TV TRAILER: ‘Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath: The Jehovah’s Witnesses' Two Hour Special Event - A&E

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  • TheTruthBR

    I really hope Cedar does an analysis of this year's annual meeting in this program, after all, it always has credibility.

  • _Morpheus

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  • Simon
    lets start a list of the good things the wts does, who's goin' first

    They teach and promote morality and honesty. I think those are good things, don't you?

    I often wish I was brought up not as a JW, but realize I could have had far worse upbringings that could have negatively impacted my life much more.

    If we cannot look at the WTS objectively, then we cannot criticize fairly. People respond to fair reviews of things far more than biased ones.

  • stillMS
    Lloyd's (aka John Cedars') videos have helped a lot in my waking up process. I can't say anything about the things he is blamed for here, I can only say I love his older videos more than the current ones (since he has turned his activism to a way of providing for himself) - they might be more 'professional', but lacking some sort of original 'sincerity' - if I could put it that way.
  • steve2

    Morpheus, in the video John Redwood - not Lloyd - reported that he (John Redwood ) had located the information and Lloyd thanked him for that. Lloyd's "sin" in the video was to take the received information as factual not a satire. Can you locate the instance in the video where Lloyd says it is his information, that he sourced it?

    Plagiarism by definition does not apply when the individual acknowledges the information did not originate with them but was sourced elsewhere. If you must lay a charge of plagiarism, it would be John Redwood but even he acknowledged he had sourced it from elsewhere.

    This is not a matter of sticking up for Lloyd no matter what - but being careful that what is said about him - or anyone - is fair and accurate. While you and I agree on a number of issues (based on threads on other topics), we disagree on the issue of allegations of plagiarism.

    If you have not seen the video in which the information was discussed, how can you make the allegation of plagiarism? If you have seen it, please cite the actual words Lloyd is alleged to have said in which you say he has plagiarized the information and I will reconsider the evidence.

  • MaybeSo

    Why are you guys talking about the same dude over and over? The topic is about the upcoming TV series. Relax, the guy is doing his thing. Some of us don't care for him, some, apparently, are big fans. Ok, we get it. Move on.

  • 2+2=5

    In regards to the blood, it would be hard to know figures. I know of 2 JWs who faced emergency medical treatment, both took the blood required.

    I doubt there is anything in the JW lifestyle that makes it less likely they’ll require blood. For example in Australia the JWs love riding dirt bikes as much as the general population, accidents are common.

    Also in Australia, you can’t refuse blood on behalf of your minor child, the child will always get blood if the doctors say the child needs it.

  • galaxie

    @simon yes i think that morality as in good morals and honesty are good modes of conduct , i don't need wts to instil that for me. I have encountered jws who have admitted that without the 'truth' they may well go 'off the rails ' so to speak, one female even admitting she may end up being a prostitute! I give the wts no brownie points for conditional promotion of morals..honesty not being their strongpoint as has been documented to a great degree on this forum. How moralistic is it of them to have been grossly hypocritical on many issues again which have been discussed and verified on this forum. How moralistic of them to inculcate the youngsters with harmful mind altering videos with harmful content with the threat of deadly consequences for betraying the hierarchy and the sky daddy who requires them to bend the knee or suffer the consequences. There will be no apologetics from me. So anyone else want to list the good things the wts does, i for one cant think of any.

  • steve2

    Good point MaybeSo. Unfortunately as the thread has progressed, newer allegations about Lloyd Evans have emerged. You are right though - if the allegations needed to be discussed further, a separate thread could be warranted so that the original thread continues.

    All I can say is I'd like to think that, regardless of our opinions about others who have been on this forum or who are still on it, that comments will be fair and accurate. You can guarantee, MaybeSo, that if I thought you were being treated unfairly or inaccurately, I'd put in a word for you if you no longer posted here but, I'd also need to move on. As a result, I take on board your words, and as much as I might feel the need to clarify if new information about Lloyd Evans surfaces on this thread, I will make this my last word on the matter on this thread. Best regards,

  • 2+2=5
    They teach and promote morality and honesty. I think those are good things, don't you?

    The morality and honesty promoted by the WT is perverse.

    It’s thinly veiled and based on appearance, the motivating force is fear and judgment. I can’t give any credit. I could have got better morals as a child from watching tv episodes of ‘Neighbours’.

    I’ve worked with JWs, legitimate business. Some are good, some can’t be trusted.

    What’s most important about being a good JW is ticking a few boxes.

    Dress nice, go to the meetings, and preaching (rarely reported honestly.) Outside of this, your morality matters little.

    Fuck, their own elers manual says it. You can have had prostitutes and cocaine addiction, as long as you have maintained the appearance of morality, you needn’t worry.

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