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  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    The morality thing worked when I was an adolescent.

    Don’t steal, don’t cheat, don’t fight, don’t swear, don’t fool around with boys, don’t do drugs, don’t drink.

    Or it will make Jehovah sad.

    But it doesn’t stick. Us born ins just got really good at sneaking around.

    Rule 1. Don’t get caught

    Rule 2. If caught, deny, deny, deny.

    Rule 3. If more than a single witness, demand photos or video.

    Rule 4. If it hits the fan, beg, plead, cry, roll on the floor....

    yep an awesome foundation for morality.

  • Vidiot
    Simon - "They teach and promote morality and honesty. I think those are good things, don't you?"


    If they practice it themselves.

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