to be able to have a realistic, and logical discussion about the current state of the Org.

    We started discussing, specifically, about that bunker video that was released in December. How it is being played at all the conventions. It is being flashed before all the rank and file, including the elderly, and even little children. Also, about how truly graphic the video is, not in a provocative way of course, but in a very scary, harsh, and frightening situation that is being portrayed in that video.

    The GB is literally showing a situation that is very big in ramifications. I mean, we are talking about seeing people, basically huddled in a basement, doors and windows barred, talking about the dire situation, and then actually showing ARMED MEN coming in at the end. It doesn't get any scarier or dire than that. Especially for the average JW who has been brain washed for so many years that this may happen.

    However, when this does happen, that it would be truly signs of the end, and fulfilling prophecy, and it would be a global persecution on Gods people.

    To show a video image of this, BUT WITHOUT ACTUALLY GIVING ANY FURTHER INFORMATION, is almost CRIMINAL in behavior.

    These are millions of human beings that are supposed to hang on EVERY word and utterance that the GB/Org says. The GB claim to literally be speaking for God. The GB claims they are the mouth piece of Jehovah himself.

    To see a video like this one, showing what could be considered a horror for most people, but then leave it at that, without even a further follow up, or discussion, is absurd really. The relative I spoke to, said that the reaction of MANY at the conventions, after seeing this video, is one of "Wow the end must REALLY be here". Or " The society must really be trying to tell us something here ".

    Some are even saying. "They/GB MUST know something is coming". Or "This is it, its finally coming, the big A, theres something going down".

    This is really a horrible act on the part of the GB to do this to their, supposed flock, that they care for. How can you, with a clear conscience, show a video like that, knowing full well that many people are following your every word and image you put out, but then keep them hanging.

    Of course, we know the answer, it was to get an EMOTIONAL reaction. It was to instill a little fear, to keep those that are on the fence, thinking shit, maybe something is going down. Its a terrible act on the GB's part, and truly stinks of desperation.

    If the GB really is the MOUTH PEICE for Jehovah, then WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO SAY. How could they just show this, but then not utter another word. If they showed that video, and then the next talk was, "Listen brothers and sister, we have some news, or word, that some heavy things might be coming", OR "Brothers and sister we don't want to scare you, but we must be prepared, as we see certain events unfolding", OR " Jehovah has spoken, he is telling us, to be prepared, its coming".

    NOPE, NOTHING. The next talk, after showing that horrific video, was probably about not chewing gum at the assembly, or we need more donations. It is a despicable, and very irresponsible act on the GB's part. To elicit an emotional, and fear based reaction out of people, but with NO basis, is CRIMINAL. You are scaring, elderly, children, mothers, and families, and why, to keep them in fear, so more don't leave your bullshit organization.

    How can these MEN claim any type of divine inspiration. If Jehovah wanted his people to know that SOMETHING was around the corner, you better believe it would be a little more in substance, than a scary video, and then LA DI DA, back to normal.

    It would be like if Noah, who the society LOVES to compare themselves to, built an Ark, but never said another word about it. Yes, there is a big giant Ark there for all to see. Some might say, "hey whats that", OR " Look that looks like a boat, I wonder if something might be happening", OR " I wonder what that's for", But Noah never says another word about it. Basically, you gotta figure it out on your own.

    Nope, Noah went and preached, and gave SPECIFIC instructions, a SPECIFIC time-line, and SPECIFICALLY what was going to happen, and why an ark was needed.

    The GB, shows a video of where basically everyone is going to be stuck in hiding and arrested or worse, by the police, or military organization, and then by saying nothing else, they are saying FIGURE THE REST OUT ON YOUR OWN.

    That's what message is being sent, NOTHING, nothing to back it up, just be scared, be frightened, look what could happen, now lets read song number 52, and put some money in the box.

    It is complete and utter BULLSHIT, and the GB should be ASHAMED of themselves for toying with peoples emotions and fears. SHAME ON THEM.

