If you could have one date with anyone, who would it be?

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  • minimus

    Farkel---Hellooo, mon cheri.

  • Simon
    I would date Simon.

    Im not gay and neither is he but I think over the course of one dinner I could deprogram him and get him thinking clearly on political issues. And if that does not work he gets to be the girl.

    Of all the people to say that ... damn

    I'd best not say who I'd pick from the forum

    For celeb's etc... I think Nichole Kidman or the playmate who was on & won Fear Factor (damn, what month was she !!)

  • Ravyn

    KGB--- anytime you are in VA we can figure out something....lunch or dinner....but I will probably have to bring my husband(he drives...)


  • Ravyn

    there are lots of people on this board I would love to go out with. All my kitty boys, minimus, ona, logansrun, lots of the women(ALL the women)...I hate to name names coz I don't want to forget anyone and hurt their feelings! Frank, DrWatson, JH, Monkey...so many....actually I can't think of but a couple I would not like to go out with.......so maybe if I ever win Power Ball I will throw a big party and pay for everyone to come!


  • Prisca

    George Clooney.

    Fred Astaire.

    Robbie Williams.

    Minimus (I'd just like to meet him).

    Rayzorblade (even if he is gay, I think he's make an interesting dinner partner).

    Onacruise (with Bikerchic's permission).

    Shamus (His posts are interesting, and kind - another poster I'd like to meet).

  • Celia

    Farkel, you made my day, I'm all in a flutter Still, I have a lot of competition Ladies, give it up, he's mine Good thing he lives 3000 miles away... ---sigh---

  • iiz2cool

    Nichole Kidman comes to mind first, but that could change by next week.


    Canadian District Overbeer

  • smack

    humphhhh, Ravyn forgot me

  • minimus

    I will be available after 6p.m.

  • Ravyn

    see? I knew there would be someone! I feel like I am trying to remember all my classmates to give out Valentines to.....(for some odd reason my mother did used to do that with my sister and I up until about 5 th grade...I do not know how the heck she justified that....but it did happen.)

    for Smack


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