Hidden message in JW bunker video?

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    I believe they mentioned something like, "This what could happen, but we don't know..." Then they proceed to scare the shit of all the R&F.

    Typical abusive manipulation..


  • redvip2000

    However, when this does happen, that it would be truly signs of the end, and fulfilling prophecy, and it would be a global persecution on Gods people.

    How incredibly narcissistic for jdubs to think this way. I mean who the hell cares about such a small insignificant religion? In the video they show as if the entire world is out to find JWs, but the reality is that 99% of the world are either not aware or don't care about JWs, and the other 1% only care enough to use them as a joke punch line about door knocking.

  • OrphanCrow
  • Nameless

    What JW's don't realize is that this is already happening and been happening in the world. Jews hiding form the Inquisition, people hiding from oppressive governments, terrorists groups. People getting slaughtered in civil war. The Soviet Union shipped a lot of people to Siberia and other places. The Nazis killed the Jews. I mean really, people are hiding in all sorts of bad spots. In Russia the witnesses aren't the only religious group being banned. You can only hold the fear factor for so long. They are just waiting for us who have been in for years to die off. That's why the are prepping the young ones with Caleb & Sophia. I remember going to school in 1975 scared to death! It's like every couple of years they throw something out there to draw people back in, with fear. Heck every now and again I get that "what if they're right" thought in my head. Then things calm down and I come back to my senses. It's the "FOG", and you're right, it is wrong to play with people that way!!!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Silly rabbits.

  • slimboyfat

    I think they may be pumping up the end time rhetoric because... they really believe the end must be near. Maybe the GB have looked at their financial situation, looked at the abuse cases coming down the line, concluded the game is up, and further concluded that Armageddon must be coming soon to save the day. They are literally going for broke, in rhetoric and organisational consolidation.

  • Nameless

    slimboyfat they may be thinking that way. It reminds me of a talk I heard when 9/11 happened (you know when all the halls were filled) and everyone thought we were on the cusp of the GT. The Bethel speaker reminded everyone during his talk that the GT starts when the beast turns on the harlot and eats her fleshy parts (Revelation 17:16) He said they will go after her riches and that's when everything starts. They're probably thinking that since the funds are drying up then that's how they will be spared and stand apart. Just take our property and no riches, no destruction. I wouldn't be surprised if they go belly up then that's the excuse they will use and they will have to have their meetings in bunkers!

  • Dunedain

    Nameless and Slimboyfat - I think you guys hit the nail on the head. Its almost as if it will become a self fulfilling "prophecy".

    The GB is run by imbeciles now, their failed predictions, and harsh way of dealing with the R&F, have caused so many to leave the org.

    Now the numbers are down. The "cream" of the Org, that maybe have had some good impact on its future, have all but left, or been DF'd for "heresy".

    The youth of the Org have been systematically berated, and harassed by this org, for the past 25 years. That they have either been DF'd, or ran like hell away from it. Now the org has no "capable men" to step up, and run the show.

    This creates more buffoonery, as idiots, and kiss assed ingrates, become the Elders, and "older men". This causes more people to lose faith in the org, and continue to leave in droves.

    The org is left with, simple minded idiots, from poor economic portions of society, do to the org "demonizing" higher education. Now the members have no financial ability to contribute, and keep the org "floating" and functioning.

    The org is now in utter financial ruin. This MUST be the end, they think. They take no responsibility for their own poor decisions, which is REALLY why this org is reaching its end. There is no humility on the GB's part. No looking inside, and trying to fix the situation. Nope its blame the world, blame the R&F, blame the youth, blame Satan.

    It becomes a self fulfilling "prophecy". Yes the end IS coming, its coming to this org, and because of the GB's failed ability to run this org. This is why we are getting these desperate attempts to scare the R&F into staying under "mother orgs protection". This is the message that is being pushed by this bunker video.

  • zeb

    Message eh? well what is it gb? that you have discovered yet another way to foment fear?

    And what is the fate of the people, in the bunker? bashed to death, raped, (victims must remember to scream being terror stricken to silence is not admissible) ..and survivors carted off to some gulag?

    If the wts knows governments (anywhere)to be building gulags then why has there been no protest from the gb to the world press or member of governments about this?

    Because they are using fear and fear of fear to tighten their grip.

    Lets propose something here. Say the jw in those bunkers are armed and fight back killing everyone of the gang that come for them.. then what.

    Answers would be something about being 'blood guilty' because they should be 'trusting in Jehovah' etc . The same Jehovah who abandoned his people under the Nazis.

    (actually if Rutherford had kept his big mouth shut and not antagonised Hitler the jw in Nazi areas would have faced little opposition as the Nazis had enough to worry about in the prosecution of the war)

    The reality here is the wts is shit scared of showing jw fighting back as this means people thinking this through ie prepping on the best sort of foods to store, working out a system to arrive discreetly, in disguise, practice concealment, practice defensive skills in short word taking control of their own destinies.

    Dare they say that the angel will wipe out the bad guys as in the much quoted death of 185,000 troops of an ancient king? No because the wt is well aware that too many witnesses don't get any miraculous deliverance. ie under the Nazis, in Malawi, et al.

    I agree fully with a previous poster who said the wt is despicable knowing all will be hanging on every word and line of that video but with only fear as its ending. I think if my kids had seen such a thing I would be wanting to phone the bastards in bethel at 0300h to see if they wished to tend fear ridden nightmare kids!

    Each country has different standards for movies. G kiddie stuff. M which Adult concepts, MA which is explicitly dramatic or uses street language, and R which it is illegal to show to anyone under 18.

    Dear readers where would this video land under these classifications? What do you think?

  • DesirousOfChange

    I remember many years (decades) ago when they warned at Conventions that The End was imminent.

    OH WAIT! That was this year, too!!!

    SSDD -- Same Shit, Different Day -- Cut & Paste; Cut & Paste (lay off more writing staff -- just need teenagers that know how to use MS-Word -- Cut & Paste).

    Wash, rinse, repeat. Your mileage may vary. DOC

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