  • raven

    I agree with you Dunedain, the org LOVES to instill fear into its members, it's a form of mind control! I remember the conventions used to talk about when Tribulation/Armageddon arrives, but they never gave you any more information- the next talk would be something about loving your neighbors. And I remember thinking, "AND???" I believe this is the first convention program to actually have a video depicting the moment when JW's are supposed to choose to follow mans orders or follow Jehovahs ( I mean Governing Body's' ) orders. Back down, comply with the government, or stick with us and potentially get killed, OH but you'll be resurrected so no worries. It's all brainwashing, instilling FEAR into everyone watching. Like you said, maybe it will help ex: the teenage kid who could care less to stop walking around the convention hall talking to his friends and checking out girls during the program to snap into shape. It's ridiculous and stupid.. I bet after the video was over, everyone was all quiet and head bobbing to agree, YES I CHOOSE JEHOVAH OVER MAN.

    I believe this video depicts tribulation starting.. I bet you they will release a video depicting Armageddon with flying basket ball sized hail falling from the sky, fiery sulfur burning flesh as it falls, vultures eating dead bodies, and machine guns blasting people as they run around. All while the JW's huddle together holding hands smiling LOL!!

  • StarTrekAngel

    While I agree this is wrong and the aim of these videos is to instill fear for the purpose of manipulation, we need to keep in mind that the videos are just aids to more vividly present the context of the talk. These videos are not the whole thing. They are shown after someone introduced the talk and puts you mentally on that situation. Once the mind is primed to imagine what it would be like, the imaginative part is fine tuned with the details of the video, which show you some things your imagination could not have thought of.

    Sure I agree and most likely you are right, the talk probably did not provide a whole lot more detail but I am sure that details on the "signs of the last days" were provided right before. Probably even some snippets of the latest world events, terrorists attacks, political divides, etc.

  • ttdtt
    The relative I spoke to, said that the reaction of MANY at the conventions, after seeing this video, is one of "Wow the end must REALLY be here". Or " The society must really be trying to tell us something here ".

    I have heard that since I was a kid in the 70's

    Maybe if something like - WW3 was going on - or suddenly the UN became a independent military giant (and not an almost powerless multi=national gripe fest) or all world religion was banished.

    Then you could say - hey folks - better be ready.

    But since not only is that never happen - it will NEVER happen - this is same message as alway with Bad Acting- and Canned Video Clips.

    At least we are not other religions that just appeal to emotions:)

  • freemindfade
    "Wow the end must REALLY be here". Or " The society must really be trying to tell us something here ".

    In true JW fashion it dangles the carrot in front of the desperate R&F, but if ever called on it, it leaves just enough not said to absolve them ala 1975. "We never predicted anything" when they know full well the implication these things have on people like my mom and aunts and uncles. They will straight up tell you "they are telling us its soon". In a few years when you say where is it, they will deny they did anything wrong. Its a vicious cycle, I guess what I am trying to say is f-ck you watchower corp

  • prologos

    the message is: it is not going to be like the flood, where the survivors were the only ones totally unscathed. They picture the creator (if any) totally impotent as a protector. not unlike a recent "old lady" video shown at the hall, where it ends with an image of what could be an ancient "contribution box" or an urn for your ashes. or both combined.


    The relative I spoke to, said that the reaction of MANY at the conventions, after seeing this video, is one of "Wow the end must REALLY be here". Or " The society must really be trying to tell us something here ".

    It`s an old message using modern technology..

    It`s the same crap the WBT$ peddled,to sell "Armageddon by 1975!"


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  • ToesUp

    It reminds me of the story, the boy who cried wolf. Same thing WT has been doing for years, just this time they put it in video form. It's working on the rank and file. Some of our family members are scared shItless. It's sad when you have to keep the ranks in line by using fear.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I guess that if there is a hidden message to frighten the faithful, it is that something nasty is soon about to happen... so don't leave.

    It is so liberating to realize there is no Great tribulation, no Armageddon, no God's organisation and no God's mouthpiece but it is so sad and mentally crippling for those convinced they do exist.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    For all those who are anxiously/eagerly waiting for the WTBTS's version of the great tribulation, sorry to burst your bubble, but the org's hierarchy relies on your gullibility & obedience to believe in a non-event. Forget about digging yourself a bunker.

    To understand the Bible's explanation & context regarding the great tribulation spoken of at Revelation 7:14, just read Revelation 2:22.

    Do not kid yourself that the tribulation of Matthew 24:21 is the same one, but in the future.

    It is not and cannot be the same one, because Jesus said that it would never occur again.

    Share this thought with your local trolley-personnel.

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