TV TRAILER: ‘Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath: The Jehovah’s Witnesses' Two Hour Special Event - A&E

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  • 2+2=5

    I agree with Simon, Jonestown comparisons don’t help. But at the same time I believe the damage this cult inflicts on families would susprise the average person.

    I can’t believe when I read about those maintain a JW facade, for years even decades just to keep family relations. That says enough about their “Christian family”

    How many well adjusted young JW adults around these days? I suspect they’re uncommon, most are fairly socially damaged individuals. I also know a few people who have had full psychological breakdowns learning the TTATT. I nearly went insane myself, or I did. Point is, I think it would be hard to exaggerate to most people how fucked up a JW upbringing is.

    It’s just full blast fundamental Christianity with a few unique doctrines that are very cruel.

  • steve2

    Lloyd Evans has zero credibility? Talk about hanging on to old stuff and regurgitating it at every opportunity. Sense of proportion - not.

    As many of us here have stated about JW organization’s ad hominem attacks on ex-Witnesses: Fault the argument not the individual.

  • _Morpheus

    Rotflmao! Pointing out that he is a confessed pedo(ish) is ‘hanging on to the past’?

    Character is exactly what this is about... but i suppose there are none so blind...

  • Listener

    Well put Morpheas....but wait, there's more. (Edit - I'm referring more so to your earlier post)

    I believe there's reasonable cause to be concerned when it comes to Lloyd and people's privacy.

    I had a discussion with him on reddit recently, I post there as Old Movie Fan

  • Simon
    But at the same time I believe the damage this cult inflicts on families would susprise the average person.

    I wonder, if you took a random sampling of 8 million people, if they would come out "ahead" by comparison with the 8 million JWs?

    Yes, the WTS undoubtedly does things wrong and causes harm. I'm definitely not trying to say they don't. I have personally been impacted by their teachings. But when weighing things up you have to be fair and I think this makes valid criticism more powerful when you are. They also tend to be fairly clean living and law abiding so it's swings and roundabouts to some extent and I wonder how many people who have dysfunctional families that they blame the WTS for would have had dysfunctional families anyway (and some that would have had them don't).

    It's impossible to play "what if" for large groups of people. We can only compare per-capita stats for the group with other groups and I don't remember seeing any damning evidence in this regard and we'll probably never know because the statistics are practically impossible to come by.

    People have their own agency and too often the WTS is blamed for everything as a way of offloading personal responsibility for choices they have made. Is someone who refuses to vaccinate their child to blame for them falling ill or the person who pushed some quack science? If the latter, do you consider the parent has any responsibility whatsoever and what is the solution if they didn't? Should there be a government agency telling us all how to live our lives?

    We live in a free society and that freedom includes the right and opportunity for people to make bad choices, follow poor leaders and believe in stupid things that will hurt or harm them. Even as someone who has been hurt by them, I'd rather live with those freedoms than give them up for the illusion that some government agency headed by an election-chasing politician is going to take better care of my life and make good choices for me.

    The one thing secular authorities could do is to teach critical thinking in schools and universities so people learn how to identify lies, learn the shaky ground that religion is based on and learn to take control of their own lives. It's unlikely ... because politics is so like religion, it relies on stupid believers and the powers-that-be want to keep it that way.

  • Listener

    If they started teaching critical thinking in Primary or High School the org. would be quick to rubbish formal training and recommend kids be taught at home.

  • dubstepped
    Lol morphs law! Kind of? Are we obligated to love anything branded “ex jw” or “anti witness”? Are we obligated to support llyod because hes “on our team”? Of course some have a problem with the show picking him as a spokesperson. He has zero credibility.

    Where did I say any of that? Where did I say that nobody could have issue with it? I simply said that it is pretty weak to point out one guy and try to denigrate the entire show based on that one guy. Maybe your fragile ego can make another "law" and name it after yourself for whatever that is.

    He started off by trying to “steal shine” from ray franz by sticking his name on copies of CoC.
    Then he outs faders on facebook just to make his page look important with a lot of followers.
    He then writes a book and, in a scam tom sawyer would have been proud of, he charges people to have their stories included. Literally charges people to help him write his redundant, useless, pointless, self aggrandizing book.
    He recently tried to take credit for leaks coming from the annual meeting. The probem was, he plagiarized it from a paradoy gorby wrote and so was completetly wrong. When caught, he gave a lame ass excuse. Dumbass.
    Seems like theres another reason not want to want him on a show accusing the org of lax child protection policies..
    oh yea, hes an admitted pedo(ish) himself. In his own book.

    I didn't realize this post was entitled "Let's collaborate on a laundry list of Lloyd Evans' shortcomings". Who knew? What you quoted from me was not in any form me propping Lloyd up.

    thats the asshat you think is a good representative of ex jw’s? Rick Feron would have been more credible. Barbra has ACTUAL credentials as a former bethelite and activist. There were better choices than the douchiest doche to ever douche.
    But anyone who criticizes him is a bad guy? Think Mcfly, think.

    Where did I say that anyone who criticizes him is a bad guy? Again, check your fragile ego before telling someone else to think. I didn't realize we were taking votes here on names of who should be on the show. I could have nominated Barbara as well. You just rambled on incoherently with a laundry list of points arguing against something that wasn't argued. I know that's your modus operandi, but maybe save it for someone else there chief. Your bull in a china shop act is tired. I don't care to argue on and on.

    I know that any mention of Lloyd sends you into a blind rage but save that for someone that cares. I don't have anything to do with his past. I do know that he helps a lot of people. That's good. It seems like he's done a lot of bad too. Okay, that is a shame and maybe he did something to you personally to evoke such responses, I don't know. I didn't pick the dude for the show.

  • _Morpheus

    Blind rage *snicker*

    i use logic and reason. You cry that everyone wont sing kumbaya.

    Whatever floats your boat :)

  • 2+2=5

    Only my mothers side of the family has the JW virus, my fathers side does not. The family without the JW side are much closer. My JW family discard many individuals, even their children, for life. I can honestly say that making friends in the world I immediately noticed stronger family connections. That’s not to say everythings perfect, but relationships are much healthier.

    They also tend to be fairly clean living and law abiding so it's swings and roundabouts

    That’s debatable. All things being equal, I don’t see the JW religion doing anything but harm.

  • ScenicViewer

    It appears there are 11 people on the panel that are presumably all ex-JWs, so Lloyd Evans will not be the only one speaking out.

    Is that ExJW Fifth, from Youtube, in the back row, left, of the second screen shot? I hope so because I like his interviews and his mild manner. I don't recognize most of these people on sight, but I might know them by their experiences or activism work if I knew their screen names or real names. Does anybody else know them?

    I am hoping for an accurate, quality presentation on JWs, and based on Remini's other work I believe it will be that. Fingers crossed and looking forward to this.

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